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Most oneshots are based on the characters from the reboot, but you can request characters from the original show. ああっ女神さまっ | Ah! You’re at a party and your wonderful ex shows up. will yo... [DUCKTALES x READER ONE-SHOTS! Afterwards he goes to see Daisy. "And give away the element of surprise? The two placed the side of their heads to the door and heard definite movement within. {Ducktales X Reader} After trying to convince her mom for a month, Y/N finally gets to go with her dad on his annual business trip to Duckburg for the summer. Donald questioned his uncle from his post leaning on the wall of the elevator. However, Uncle Donald has some news that will shake their world. Donald hates to think that way but after four years they're His kids right? They didn't have a lot of toys but … Hopefully they won't get mad. No member of the Duck family could have expected how much that day would change their lives. Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby are in high school now. In one life your soul could have chosen the pathway of being a lover to Della Duck or Scrooge McDuck, in another life your pathway could have lead you to be a rival to Lo... Cover art is by unknown, pm if you know who drew it. "And how'd you learn to fight like that? (This story is set a few years after Della returns, and of course Donald has returned from the moon. Some people are connected through the Strings of Fate they have around their fingers. "Ha! His face appeared slightly scarred in the light of a nearby floating orb. Set a couple years in the future, Daisy is a cemented member of the family, and she and Donald have news for the family. And the same intense focus was reflected in her grandmother's glare. Will they be able to rescue Gizmoduck before it's too late? Somewhat Predict Fic (is that a thing?) And he never seems to talk about his stint, so keeping it to himself makes sense to me. Finally, the door opened. He scratched under his green tank top and occasionally took a drink from some energy concoction the kids had wasted money on. Making it outside he moved to hide under the bridge connecting to Duckberg. I desperately want more of this Daisy and Donald. This was another idea I had floating around in my brain. When Gizmoduck suddenly disappears, Darkwing Duck needs to assemble a team to find and rescue him. The group parted as the creature hit the floor and slid between them to stop at Scrooge's feet. Team Beakley had moved down to his private collections, the items Scrooge wouldn't display in the museum. For you, are a powerful legend of the stars. He didn't specify so I was hoping to hear about it from you. As always, I try to encourage everyone to support official releases of the subject matter, which in this case would be Donald Duck, Ducktales, and anything related to them. Someone needs to tell the McDucks to stop causing mass hysteria on Twitter. ~~, Multi Fandom One -Shots including, Hunger Games, Ducktales, Marvel, Percy Jackson and more! After Donald found out about his trip through time with Dewey, Donald had been even more livid than usual about the dangers. "Keep your kilt on Uncle Scrooge", Donald squawked with a yawn. They didn't have a lot of toys but that didn't bother them, They all had their special toys. ", The thief waved his hand, "Avenger old friend! Now however that fervor returned with a vengeance. Or if anyone feels like taking the reins and continuing, feel free. @luckynumber7: or, or...I could NOT do that. for possible events of New Gods on the Block. Scrooge was about to tell him not to bother until he reached the main stairway. A small stone was dislodged and fell on him, leaving a nasty bump. He would really like them to get along, but suspects that it is impossible. I do x readers! "What would be in here that they would go to all the trouble?" Huey was able to stop one of his niece and nephew’s best mischiefs yet, but sadly that meant there was no way of leaving Della and Donald unsupervised while he went to a work meeting. Please consider turning it on! Donald drove the limo, having become his uncle's chauffeur since Launchpad moved to with his actor friend a few years back. @luckynumber7: what do you mearakgnvjlsreop350u4954w0js, @lucknumber7: YOU SET GRANDMA ON ME!? The kids just finished their biggest adventure yet: Magica de Spell’s Shadow War. Donald glares at the smirking figure until all trace of him disappears. Episode: s03e14 Escape from the ImpossiBin! "I would not like to waste any of the devices if we could get there quicker. Scrooge turned to Donald like his nephew grew a second head. A late-night robbery got her fired up better than a cup of coffee. Said roommate, Lena LeStrange, stared bloodshot into her phone like some sort of zombie. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. The four rushed in (Lena remained in a deep sleep) and were nearly blinded.


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