dokkan battle best team for beginners
Try to defeat as many stages as possible. The main way of obtaining new units is by summoning them using Dragon Stones. The Story is all over the place and nowhere nearly as good as in Legends (if you're coming from Legends). However, please consider your box and what units would benefit you most before summoning. NOTE: Reddit has a 40000 character thread limit so this guide will be divided into two parts. Authors Comment: As a new player I would avoid the units and take Potential Orbs and Grand Kais. The new inferface that highlights new missions and news if you haven't clicked on them yet makes it much easier not to miss any of those. Sometimes old Story Events get a revamp which means that your progress on them gets reset and you need to complete all the stages again, but don't worry, you will receive 1 Dragon Stone upon your 1st clear. The first 30 levels also award 1 Dragon Stone upon first completion and have their own missions so I sugest doing those, even if you don't have the characters that Z-Awaken. To fully awaken Fusion Fighter Protecting the Earth Gogeta you will first need 35 Gogeta medals from stage 2 to awaken him to TUR. This is, unfortunately, the long abandoned story mode of Dokkan Battle. During part 2 and 3 two Extreme Z Area events will become available so we will talk about them in more detail at a later time. The best way to obtain a lot of Dragon Stones quickly as a new players is to play through the Quest stages. You fight against PvE content and are then ranked against others based on your performance. The event requires no stamina but support items are not allowed. As a new player there are only two units you should consider, STR Almighty Fusion Super Gogeta and INT Wickedness Personified Super Janemba. Thanks for mentioning me! Please remember that Hidden Potential can only be accessed by units that have reached UR rarity or higher. Sometimes it's possible to know when a story is getting a rewamp by looking at the JP version of the game, otherwise it's impossible to predict. Lets give this man post of the day. That's true, Elder Kais can be used to raise SA of any character but if we use them on every summonable unit we're going to run out of them pretty fast. In case of a F2P unit we can just farm more copies to raise their SA level. Authors Comment: In general it is always better to pick a new unit rather then dupes of the ones you already have but please consider your box before making a decision. These awakening medals can be obtained from their corresponding Dokkan Event or Story Events. Clearing each level rewards dragon stones and a special item called Victory's Light that can be exchanged in Baba's Shop for other resocures (mainly Grand Kais). Dokkan Battle Optimizer Home Twitter Settings Log in. So eventhough I'm more of a vet in Dokkan and don't need a guide I'm very thankful for your effort for the community :) Thanks A Ton!!!! Only rechallenging a level requires stamina. Sometimes new stages are added, new awakening medals or new f2p characters so be sure to complete these event. You cannot use support items, Continues are not allowed but you shouldn't waste dragon stones on continues anyway. You can read more about Skill Orbs in the section bellow. I'll try to corret them as soon as possible. Elder Kais are also given out often via mission rewards or login bonuses and they can be exchanged for with Baba's Treasures. You can also ask questions in this thread in or in this subreddits appropriate megathreads. if nothing else it's another unique unit to add to your Box. Note; Again, I'm a bit late with a guide, because of Real-Life obligations. If nothing else you should login everyday to claim the login rewards and at least try completing the daily missions to take advantage of the free resources that are provided daily. *Author*s Comment: Both Banners are great and if possible summon on both. Most units have a max SA of 10 so we need to farm 10 copies. I started writting this guide weeks ago based on the japanese celebration but some things have changed for the global release so please be patient if any information is missing. This New Time-Limited event drops a new items called Skill Orbs. This is part 2 of the Beginners Guide. The enemies of each stage are chosen randomly. Hope you can help me with some beginner questions. Also, we're celebrating our 5th anniversary so lots of stones will also be given out over time. Dragon stones needed for summoning can be obtained by clearing stages for the first time, completing missions, login bonuses, etc. Summoning using Dragon Stones awards special coins that can be used to exchange them for certain units in Baba's Shop under the Treasure tab. However, make sure to do time-sensitive events and time-limited missions. This is the end of Part 1 of the Beginners Guide. Should I grab 4 of the Vegeta Multiple Summon Packs too, Or save the stones for another event? I spend 90 stones in the Goku Multi Summon and got Super Vegito, wich I Z-Awakened. Use your tickets and take what you get. All information and pictures have been taken from the dbz-dokkanbattle wikia. No new units, but there are 20 summonable LR characters in the general summoning pool. This means we can use the farmable f2p one to increase the SA level on the summonable one. Returning events are those that have been released before and were made available again. The units you must use are F2P while the others are not so it might be difficult to build a team. You take on one enemy per stage and build a new team for each enemy. If you're really desperate for more quick stones you can always purchase more via microtransavtions but Dokkan Battle is one of the more f2p friendly gacha games, so try not to make impulsive buys. Mods need to pin this! *Author*s Comment: While you can obtain LR characters from this banner I would advice against summoning on this banner with dragon stones. Because we're on the Global version we already know what's coming Next. I spend 90 stones in the Goku Multi Summon and got Super Vegito, wich I Z-Awakened. It's insane the level of work that had to go into this. DISCLAIMER: I'm terrible with math! What do I mean by farming SA? To further awaken him you will require another 35 Gogeta medals from stage 2 and 35 Super Saiyan Gogeta Medals from stage 1. Most of the time you won't need to pay any special attention to them and will complete them just by playing the game, such as stamina used, complete any stage n-times, etc. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Transdimensional Fusions! Read more - 5 Tips & … As mentioned before most revamped Story Events also get a Bonus Drop Rate so it's easier to grind. A special treasure called Battlefield Memory is rewarded for clearing sages and missions. I won't go to much into detail with this events at this point. I strongly suggest you wait and first summon on the Dokkan Duel Fest banners though.


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