diamine asa blue
This ink won't turn heads because of its stand-out color, but it might for the small amount of shading it exhibits. They behave well, clean out of the pen easily, never have issues starting or skipping, and have great color and saturation. I personally like brighter colours. Asa Blue just may beat out Kon-Peki for my number one blue! My TWSBI eco has flow issues with Indian inks. The ink had an average flow. Asa Blue is a deep, rich blue. Diamine Asa Blue Order the Diamine Asa Blue fountain pen ink from Canada's independent online pen, paper and ink shop. You can find me @mountainofink on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Like other Diamine inks I've tried recently, it behaves admirably in my pens. Inks used: Diamine 150th Anniversary Regency Blue, Diamine Asa Blue, Diamine China Blue, Diamine Indigo, Diamine Shimmering Blue Lightning, Diamine Shimmering Blue Pearl, J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean, J. Herbin Bleu Azur, and Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki. I'm always searching for something that's a little different and interesting compared to the ones I've already tried. It's a good ink. I've been really happy so far with the Diamine inks I've tried. [[Diamine Asa Blue]] is a beautiful medium azure blue with shading and purple sheen. Ink Color: Asa Blue Usage: Dip Pens, Fountain Pens Customers who bought this item also bought. I'm always searching for something that's a little different and interesting compared to the ones I've already tried. 30ml Diamine Fountain Ink, Gift Sets; Diamine Ink Cartridges 18pack; Diamine Fountain Pen Ink 80ml; Gift set refill bottle 30ml; 50ml Diamine Shimmer Ink; 150th Anniversary Ink Cartridges; 50ml inkvent blue … The ink is performing well in a full range of pens - Montegrappa, OMAS, Pelikan, Waterman and Aurora - so after a week of writing with this ink I am very pleased. Diamine Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue, Diamine Sargasso Sea, and Sailor Jentle Sky High. It's "Bril Value" is 21. This page does not contain affiliate links and this post is not sponsored in any way. If you're interested in dark blues that behave well, this is a swell place to start. There's just enough variation in the color that you can tell a fountain pen created the line. (Jeff Abbott is a regular contributor at The Pen Addict. Back. Asa Blue colour; 80ml; Glass Bottle; Non … I purchased my bottle of ink from Cult Pens about 3 years ago. Asa Blue is one of those inks, and it's probably one you've heard of before. [[Diamine Majestic Blue]] Enough has been said about it: Rich blue with red sheen, serious enough … It's a standard blue, and it looks fantastic. Deep Dark Blue and Sargasso Sea have more of a copper sheen, and Sky High is a lot lighter than Oxford Blue. I’ve been using this ink for a few weeks now, and I’m hooked. This the colour is distinctive. I think any day that doesn’t involve learning and playing with ink is a day wasted. 1. Registrars Ink 100ml Refill Bottle; Dry Stamp Pads. Diamine Stamp Pad Standard 110x70mm ; Diamine Stamp Pad Standard 140x115mm; Adhesives. Diamine Asa Blue Ink Review (Jeff Abbott is a regular contributor at The Pen Addict. Diamine Asa Blue. On my site you will find fountain pen, ink, and paper reviews, along with stationery bits and bobs along the way. This lovely shade of medium blue is a pleasure to write with and even nicer to look at. It looks professional, but it's also gorgeous instead of bland. Either way, this is a standard blue that looks fantastic and fits in professional environments with no problem. Disclaimer: I purchased this ink myself, and all photos and opinions are my own. Reader, Alex, asked me to compare Diamine’s Oxford Blue to some other related dark blue Diamine inks so I’ve done just that! You can get a full-sized 80ml bottle, or a smaller 30ml bottle for about $17.50 or $7.50, respectively. This is one of those standard blues that gets recommended quite a bit. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Click here to see the Diamine inks together, and click here to see the blue inks together. JetPens recently started carrying small trial size bottles of many Diamine inks, and I've been trying those out pretty frequently. You can find more from Jeff online at Draft Evolution and Twitter.). It's not flamboyant like Kon-peki, Ancient Copper, or Rouge Hematite, but you notice it in the strokes after the ink has settled on the page. It has excellent shading when used on good smooth paper like Rhodia / … This ink is manufactured in the U.K. It behaves just as you'd expect a Diamine ink to behave, and that's a compliment. I have interpreted this not in terms of Diamine’s Blue-Black inks but in terms of their darker rich blues. Blue inks are a weakness of mine. Archival Blue Black Registrars Ink 30ml. