elliot quest walkthrough
Save it for the tough spots. When you get the chance, head to the door and unlock it. Also at the waterfall, there is a yellow mushroom key item to find. Drop down the first ladder here, avoiding the crushers. Elliot can’t die—but he’s still running out of time. At least I'm consistent about it. If you decide it's worth getting, just go and find a crusher in the lobby, the death will send you back to the top of the tower thanks to the save stone you activated. The endings section is where we will determine your feelings about how you want this adventure to end. After all of this, you must not use a bomb to destroy the goddess statue. To help you out in finding the graveyard, first, go to the cave northwest of the mountain village. However, you'll have to defeat all the enemies again in the room you just came from because they respawn as soon as you head back from the save stone. A piece of heart is found close to where you found the dash boots in the desert, but go up and to the right; it's guarded by lots of sand worms. Due north of Elliot's village, you can now get the heart piece by using the fairy spell here to activate a platform. The switch up there activates a door but there's more to it than that. There is only one way to win the fight: your tornado. You need some bombs so I hope you brought some for the puzzles. The stairs have spikes that pop out and stab you if you don't hurry, so run down and cross the line of spike traps on the floor. There's also a lot of dangerous fire blasts getting thrown around. Go to the bridge west of Elliot's village. Marlene's schoolin' money! If you're hoping for something like the feel good ending at the end of Link to the Past, you will be disappointed. Enter the forest in the southeast. One hopes then that it's not too much of a spoiler to say that you move Elliot with the [arrow] keys, and jump with the [spacebar]. I'm level 16 with maxed WIS so spells cost half as much and do double damage. Start by freezing the eyeball to the right, as one freeze attack takes it down quickly. Early in the fight, Tema's attack can take on two forms: he will fire a horizontal lightning attack or he will use a homing magic attack. Find a piece of heart in the area northeast of the Fire Temple. Thank goodness there's a save stone here, as this next part can be very tricky. I found the one in the outdoor area (on a floating block), and I can't remember where I found my first one... but I do recall the third. If you're out of bombs, too bad. It's possible to go back, though, so you're not stuck once you go through it. There's a puzzle on the next screen that involves your mirror and a stone block that you push onto a switch. Use the fairy to look up high. Tornado helps with any bats. A mini boss in this next room will dance around a lot while shooting fire at you. He simply teleports to the different platforms in the room when he's not attacking, so he has an easy pattern to follow. For the lobby area of this place, you will have to avoid a crusher to get to a platform and start climbing. You need to pass a crystal door, then you are free to continue through several areas with some tough enemies. You can use the trampolines on either side to help you jump over the thing, but it's pretty hard to do that consistently. That Heart Shaped Key will get you a piece of heart back in Elliot's village. Going up, another praying mantis, this one guarding a treasure chest to the right behind some wooden blocks. He also jumps sometimes, so if you think you'll just jump over him the entire fight, good luck with that. Now, work through the puzzle to drain the area of water. Use your ice to turn the blue slime into a platform, push it to the right, jump up. There's also a piece of heart here if you keep digging. If that moving spike hits Elliot, it will explode on contact. There's a puzzle before you can enter the room the boss hides in. You can easily fire arrows his way if you still have a drop to your shot like I do. If you want it posted in the guide, I can try to insert it though I feel the basic text descriptions I wrote do the job. Your goal is to get the really big statue over to the far right, giving you a platform to place a bomb and open the wall with the blast. His arrows travel all the way across the screen instead of having limited range, and he can use a decent magic attack, so he's noticeably tougher if you're slow in taking him down. In the area just before the Giant Bat boss, there's a shortcut behind a bombable block. Your golden shield will protect you from the stones even at a full run, so you are fine to run without stopping to get past this short section. Use your powers to get the crystal, although you can do it with just the fairy and stomp if you really make that jump just right from the green blob, so no real need for the mirror unless you just have to. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. After you rise to about the level of his head, move away and fire arrows as you fall back down. It lets you easily get back here from the Guardian's gate. Northeast of the Stone Temple, you can explore an area that leads to a house. Cannons on either side of you will try to catch you napping, but if you just jump up you can push two blocks down to deflect the stones.


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