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That whole history has been whitewashed over. Meet. The Less Dead is my first Denise Mina book. I was reading a book called The Trouble with Tippers to my kid. At first, Margo resists. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Born in East Kilbride in 1966, she lived an itinerant childhood. It felt like we were at the centre of everything. She went to nightclubs and I sat and read those books, and I got really addicted to reading. But people read for different reasons. Literary fiction strives for that original intention. Even now, people say to me, I’m going to write a crime novel, when at another time you know they would’ve been writing poetry. It doesn’t mean he was always lonely. Maureen O’Donnell, the protagonist in the Garnethill trilogy, is an ex-psychiatric patient. Susan was a street sex worker, addicted to drugs, abducted and murdered, her body discarded like rubbish at a bus stop in Easterhouse in 1989, one of 9 prostitutes killed by a serial killer at the time. I think it’s known as a really chaotic place. Now there are so many more stories. The neighbour downstairs still had Louis Quinze furniture in her house so no-one in the area trusted her because they knew she must have collaborated. Mina is the queen of Tartan Noir! She has also written plays and comics, including a graphic novel adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Some of it’s really gory, some of it’s really tense, some of it’s very mild, and some of it is old ladies finding stuff out. People want death to make sense. Denise Mina is one of the most reliable crime writers working today. The courts are not really about the truth. The oil companies were based all over the place and they were mostly American. We had a film club and were interested in crime fiction. Margo Dunlop, a doctor, has lost her adopted mother, Janelle, and whilst she is no longer in a relationship with the kind and caring Joe, she is pregnant. Her latest novel is a departure: a thrillerish noir that draws on the tradition of true crime. I've heard wonderful things about her previous book, Conviction, and I may still make time to read it, although I didn't really enjoy this one. That narrative really infused Glaswegian culture. Margot wanted to find out about her mother's. Crime novelists are often more working class, and you don’t have to have so much affirmation. But The Trouble with Tippers was the main reason for the style. At the same time, it’s like pop music. How do you navigate those kinds of differences and try to understand one another? Have you read a book called The Beautiful Fall? What did you want to explore? Margot's mother has died and she's left her partner because, having become pregnant, she's not sure he's someone to raise a child with. There are conventions within that form of storytelling: the way you present the story, what you leave out and what you highlight. That was one of the reasons I wanted to write The Long Drop. Margo meets the aunt and learns about her mother's short life and murder. But one of them had brought One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Master and Margherita with her. It’s first-person interviews with Victorian people. And they were all working class – even the Americans were blue collar guys – and they’d become engineers through apprenticeships. It was a circuit of oil engineers who would travel around and it was often the same people, so it was like a gypsy camp. It's a choice. Margo has several complex relationships in The Less Dead, but I want to ask about the Margo-Nikki relationship. This one had me guessing right up to the end. So I wrote the start of Garnethill, sent it off to an agent and pretended I had written the whole thing. These people knew him; they used to go to his bakery because the scones were slightly larger – this was just after rationing had ended. Yeah. He’s basically the Bruce Forsyth of Japan but he also makes art house movies. In the middle of that upheaval, she meets her birth mother's sister. What she sees is that she's middle class, and they are working class. She's on leave from her job. We’d love your help. Janette, Margo Dunlop's adoptive mother has recently died and Margo and her long-term, cheating partner, Joe, have also parted ways. From her front steps you can watch the north and east of the city going about its business. If anything, it means he was good at admin. Yearning for a sense of identity, Margo embarks on a dangerous journey to discover more about Susan. Gritty, realistic look at sex work in Glasgow and the impact of the class divide on upbringing, policing and self-concept. I loved the insight into the underworld of sex work, the tough women who survived drug addiction, and the central mystery. The Eye of a Stranger: Henrietta Liston’s Turkish Journals, Voltaire versus Lord Kames and the need for a soundbite. If there weren’t enough murders they would make them up. I have a friend who’s a psychologist in the prison service, and he said, ‘psychopaths are the most pathetic people you’ll ever meet’. They give you things like the kind of fags people smoked. Why did you write this story of the past using the present tense? The theme of family is very present in the novel. Women in crime fiction at that time never had agency; they were always being saved. I’ve talked to a few dedicated readers of crime fiction. But it is very satisfying to have that belief reinforced. If you talk to anyone in Glasgow about Peter Manuel they want to tell you what they know. The world’s full of people who tried to commit suicide, failed, then went on and did other things. Margo arranges to meet Nikki, Susan's older sister, who relays the circumstances of her nineteen-year-old mother's death, which happened not long after Margo was born. There is a spark of danger or revulsion that writers are trying to evoke in a reader. They had [titles] like ‘Ghastly Murder in Lambeth, Beautiful Girl Found Dead’. There’s a brilliant picture in one of the books I used for research which shows the smog over the city. One guy who got in touch said he wasn’t introverted. Books that wouldn’t have been marketed as crime novels before are now being marketed as crime novels. Street sellers used to write true crime stories that were happening, print them and sell them. I’d love to know how many people don’t finish crime novels and how many people don’t finish literary novels. Family is a choice, and family is about who we choose to belong to rather than who you share a bloodline with. That tells you something about the power of a narrative to convey messages and profound truths. This isn't your first crime novel where your main character isn't a detective or part of law enforcement. You don’t want a nuanced answer, which is what’s so frustrating. Last year, somebody did lots of research on contemporaneous references to Christ, and whether or not he existed. That lent itself to a really interesting dramatic dynamic and put the characters in opposition to one another. No, I couldn’t read until I was about ten. Denise Mina is a brilliant writer and I have loved much of her work, but I don’t think The Less Dead is one of her best. Why do women read narratives of romance over and over again? And nobody wanted to be that guy. My feelings about The Less Dead are complicated. People used to talk like James Cagney. It’s supposed to be a circle within a circle but a section wasn’t built because the builders ripped him off. When Manuel’s sentence is read out you describe the crowds lining the streets.


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