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Jerry Fie - 3/10/17, I live in the bishop area and have recreated up in the Tungsten Hills for years both on horse back and in vehicles the snow and rains this year and the elements have made a lot of problems for the area it needs work and they could use your help to get the area safe for use. recreation | Try not to travel these roads at night, unless you are familiar with it. Bob Hollander - 3/24/17, I see this as a backdoor and possibly illegal attempt to expand the pilot Adventure Trails project into USFS lands, notably the Buttermilk area. In my travels thru these 2 highly visited areas, it is often difficult to actually determine if you are on legal trails or not. A significant influx of OHV's is only going to scare away our tourists who count on the Eastern Sierra for its serenity and a chance to commune with nature.

This grant will help with the management of the OHV resources in our area by providing opportunity and accurate trial information to the public and is a good use of our "green sticker" funds. Most of these back roads are one lane & narrow. The grant application greatly exaggerates the presence of land agency officials and their ability to provide stewardship. I hope Adventure trails can get some help with this. Tom Boo - 3/27/17, There needs to be adequate money in the grant for Adventure Trails System to monitor and maintain the trails due to the large amount of run off this year. Our public lands are supposed to be for multiple use but unmanaged OHV recreation is so profoundly destructive as to adversely effect the biological quality of the areas and the quality of other recreational pursuits. Even 4WD vehicles can get stuck. But it also tangentially concerns every agency who has applied from Inyo County except the Death Valley. CB and ham radios are popular offroad accessories.

I live in Starlite Estates which is an inholding of private land surrounded by USFS land, immediately adjacent to affected areas.

Be cautious as to where you pull over & pick a clear spot without weeds or dry wildflowers.

The handicap toilet ("porta-potty") at the Poleta parking lot is not just a simple convenience to visitors but is essential to maintaining the environmental (and health) quality of the area. You can see lights thru bushes easier than a dark vehicle. This Grant will help to enrich those OHV activities via organized routes with associated maps and signs.

Use this directory to find a club in your area.

Come back at a later date with a 4x4 pal for further exploration. I believe winking at illegal activity at the most fundamental level reveals an insincerity to these requests and is asking for big trouble.

My comments to each of the entities was that I think it is a very bad idea to invest in an OHV economy,  the dream of the Adventure Trails project.

amzn_assoc_size = "600x900"; Copyright © 1996-2020 Total Escape, www.totalescape.com / All Rights Reserved. The more vehicles we have, the more damage we will have, even it is a small percentage of users who don't follow the rules.

sitemap | There are high mountain lakes, craters, shadowed canyons, giant boulders guarding ice-cold streams, dense forests of tall timber and austere, … Nay sayers that want to take the easy way out by completely blocking off access to trail riding are just wrong. First, thanks for hosting the open house, it was helpful. Please stop, and respect us please.

There are plenty of dirt roads to be explored in California. Most of these are located Fire Danger: Your catalytic converter can cause a wildfire if you are parked ontop of dry brush for more than a few seconds. Backroad travel leads to a full menu of Eastern Sierra locations. Since we are in the comment period I thought it would be a good idea to put in my comments to the Forest Service, the BLM and the county, in writing. Know your cars limits. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Eastern Sierra off Hwy. amzn_assoc_asins = "1934838071,0899974139,0966497643,0966497651,1930193246,1934838195,1930193203,0929591496,1930193238"; A sign for '4x4 required' usually means difficult or bumpy terrain ahead. new Sport Utility Vehicle for what it's made for & a perfect Well signed trails that are properly maintained with available maps will encourage users to stay on the approved trails and reduce off-trail excursions thus improving the recreational experience for all users.

Get off the

John McVicker - 3/30/17, I am in favor of approving this grant for Ground Operations for Adventure Trail Systems. It offers signposts and map boards so that those not familiar with the area can navigate better. I am a member of the Eastern Sierra 4x4 Club and believe strongly in keeping these areas open and accessible to current and future generations. Use this directory to find a club in your area. Please provide us/them with the financial needs to do so. Our area is a playground for Los Angeles and OHV activities are a significant part of the tourism that supports the economy in the Eastern Sierra. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! Mike Johnston - 3/28/17, This grant proposal should be approved and fully funded. More signs/maps will help alleviate this important issue and make the area better for us all.

And signage may be helpful. Indeed, the best roads in California are dirt! This road is heavily used, without shoulders, and visibility is often poor. This project creates local employment opportunities, and serves as medium for community involvement; recreational opportunities help to support the community and the economy. B-Road is the artery from which all the tributaries making up the recreation area begin. Every meadow, every deer sighting, the clouds, the breeze. Trailhead junctions are popular spots and trails often insect at creek beds. High clearance vehicles, 4x4s & all. The Adventure Trails project , is controversial and divisive. See DanaMite's favorite forest service roads in California by number! Neither of the two law enforcement requests address it. I don't feel that riders are responsible.

Great Areas If you do find signals, they may be weak.

One, a statement that a large increase in OHV activity in our county is expected and the applicant needs their grant approved in order to prepare for it, and two, a promise to create, promote, and insure a respect for our land and the laws thereof. If road seems to be worsening, chances are it will get a lot worse a few miles down. I don't see any mention from A.T. to replace the sign at the beginning of B-Rd, which was put up by the USDA who knows how long ago and is unreadable. It is not a dual use road. The ATV community is actively pursuing ways to upgrade training, signage and proper maps of our... and I stress 'our' recreational areas. And shouldn't be.

Glenn Clark - 3/9/17, I like to off-road in one of the areas proposed and think signage would help make for a funner experience, as well as protecting areas not meant for off-roading use. beaten path & find that perfect meadow, waterfall or creek outside |

Also because of the great biking trails that you have built up for us to all enjoy!

Lois Alexander - 3/22/17, I support this project because trails support communities and healthy lifestyles.

Please approve this application. Thank you--Sharon Connor - 3/30/17, Address: 1725 23rd Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95816, Public Information Inquiries: (916) 324-4442, 2008 Soil Conservation Standard & Guidelines, 2016/2017 Public Comments to Preliminary Applications.

maps |

Susan Greenleaf - 3/29/17, I am in favor of approving this grant that creates signage @ maps for the Buttermilk/Tungsten areas.
to such scenic interest as meadows, waterfalls, indian pictographs, great

I do have some concern about the "loops" that will be signed. Please approve this much needed Grant. We don't mind our neighbors doing what they want with the vehicle of their choice, but we resent very much their invitation that hordes of others come and join them.

destinations | Use 4WD - or you could end up walking miles for help. I see two constants in every grant request from our County. … amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "totalescape-20";


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