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . I ordered this directly from pensavenue rather than their amazon store. There are a couple of different options for buying this ink. Other properties: medium shading, medium sheen, and no shimmer. Let’s take a look at one more Diamine ink this week before we move onto some new inks-Diamine Asa Blue. Click here to see the Diamine inks together, and click here to see the blue inks together. Let's take a look at how the ink behaves on fountain pen friendly papers: Rhodia, Tomoe River, and Leuchtturm. Overall, it’s a nice medium blue but there are a lot of inks this color. However the Diamine ASA blue was perfect. Asa Blue is a little bit darker than Colorverse Supernova, KWZ Hawaii Blue and Blackstone Barrier Reef Blue. I have attached a comparison to Daytone Turquoise and Bril Royal blue. Diamine Asa Blue Even though I’ve only recently acquired a bottle of this ink, it’s fast becoming one of my favorites. The shading in this ink is subtle. Easily my favourite of the bunch, but I’m not a person who could stick to just one colour. In order to navigate out of this carousel, please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Bleeding: Low-there was just a little bit of bleeding in the larger nib sizes. Even though I've known about it since I first started using fountain pens, I'm only now just getting around to trying it. On Staples 24 lb copy paper there was some feathering in most nib sizes and bleeding in the flex nib only. With a deep blue, I'm not expecting a lot of shading, but the small hints evident in Asa are a real pleasure to notice when writing. ). And, like I said earlier, this is a deep, dark blue, but I wouldn't classify it as a blue-black. Diamine Bottled Ink(30ml) Fountain Pen Ink - Asa Blue; Diamine Bottled Ink(30ml) Fountain Pen Ink - Aurora Borealis * Diamine Bottled Ink(30ml) Fountain Pen Ink - Bilberry * Diamine Bottled Ink(30ml) Fountain Pen Ink - Blue Black I'd call it a royal blue, and it lives up to the name much better than Kaweco's version of the color. PVA Glue 125ml (Brush Applicator) PVA Glue 125ml (Spout Applicator) 110ml Easy Strip Poster Adhesive; 568ml Easy Strip Poster Adhesive; Endorsing Ink. Fountain pen ink and everything that goes with it. This new blue, issued in 2010, is a beautiful bright blue. Diamine is top quality ink for use in any fountain pen fitted with a convertor, or with any dip pen. I’m a homeschooling mama of three littles, full-time student, aspiring photographer, amateur chef, and lover of all things stationery. Calling it navy might be too much, since navy is closer to blue-black in most cases. Hi, I’m Kelli, and I’m the brain behind Mountain of Ink. It glides on paper and is beautiful. You can find more from Jeff online at Draft Evolution and Twitter.) Diamine fountain pen ink has been made in Liverpool for nearly 100 years. For an office setting, you can't go wrong with properties like that. I used a Bonecrusher Studios pen with a Regalia Writing Labs Crossflex nib on a Yoseka A5 notebook. I’m a huge fan of Diamine ink – great saturation, flow, color variety, and shading without breaking the bank. I have had great experiences with Diamine ink in the past – it’s easy enough to clean out, no staining, it’s well behaved on a lot of different paper types, and it’s reliable. Asa Blue is a little bit darker than Colorverse Supernova, KWZ Hawaii Blue and Blackstone Barrier Reef Blue. It's a smooth, well-lubicrated ink that works well in dry, small-nibbed pens, but also doesn't over-saturate the page in a broader nib. Size Standard 110x70mm; Office Stamp Pads. It is now available in over 70 colours in both 30ml and 80ml bottles. Click here to see the blue inks together. Blue inks are a weakness of mine. Diamine Asa Blue has been my go to blue ink for more than 4 years. I think the best way to describe this color is to compare it to most blue gel ink pens that you can buy. It is a wonderful blue with a hint of turquoise but not too light to be used for formal purposes and not too dark to prevent it from more casual usage. Feathering is non-existant, show-through is minimal, and there's a pleasant level of shading evident in some strokes. (JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes. In large swabs on Tomoe River paper the ink has some pretty pink sheen. This means that I have skipped the much darker blues such as the 150


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