echo dot 3rd gen teardown
The Amazon Echo Dot is essentially the top portion of the Amazon Echo, but without the speaker underneath it. Mark E Wright, I am sorry but I dont remember the size of the torx screws. Do you know a part number to replace the top ribbon? This teardown is not a repair guide. Did anyone have any success with that? The cover is held in place using adhesive tape and four plastic locator pins. I promise I've tried all troubleshooting techniques given, and then some. The top of the echo dot has four buttons, four microphones and an LED ring. I'm digging into my echo 3rd gen as well, and found that my MCP, combined flash and ram module, is a Micron jz099 9fa97. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Out tumbles the metal thing, with a small speaker riding piggyback. Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Teardown. The Echo Dot does have its own speaker, but the speaker is comparable to what you might find in a laptop computer. Logic Analyser connected to the test pins. But where the original Echo Dot was a no-brainer, the decision now comes down to whether you want Alexa or Google Assistant in your tiny smart speaker, which is a much tougher call to make. Debug adapter fitted to the base of the Echo Dot with extra padded feet stuck onto the case to give clearance for the PCB. Our pals at Creative Electron were good enough to do a little recon work for us and sent over this X-ray image of the Dot. By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set. Can anyone confirm that there is no battery. Pros: can always hear you, small but loud enough, great device support, clear when muted, activity can been seen from across the room, Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio socket, Cons: music distorts at max volume, no real bass, general knowledge not quite as good as Google Assistant, Amazon Echo second-generation review: smaller, cheaper and better, Google Home review: the smart speaker that answers almost any question, Google Home Mini review: a brilliant little £50 voice assistant speaker. Published on This steel plate appears to be the culprit behind our somewhat frustrated first X-ray attempt. It is running FireOS. Can we know which model exactly ? The top board contains the components for audio input, LED output and wireless communication. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all the latest repair news. TL;DR: it looks like Amazon pretty much just chopped out the middle of the old Echo. At the back is a circular power socket, replacing the microUSB socket of the old Dot, and a standard 3.5mm analogue socket for connecting to a stereo. And another. @EJH: If you're lucky, the distortion is just because of some mechanical issues in the loudspeaker (for instance there's a metal part which entered the housing and is being hold by the loudspeaker magnet and which presses on the membrane of the speaker itself). Hopefully someone else will have more luck with accessing the Echo Dots firmware. Their purpose is currently unknown. Running the command "fastboot getvar all" returned the following: Fastboot can see the device but as the bootloader is locked we can not extract or update the firmware image, so for the moment we have come to a dead end. The LEDs are placed on either side of the button which toggles the microphones on and off. On the side is a power input socket and headphone / audio out 3.5mm stereo socket. I have updated the post with the driver info, Is there a part number for the microphone? This controller is designed to be paired with the main CPU and communicates with the outside world. Integrated into the TAS2770? I think this is a connector for the optional led display which shows the time. Categories: National Semiconductor LP55231 Programmable 9-Output LED Driver (x4), Texas Instruments TLV320ADC3101 92dB SNR Low-Power Stereo ADC (x4), Texas Instruments SN74LVC74A Dual Positive-Edge-Triggered D-Type Flip-Flops, Amazon Echo Dot Repairability Score: 6 out of 10 (10 is the easiest to repair). As EJH stated earlier "Echo dot speaker is very distorted". Could the soc got a relabel for amazon so the real soc-name is not known ? The Dot can also get pretty loud, although not quite as loud as Google’s Home Mini, and the audio starts to distort in high-energy tracks at maximum volume. hey glad to see there is someone who is digging deeper into to the v3 of the echo dot. But now the Echo Dot has some stiff competition from Google, in the form of the £50 Home Mini and its Assistant, and Amazon’s own second-generation Echo, which is now only £90. Having everything that was good about Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant squeezed into a smaller package half the price of the bigger Echo, it was a no-brainer. Your email address will not be published. Classical tracks such as Jupiter from Holst’s the Planets sound fairly rounded too. The Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) is available in black, grey or white costing £49.99, although supply constraints mean you might need to shop around. Part Two of this post is on Echo Dot 3rd Gen Digging Deeper. It's likely designed to keep the device planted, so you can twist the volume ring without accidentally spinning your Dot across the table. Where is the DAC? The Echo Dot is Amazon’s small, puck-like smart speaker with the firm’s Alexa voice assistant built in. If yes, then can the FTD1232 USB adapter used ? I have a problem hearing Alexa, The circle with the diagonal line is to mute the microphone, when active the colored leds turn red, Does anyone know what the music power in watts is the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen, Copyright © Brian Dorey 2006 - 2020 | Privacy Policy. This thread is archived. More details here: The designers at Amazon were very kind to include lots of test points on both PCBs which greatly aided in reverse engineering their functions. All in all, it's a win for fans of repair and bad puns everywhere. In the meantime, the Dot contains some tasty morsels: Dual-band, dual-antenna 802.11 a/g/b/n Wi-Fi with MIMO, Bluetooth 4.0 for sending and receiving audio, 3.5 mm audio output for external speakers. Amazon's Echo line is expanding—or in the Dot's case, shrinking! New for the third generation is a softer, more rounded aesthetic with fabric sides. thanks again! MOSFET, Regulator, driver, or something else?, I realy need your help. Dave, I came here to ask that exact question. We slap the control ring back together just long enough to see the encoder wheel doing its thing. This isn't the information I was looking for, Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Reset Your Echo Dot (3rd & 4th Generations), © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. After a bit of experimenting we found that holding down the button with the white dot while turning on the device boots the Echo into fastboot mode and turns the LED ring green. Great post. The Echo Dot is Amazon’s small, puck-like smart speaker with the firm’s Alexa voice assistant built in. The TLV320ADC3101 is a stereo ADC designed for audio applications and contains a built in DSP. What type of microphone is used? Everything else is the same, even the traces look the same as yours. I turned it off. The new hockey-puck-sized Echo Dot lets you add some Alexa-infused personality to your existing home speaker setup. Boo! We're eager to try it, but not before we've thoroughly taken it apart. 3.3v or 1.8 (for flash)? I've searched a many of forums with ZERO answer besides exchange/purchasing a new device - I'm wondering if there is an answer before taking apart or what to look for when I do. As there was already a hole in the base of the case, we could connect the new USB interface to the Echo Dot when it is assembled. The Echo dot uses the four microphones to locate the direction the voice is coming from and filter out background noise. Thanks, I have vision limitations. As this is the first Amazon echo dot device we have purchased, we decided to take it apart to see what you get for your £22.00. The light sensor controls the brightness of the LED ring array. I2C is used to configure the ADCs on start-up and the audio stream is sent along the I2S bus. Would this be an easy addition? Many components are common to the original Echo, making it easier to source parts. And another. A single cable threads its way through the intervening layers to connect the two boards. Analog or Digital? Thank you. The plastic is glued to the metal chassis, so we did not try to remove this. At the centre of the board is a MediaTek MT7658CSN dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller. 0x72 is unknown but a guess would be the light sensor on the top of the board as this is the only device which is read from as well as written to. Thank you for the pictorial tour of the echo dot. Where is the (stereo) signal for the audio output jack is comming from? Is it from marvel ? It's a dead ringer for the one we found in the original Echo, complete with its geared encoder wheel.


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