dwarf alpine rhododendrons
Most of us, however, will have to rely on the awkward hose. India and Tibet. By such devices you may preserve your dwarf rhododendrons from summer-sickness, but they will tend to become lank and loose, and the blossoms will be poor and scanty. Rhododendrons We Carry. Glendoick is a world famous rhododendron nursery in Scotland. Menziesias , With dwarf and large rhododendrons for sale, these low maintenance evergreens really do give a spectacular display and provide year round interest when little else is growing. They open palest pink, but soon age to a clear, bright white. It is widely available. This is a variable, slow-growing species that can be had in a range of colours from white, through various shades of pink, to dark claret. Rhododendron keiskei subsp. It blooms mid-season with violet-blue flowers. Indeed, R. augustinii in full flower provides one of the highlights of the rhododendron season in many of our great British gardens, including Bodnant, near where I live. They do not tolerate happily drought and heat of summer. The smell tells you immediately that this is a ‘lepidote’ (meaning scaly) rhododendron. and one in the Anthopogon series, R. keleticum Dwarf Rhododendrons don't mind the sun but they hate too much heat, so do avoid reflected heat from South facing walls and patios. How lost they become if they are grown, as they frequently are, at the feet of the more tree-like and large leaved rhododendrons. Kalmias This easily available plant is yet another wonderful offspring of  R. keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’, in this case crossed with R. ludlowii. Diapensiaceae Both of these species have been widely grown and have played an important role in hybridizing. It must be confessed that these Lapponicum and other dwarfs from other sections which I shall mention are a real challenge to grow in most parts of the United States except for the favored Northwest. It’s mountain home is on steep banks, always above 3000 m altitude, in the Upper Irrawaddy river valley in Myanmar. and These do, indeed, make their homes at higher elevations in the mountains and are adapted to the same conditions in which have evolved the small, scaly leaved species. The double, pale-pink, so-called hose-in-hose flowers, reliably cover the evergreen bush in late April. Rhododendron Patty Bee is such a sweet little alpine/ dwarf rhododendron and has the most endearing name too With wavy edged, pale primrose yellow flowers held in trusses in May it's a very eye catching plant to grow It's a compact evergreen plant with small, dull green leaves which become bronzy in winter Grow it in rockeries, borders and tubs. ravum A few may be more difficult to obtain, but well worth the chase. R. uniflorum var. fastigiatum Juxtaposition can be tricky. R. augustinii This semi-dwarf evergreen shrub bears elegant, widely funnel-shaped, double, purplish-red flowers, up to 2 in. There are two prostrate species in the Saluenense series, , and Cassiopes It was named for Colonel Donald Lowndes (1899-1956), a retired Colonel in the Royal Garhwal Rifles and eminent plant hunter. No dwarf rhododendrons have pure blue flowers to rival those of, say, an alpine gentian. Leaves are evergreen to begin promptly the business of photosynthesis during the brief growing season, and the leaves are small in order to reduce transpiration from the leaf surface. RHODODENDRON RUPICOLA One of the best of the dwarf or “alpine” rhododendrons for the rock garden. Contact Glendoick Contact Garden Centre. I am sometimes asked by puzzled gardeners, “what is the difference between azaleas and rhododendrons”? But it can be grown easily and well in a pot, or other container, where it can be protected from the vagaries of the late winter weather under glass. . Plants Shrubs Pinterest Garden Rock Garden Dwarf Plants Azaleas Flowers Rhododendron Rhododendron Plant Rhododendron imperator is a mat forming shrub that originates in India, Tibet, and Myanmar. A typical example is Rhododendron lapponicum , the only true alpine species native to North America. They grow on scree, rocky ground and open … R. kotschyi Over fifty species have been named in this Lapponicum series of dwarf alpine shrubs with very small scaly leaves. There are fortunately already available a few very good ones like , , if the soil is made properly well-draining there is little danger of over watering and even daily treatment in late afternoon during the heat of summer will work wonders. Suffice it to say here that dwarf rhododendrons, like all their kin, have an Achilles heel, they are lime (calcium) haters. But real success is only likely to be achieved in the long term on acid or neutral soils. However, it is not as easy to grow as the hybrid, and in my experience is much more miserly in its flower production. As most of those readily available are cultivars with ‘fancy’ names, your best bet is to look for the cultivar name of those you seek.


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