display pdf in lightning component
However, we do have this feature available within Visualforce. The way I have achieved it is by using a hidden control to store the data and bind it with controller property. I’m sure as everyone is diving into lightning components development, they are getting acquainted with the nuances of the Lightning components framework. This component is only for record pages. The idea is that the data is passed to apex controller from the lightning component (js) and passed back as a pageReference thus redirecting to page formatted to display the data as a pdf. However, in our scenario, all the data is being retrieved from an external application at run-time. rev 2020.11.4.37952, Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled, Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers, Programming & related technical career opportunities, Recruit tech talent & build your employer brand, Reach developers & technologists worldwide, How to display base64 string as a pdf in lightning component, Podcast 283: Cleaning up the cloud to help fight climate change, Creating new Help Center documents for Review queues: Project overview, Review queue Help Center draft: Triage queue, Lightning Component not showing on Lightning Tab. The main steps in this task are:-, In this step, we will create a lightning component which accepts a javascript method as an attribute and on button click (of button within lightning component), invokes visualforce page’s javascript method, We can create an attribute within Lightning component to accept a function. Go to Setup → Security → File Upload and Download Security, find the .pdf label, click the Edit button, and set the picklist value of the pdf to Execute In Browser. So, here is a quick list of challenges and how I solved them in this solution (not saying that there could not be any better solutions), Solution: Use hidden fields or method arguments to pass data from Lightning components to Visualforce page controller, So, I utilized Visualforce PDF generation feature triggered from Lightning component. Invalid Page URL with Custom Lightning Component. The showPdfRelatedToRecordId.js JavaScript file imports the PDFViewerController.getRelatedFilesByRecordId Apex method and invokes it via the wire service. Following is the link for gist: Update (Dec 14, 2018): Published another post on comparatively simpler approach to generate PDF from within Lightning Experience (without using any external JS library or complex processing), , , Reusable User-defined String Functions in JavaScript, Writing a Javascript tweening engine with Between.js. With our implementation we only update the fileID, the iframe stays put, and we only change the rendered PDF. After this change, when a user goes to a PDF file download URL, the file will be displayed, instead of downloaded automatically. Lightning includes the Lightning Component Framework and some exciting tools for developers. Now, we need to create an apex controller method in VFPageController class to open the PDF page (to trigger generation and download of PDF document).


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