differentiate the arrangement of vascular bundle
(We are … The stem has to resist compression (squashing) and bending forces caused by the plant’s weight and the wind. Plate 126. Venation on leaves are parallel (monocots) and branched (dicot The secondary growth of root is promoted by the conjunctive parenchyma and pericycle, whereas in stems, intra or interfascicular cambium promotes the growth. iii. The transport itself happens in vascular tissue, which exists in two forms: xylem and phloem. The bundles are surrounded by large parenchyma in the cortex region. The ground tissue is the same and is composed of a mass of similar cells. Outside the pith are arranged radial bands of oval vessels which decrease in size toward the periphery. Cross-Section of a Radial Vascular Bundle of Skunk Cabbage Root. Fibrous roots (left) and Tap roots (right) Stems are different as well according to the arrangement of their vascular bundles. Vascular bundles are of similar size 8. The bundles are surrounded by large parenchyma in the cortex region. Vascular bundles are wedge shaped, definite and arranged in one or two rings 9. It is a single layer of parenchyma cells. In the open collateral bundle (Plate 100) the xylem and phloem are separated by the cambium layer, which, through its divisions, causes the stem to increase in thickness each year. The vascular bundles are arranged more or less in a ring surrounding central pith. In monocot root, xylem and phloem have a ring-like arrangement. Secondary Growth of Woody Stems Dicot stems contain vascular cambium, which gives rise to new xylem and phloem every year the plant lives. Number of Vascular Tissues: Dicot root has fewer numbers of xylem and phloem, i.e., 2 to 8. The xylem and phloem are separated by a cambium layer, and both are surrounded by thick-walled angled fibres which are the chief mechanical cells of the stem. External to these cells is an endodermis composed of lignified brownish-colored cells one layer in thickness. (2). The bi-collateral bundle occurs in many leaves. Surrounding the sieve cells and vessels are thick-walled, angled fibres. ii. The arrangement of the vascular bundles and the presence of a pith in the dicot stem. (B) Conjoint vascular bundles The xylem and phloem tissues are present on the same radius and just opposed to each other in conjoint vascu­lar bundles. In some cases the vessels of the xylem meet in the centre of the root, while in other cases the centre of the stem is occupied by pith parenchyma. There is no cortex. The vascular bundles are formed as broken rings. Dicot stems have their vascular bundles in a ring arrangement. The position of these bundles varies in different parts of the plant. Read about our approach to external linking. Figures below show sections of monocotyledon and dicotyledon stem and root observed under 4x objective lens. The vascular bundles are scattered irregularly around the ground tissue. The main characteristic feature of it is the presence of a recognizable one or two rings of vascular bundles. The radial type of bundle is met with most frequently in monocotyledonous roots. There is no specific arrangement. In a leaf, for example, the phloem is usually found closer to the lower surface. Vascular bundle is the isolated unit of the longitudinal strands of conducting tissues consisting essentially of xylem and phloem, frequently with a sheath of thick walled cells or other interspersed cells.


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