eastern woodrat range map

With a wide range but low population density, this species is considered uncommon. Their gestation period is around 35 days and females can mate immediately after giving birth. [25], In recent times, urban development is thought to have had an impact. Its range extends from the latitude of southeastern New York south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Diet: [25] The females start mating as young as 5 months. Description: A medium-sized rodent with long, thick fur, prominent ears, large eyes, very long, distinct whiskers, and a furry, bicolored tail that is less than half the total length of the body. Eight subspecies of the eastern woodrat are currently recognized: N. f. illinoensis, N. f. floridana (the nominate), N. f. smalli, N. f. baileyi, N. f. pennsylvanica, N. f. attwateri, N. f. osagensis, and N. f. rubida.

[citation needed], Raccoons may carry raccoon roundworms, an intestinal parasite. The more central areas they are found are Kentucky and Tennessee. [13], The species inhabits wooded areas, swamps and hedges, with a variety of different habitat preferences reported for the recognized geographic subspecies. <>>> Sexes are alike, but males tend to be slightly larger. endobj

Adult botflies lay their eggs outside the entrance of the woodrat’s den. [2][4], The distribution for the eastern woodrat stretches across the southern, eastern United States. Woodrats seem to exhibit physiological adaptions that allow them to consume food inhabited by fungi. The Southern Appalachian Woodrat occurs in the southeastern part of the state, while the Eastern Woodrat occurs in the western part of the state generally. [11] One to six young are born in each litter, and the female may become pregnant again after a week. [28] The eastern woodrat does not have any economic value. Gale Publishers, Farmington Hills, Michigan. Tail: 5.0 - 8.0 inches [5] Woodrats are usually found in marshes, coastal plains, and grasslands. It is covered in a soft, gray-brown pelage, which is darker dorsally.
[6], Pups are born with closed eyes, limited amount of hair and immediately attached to the teat. x��Y�o۸�n��?J�3#��H�\�沶I/���0����]b�������P�c�%q{�0�e�G���{�?6��Za��*Z+酲�#V����wb>�p5�PB)�;+�>J$�S"Kd�sa�D�J\�����t8�{t>[�#mp��}�tT�x�w�U���i���"�����p0�>? [citation needed], The eastern woodrat is a rodent of medium size, with an average length of 38 cm and weighing 217-333 g. The body is short and stocky and the tail is exceptionally long (15–20 cm). Breeding information: Woodrats mainly breed from February to September, although they may breed year round. [11], The species has been reintroduced in several areas including Pine Hills, Union County and some sites in Missouri. Automobiles may be damaged by chewing on wires and the introduction of nesting materials. Only anecdotal evidence exists concerning woodrat carnivory. [11], As with most members of the genus, the Eastern Woodrat feeds opportunistically on nuts, seeds, fungi, buds, stems, roots, foliage, and fruits.

[20], Decomposition of food stores appears to be a constant challenge. Once the eggs hatch, the botfly larvae penetrate the skin and lodge in the woodrat’s neck, chest, and abdomen until pupation. [1] Nests can be located in and around rocky bluffs, upland woods, swamps and hammocks, dry scrub pine, grasslands, abandoned buildings, marshes, and refuse piles. [27] Seed dispersal by caching and transporting seeds into dens has a great impact on the spread and maintenance of forest ecosystems, and woodrat fecal matter increases soil fertility. Being solitary, the rats tend not to stray much farther than 21 m from their nests unless sexually active or for a preferred food. They feed on almost any kind of plant material including leaves, roots and tubers, wood, bark, stems, and seeds. [30], In 2003, The Fish and Wildlife Service and Florida department of Environmental Protection jointly initiated a program for the removal of feral and free-roaming cats from conservation areas occupied by woodrats, which has proven largely successful.

The resulting cyst can be 15 mm in diameter but does not seem to cause any obvious discomfort. [22] Gnawed bones have been found in caches, probably used for sharpening teeth and for their mineral contents. Their estrous cycle lasts between 3 and 8 days, while gestation lasts between 32 and 38 days.

The color of the fur on the back is grayish-brown mixed with some black, while the throat, feet, and underside are white. Functional Group Map Unit Name Selected Map Units: Forest/Woodland Appalachian Hemlock-Hardwood Forest Forest/Woodland Atlantic Coastal Plain Central Maritime Forest Forest/Woodland Atlantic Coastal Plain Mesic Hardwood and Mixed Forest Forest/Woodland Atlantic … It has been suggested that the sex ratio be skewed toward females because eastern woodrats are polygynous, and that a genetically diverse stock be used to improve adaptability and survival rates. [8] In Texas they are mostly found around brush piles, in Kansas they are often found around hilltop limestone, the base of trees, standing hollow trees, and under root tangles along gullies.

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