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von A-Z. Nothing is left without an explanation to back it up, the characters and plot break countless horror movie stereotypes, and it has got nothing to do with some other horrible pieces we've been submitted to lately. House of Wax Film-Stream House of Wax Stream deutsch. Liste der Besetung: Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, Brian Van Holt u.v.m.

As Nick and Carly are taken to a hospital, the police learn that the Sinclairs had a third son. Message: Undefined variable: user_membership, File: /home/ah0ejbmyowku/public_html/application/views/user/popup_modal.php Except something is not right in this town, the wax figures are so realistic and the whole town is deserted - except for two murderous twin brothers. „House of Wax“ bei Amazon.de bestellen . Using their third brother as a connection with the exterior, it's pretty much arguable that the Sinclair twins should obtain the money necessary to buy the wax, in a WWII-type fashion.So, that aside, I think the movie deserves a lot more than it gets, and nobody should lose the chance to watch it. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wurden Dalton, Blake und Paige jedoch bereits von Vincent getötet: Dalton wird, nachdem er zuvor den zur Wachsfigur verarbeiteten Wade an einem Flügel sitzend vorfindet, mit zwei Messern enthauptet, Blake stirbt durch einen Messerstich in den Hals und Paige nach einer Wurfattacke mit einem Stahlrohr, welches sich durch ihren gesamten Schädel bohrt. Als der jungen Frau die Flucht gelingt, läuft sie in der Hoffnung auf Hilfe in die Kirche, wo sie feststellt, dass alle anwesenden Personen mit Wachs überzogene Leichen sind. Line: 315 It is "Roland" by Interpol, and appears in the scene when the group decides to camp over the night at the beginning of the film.

A family falls victim to a group of mutated cannibals in a desert far away from civilization. House of Wax earned $70 million worldwide,[3] $32 million of which came from North American receipts.

Die befreundeten sechs College-Studenten Carly, Paige, Wade, Blake, Dalton und Nick reisen mit zwei Autos zu einem der wichtigsten Football-Spiele des Jahres an und beschließen, unterwegs im Freien zu übernachten.


Kurz nachdem Nick und Carly im Keller des Wachsfigurenkabinetts Daltons komplett mit Wachs überzogene Leiche entdecken, werden sie von Vincent angegriffen.

Some scenes are truly, satisfyingly horrible, making up for tense moments scattered around all the film. [15], House of Wax: Music from the Motion Picture is the title of a publicly released soundtrack used for House of Wax, consisting of commercially recorded songs. [5], Opening in 3,111 theaters, the film grossed $12 million in its opening weekend. Function: _error_handler, File: /home/ah0ejbmyowku/public_html/application/views/page/index.php International Film Music Critics Association, Best Original Score for a Horror/Thriller Film, "From waxy buildup to final meltdown, a scary but fun ride", http://www.sfgate.com/movies/article/From-waxy-buildup-to-final-meltdown-a-scary-but-2349210.php, "FOX Announces Nominees for "The 2005 Teen Choice Awards, "House of Wax orchestral score soundtrack", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=House_of_Wax_(2005_film)&oldid=984596274, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 00:05. Kinostarts. They decide to camp out for the night and continue driving the next day. Unterdessen findet einer der Ermittler heraus, dass Bo und Vincent noch einen weiteren Bruder haben, woraufhin der Mann, welcher die Freunde nach Ambrose geführt hat, zu sehen ist, wie er dem Krankenwagen lächelnd hinterherwinkt. The Sinclair brothers did not build the House of Wax; their mother worked making actual wax figures, and they were exhibited at the museum. When Wade had to "use the bathroom" at Bo's house why is he wasting his time wondering around the house when he and his girlfriend had to meet up with their friends. The film stars Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, Brian Van Holt in a dual role, Paris Hilton, Jared Padalecki, Jon Abrahams and Robert Ri'chard. He said of Hilton's performance that "she is no better or worse than the typical Dead Post-Teenager and does exactly what she is required to do in a movie like this, with all the skill—admittedly finite—that is required. When Cyrus Kriticos, a very rich collector of unique things dies, he leaves it all to his nephew and his family. Line: 479

Weet je zeker dat je je lidmaatschap bij ons wilt opzeggen? A stranger in a pickup truck arrives, then leaves when Nick smashes one of his headlights.


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