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Serendipitous (A literal novel involving childhood loves and slow burn!!!! “Well since you asked so nicely.”. You are offline, do you want to try reload the page ? Photo.

And why can I picture him being into that?! Sticky. Again. “Dougie, obviously the opponent, did getting the game winner tonight mean any more because of who it was against?”. Filter by post type.

… He is such a soft, sweet man. Welcome to adorable campy team paradise/hell. The Calgary Flames have had an interesting off-season to say the least. Oh my GOD.

“My pretty girl, you better finish undressing or you’ll be punished.” You moan “do you promise?” He turns you and spanks you hard. There most notable pick up this off-season is former Bruins defenseman and 2012 first round draft pick, Dougie Hamilton.

Please, take these Dougies on icy backgrounds as a thank you gift for 500 followers and a proof of my undying love for y’all, Dougie Hamilton has too much jaw for his face but is actually a very good boy who prefers going to museums over beers with the lads, because secretly he wants to be bullied for being a nerd.

And on top of that you couldn’t make it to the game.

52pt. aka dougie came out of an ig free cave to attack me personally, i was going to put some words on it but i’m not feeling too well, I've already done the Canes so I'm just gonna recycle my thoughts on them, god can't believe this is what i'm taking from my ra job lmao.

You moan out spurring him on. 2/3, Your breathing is labored as your orgasm builds and you come as he plays with your boobs. Chat. i took some pictures of my lizard dad the other day (partiallypregnant).

Proposal/wedding Dougie Hamilton please?

dougie hamilton x reader

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Log in Sign up. If anything, the Flames have too many legitimate NHL players with one-way contracts, including 16 forwards, 7 defensemen, and 3 goaltenders. Jordan Martinook because he's hilarious and bc of the way he cant stop screeching Svech's name.


Hamilton will be a pillar on the Flames already solid blue line that includes TJ Brodie and Mike Giordano. You reach down to play with yourself. dougie hamilton hamilton the pig Carolina Hurricanes. Columns.

Log in Sign up. Dougie comes home after a loss. You feel so full with each of his thrusts and when you finally orgasm you blackout. Unfollow.

The goaltending tandem of Karri Ramo and Jonas Hiller was an interesting storyline last season. Very rarely do I have soft thoughts BUT I once watched an interview with Dougie and his brother and apparently Dougie likes to watch cooking shows/cook and I really like the idea of watching one together and then trying to make a dish from it only for it to go awry and ordering in.

hockey imagine So I’m just going to link it on this post and maybe it’ll see the light of day. ¾ (sorry), Dougie watches as his cum dribbles out of you before he licks it off and unties you with a smirk. “That’s right your going to cum on my dick.” And you do with a few more thrusts.

I am still not over him wishing his grandma a happy birthday during a press conference this season. dougie hamilton. Text. Dougie Hamilton - Connection Pt. You wrap your arms around him and let out little sighs still half asleep. Val Nichushkin is not wearing a polo, his jeans are just so good. Loves his gramma. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Log in Sign up. Next thing you know your wrist are bound and he has you pinned to the wall. 21pt. And Teuvo. └ svech and dougie for the canes pet calendar | 10.22.19, ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone, storm surge: bunch of jedi edition / december 7 2019, i wish i could sharpen better tbhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a very spontaneous shotout to @burkysky for teaching me how to gif, i really appreciate you taking the time to teach me this very complicated stuff, currently experiencing hockey withdrawal symptoms, was anyone gonna tell me svech and dougie got married and adopted a cat or, i am going to gif this but this took priority, no comment on how they naturally paired up like this. Ryan Graves is also not wearing a polo but I want to put in a petition that he stop trying to hide his preying mantis legs by pulling his t-shirts way far down. Hell, wear a crop top.

