engelhard gold bar serial number lookup
[DEAK INTERNATIONAL]  [999+SILVER] [100 OZ]  [Serial Number]. [FINE SILVER. [Octagonal ‘E’ Insert Logo], Engelhard produced the Commemorative Sports Series of bars in 1976, in mintage of 5000 sets. We believe this serial number range spans from 011750 to 024800. Originally issued in Collector case with informational pamphlet and certificate of authenticity, pictured below. Same as our above example, but in serial absent variation. Examples known to date demonstrate varied mould sizes. Italic Block Hallmark w/ ‘A’ Triangle, repeated only one full time, with a border. If that isn’t a compelling argument to pursue every last 1oz Engelhard bar on the planet at today’s prices, we don’t know what is! The example pictured demonstrates a coarse frosted reverse and not typically observed with engraving. The reverse is blank without border and the obverse was changed slightly [1 TROY OUNCE] was centered and the Maple Leaf Logo was redesigned on some examples. Apparently, few survived melting. We believe this was one of the last bars produced in this variety with a happenstance serial number assignment from unassigned Canadian serial numbers. A most unusual silver bar from Engelhard London. [Italic Block Hallmark w/ ‘A’ Triangle]  [Serial Number]. Similar to our first variety, above, but with slight font variation. [Wide ‘E’ Centered in Globe Logo]  [1 TROY OZ. 2nd series 100oz ingot in Australian variation. These leading fillers slipped out of position just enough to leave an impression of the bottom or top half of the letter and number, see our recent article ‘, [‘ENGELHARD INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LTD.’ in Elongated Octagon]  [REFINERS & ASSAYERS]  [1oz. The exceptions that 2 varieties that are just numbers, and bars with a ‘P’ with no other letter. troy’ was removed, and some of the fonts appear to have changed slightly. Similar to above example, but with standard 6-digit serial assignment. ], Engelhard produced the Commemorative Sports Series of bars in 1976, in mintage of 5000 sets. 3rd series in 5-digit serial variation. 3rd series in 5-digit serial variation with ‘MFR’ [Metals Fabrication & Refining] designation. Engelhard Commercial Bar | Maple Leaf Variety C. Produced in 1981 and very similar to above Variety B except that the reverse includes a border. The examples we’ve observed, demonstrate a faint ‘X8’ over-stamp to the left of serial number. However, this process did not result in weight deficit. Please see our entry for the first variety of IMPEX 1oz silver art bar that demonstrates a different reverse stamping. Originally issued in Collector case with informational pamphlet and certificate of authenticity, pictured below. There are three known counterstamp variations, including Manfra, Tordella & Brooks, SilverTowne and Gold Standard Corporation, that were contract produced. Our serial number registry suggests this serial assignment was shared with other variety and not indicative of full range. 9th series in ‘P’ serial prefix variation, most of these bars were originally issued in the Engelhard plastic ‘Flag’ wrapper. The serial number errors on these pieces resulted from part of the letter ‘X’ and number ‘8’ that were used as fillers for the lead position on the rotary stamp. An exceedingly rare 1oz bar produced by Engelhard Sheffield Smelting. These ingots carry a more refined casting finish and crisper stampings. [ENGELHARD INDUSTRIES OF CANADA LTD.]  [REFINERS & ASSAYERS]  [1 oz troy SILVER 999 fine]  [Serial Number]  [Bull Hallmark]. Our data indicates that production never reached PB025000. Ingot 012726. sold via eBay Best Offer on October 16, 2017 for $2,256.99. One example sold on eBay on September 6, 2015 for $185.00. [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [Serial Number]. [Wide ‘E’ and ‘MC’ in Globe Logo]  [1 TROY OZ. Possible prototype 9th series in letter ‘A’ serial prefix anomaly. 1st series in 6-digit serial variation, three zero suffix on weight designation and letter ‘A’ serial prefix anomaly. Interesting to note that one example within this variety demonstrates a 350843 Canadian range serial number, pictured below. It is missing the ‘100’ leading numbers on the weight designation stamp. Additional information regarding the Gold Standard Corporation may be found at this, [Italic boxed Australian Hallmark]  [999+SILVER]  [100 OZ]  [Serial Number]. Produced in 1980. Occasionally observed in serial placement error as seen on bar PA83079, also pictured. While approximately 800,000 examples of all US and Canadian varieties were manufactured over Engelhard’s tenure, a very high percentage of these bars were melted over the years for industry and smaller increment fabrication to bars, rounds and jewelry. With total production at a relatively limited 4 million units, 1oz Engelhard bars are the ideal choice for investors looking to secure desirable hallmark bullion as well as a collectible piece of Engelhard history. Casting is quite similar to making ice cubes in a freezer, in that liquid [molten metal] is used to create a solid ingot by use of a mould. We hope you enjoy your visit! The letter-prefix serial number landscape examples with the Standard Engelhard Logo came next, to include both poured and extruded production. There is strong evidence that supports production timeframe overlapped on both ‘P’ and ‘W’ series ingots with the ‘W’ prefix beginning at ‘W050XXX’. Hence, their production consumes 150-200 Engelhard 100oz bars every year for these custom rounds. 1st series Canadian ingot in 5-digit serial variation. Presented below, we define all currently known varieties with pictures, serial numbers and mintage estimates. Note the unique U.S. letter prefix is the only 1oz variety to demonstrate a period after each letter. Additional information regarding the Hockey variety of this series may be found at this, [Image of Golfer Swinging Club]  [Commemorative Sports Series]  [ 1894-1st U.S. Open Mount Hope, New York]  [Octagonal ‘E’ Insert Logo], Engelhard produced the Commemorative Sports Series of bars in 1976, in mintage of 5000 sets.


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