Viber. I can’t decide what’s better, Evgeny liking it or Dougie commenting. Three Words, Eight Letters (CUTE STUFF MAN) Joel Edmundson. what a game! Tumblr keeps showing me the photo of Dougie and Svech in the Panthers jerseys, so I did a thing. I only assembled them to make the wallpapers. carolina hurricanes imagine Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

{"@type":"SocialMediaPosting","url":"https:\/\/\/post\/611866911418056704\/wallpapers-dougie-hamilton-minimalism","mainEntityOfPage":true,"datePublished":"2020-03-06T19:09:18-05:00","author":"art-and-the-hockeys","image":{"@list":["https:\/\/\/bacf184de5eb1bb6e95e957ef38a9129\/64d49d0f46b78957-65\/s1280x1920\/a6f3c399053fdd3fce9f9376edffbcd650ce0236.png","https:\/\/\/0853997e118333ec9c13ca4c59096201\/64d49d0f46b78957-bf\/s1280x1920\/dc755142b3f255f4190a645952ad834594571165.png","https:\/\/\/8b8a0a6fd7af120274a931b2b97ed716\/64d49d0f46b78957-0f\/s1280x1920\/ec985e5d511fcf3dad7aaf3ac022e559c87eaad6.png","https:\/\/\/8ab9c3f3e1ed154bdaf1be8de81135e2\/64d49d0f46b78957-bb\/s1280x1920\/b1fa0ee0cfa80c14750076bb3ade8147f8dac03d.png"]},"articleBody":"wallpapers \u2022 dougie hamilton + minimalism\nRequested by anon\nCredits of the wallpapers\u2019 elements and style go to their respective owners. Please send a email to, and explain shortly why you want see that content removed. -chef’s kiss- PERFECTION.

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Canes: DOOOOOOGIE got to be the siren sounder tonight! The source of this problem is do you write fic?

He spreads you out for him and edges you a couple of times before he roughly grabs your hips and he is inside of you again. nhl imagines Stupid tumblr.

27pt. 1/3, His hands wander under your shirt and he takes it off and then helps you out of your pants. Dougie is goofy as fuck, every day you don't know what to expect but it's always fun.

nhl imagine REQUEST HERE. 39pt.

All I can think about is him getting out of the shower with a towel wrapped low around his hips and you are sitting on the bed and you drop you phone and just take him in and he looks over at you on his way to the closet with a smirk because he knows what he is doing to you... That FUCKING smirk of his. Unable to resist you wrap your shirt around his neck and kiss him wildly.

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Proposal/wedding Dougie Hamilton please? In order to be a success in the modern NHL, a solid, consistent presence in net is a must.

You turn and play with a nipple before dropping to the floor in front of him pulling his pants down and his shirt off. Hang on a minute, Vladimir Tarasenko is here to fix my fax machine.

:), dougie hamilton Tumblr was eating them so sorry about any repeats. He’s also wearing quite a light fabric, so it falls more flatteringly, but he thought the collar would tie through with the structure of his belt and dress pants for a neat look.

His moans fill the air and the throbbing you feel between your legs is overwhelming. .

So I’m just going to link it on this post and maybe it’ll see the light of day. It’s basically a bicycling outfit but I cannot be mad, Henrik Lundqvist has an idea here. Tumblr. “Do you want to feel me inside you?” 4/5 I MISCOUNTED OMG IM SO SORRY, All you can do is nod as he kisses his way to your breasts and takes a nipple in his mouth. You look into those blue eyes of his 1/3, You look into those blue eyes of his and untie his tie and tell him he can tie you up. hockey imagines He slides into you and your moan out loudly. “You take me so well baby girl.” He sets a brutal pace, hitting so deep inside you.

“Hey baby girl” he whispers as you run your fingers through his hair and pull him back to kiss you. Please give me the low-down on that beautiful bloke .

Dougie Hamilton.

, So I keep having a thought about slow sleepy sex with Dougie.

home ask credit about tags main. You turn away from him and unhook your bra and drop it next to you. Dougie Hamilton. He looks at you asleep next to him and he leans down and kisses you awake.

It is therefore with great sadness that I announce that you are living the last moments of tumbex, it was a great adventure, and a big thank you to all those who have followed me during all this time! Text.

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It's where your interests connect you with your people. “Be a good girl and strip for me.” He requests as he kisses down your neck. 2/3, Between the pressure on your neck and his thrusting you’re orgasm is building but not quickly enough. It’s your turn to undress him and you can’t help move your hands all over his muscles letting out small moans as you go.

This includes sure-fire break out star Sam Bennett who is healthy for the first time since he was drafted in 2014.


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