erie county real estate transactions
Search Town of West Seneca real property tax record by street, property address or Parcel SBL. | • 61 Sweeney, David Sokol; David P. Sokol; Marcella T. Sokol to Shahzeb Tariq, $37,000. Search Town of Hamburg property assessment records by property street address. • 140 Toelsin Road, Buffalo Erie Niagara Land Improvement Corporation to Katherine E. Kishbaugh, $118,000. Mortgage insurance will be added when the down payment is less than 20%. Do Not Sell My Info, Inside RealtyTrac HII Commercial Mortgage Toledo OH | 567-343-6569, Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Loans Toledo OH. Search Erie County property assessments by tax roll, parcel number, property owner, address, and taxable value. • 16 East Toulon Drive, Marilyn C. Niederpruem; Paul G. Niederpruem to Anthony John Newton, $180,100. var giYear = new Date(); document.write(giYear.getFullYear()) Attom Data Solutions LLC. Search City of Tonawanda tax records by tax ID, name, and street address. Search Town of Concord real property tax record by street, property address or Parcel SBL. They are maintained by various government offices in Erie County, New York State, and at the Federal level. • 82 Schutrum St., D&r Realty NY Inc to Almas Rahman Khan, $30,000. • 9736a Lake Shore Road, Jo Ann Hess to Derek C. Eastwood; Jessica A. Eastwood, $335,000. AURORA / EASTERN AURORA• 645 people St., Barbara Purcell; Barbara Anne Purcell; Joseph Purcell; Purcell Lp a End of Elm LLC, $ 385,000.• 2095 Center St., Revitalized Neighborhoods LLC for Elizabeth A. Craig; Joshua T. Craig, $ 325,000.• 56 Knox Road, Carol D. Snyder to Margaret J. Walker, $ 245,000.• 294 Oakwood Ave., Barbara A. Search City of Tonawanda tax records by tax ID, name, and street address. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Town of Evans Tax Records What is truly a Commercial Mortgage or Commercial Real Estate Lending? Buffalo Games collaborates with NASA in launching Apollo-themed game, M&T's Jones brings personal perspective to push for diversity, social justice. All Rights reserved | • 742 Montrose Ave., Catherine Piskorsky to Brittany Lauren Cooper; Justin Ray Cooper; Christine M. Greene, $123,500. Call now we can help 567-343-6569. • 1659 Colvin Boulevard, David Samuel Falletta to Katie Costlow, $185,100. View Buffalo Assessment and Taxation Department Board of Assessment review BAR challenges information, including sales information. • 6553 Vermont Hill Road, Daniel J. Novick; Joni V. Novick to Amy Andres; Gary Andres, $13,000. Learn how your comment data is processed. • 39f Hickory Hill Road, Richard F. Schneeberger; Shirley J. Schneeberger to Joanne M. Digiulio, $149,900. • 5330 Vista Ave., Anthony D. Ditsious to Brittani L. Tomasello, $150,000. Great for discovering comps, sales history, photos, and more. The calculator is based on industry average costs. • 62 Ingham Ave., Roosevelt Dis Jones; Roosevelt Jones Jr.; Jones Roosevelt Sr Dis; Marcia L. Veal to Fadel Alhajjaji, $25,000. Search Erie County Clerk's Office public records, including court, pistol permit, auto, and land record information. Phone: (716) 858-8785 Fax: (716) 858-6550. • 428 Lakefront Boulevard, Anthony L. Johnson to Mohamed Metawee, $440,000. Town of Boston Tax Records City of Tonawanda Tax Records AMHERST• 42 Flint Road, Bw Rri I LLC to Stuttgart Enterprises LLC, $ 3,200,000.• 4130 Sheridan Drive, Keyser Holdings LLC to Cappellino Cadillac Inc, $ 2,500,000.• 7428 Transit Road, 7428 Transit Road LLC to Lithia Real Estate Inc, $ 1,200,000.• 121 Sierra Drive, Ryan Homes of New York to Justin Monnin; Kathy Yan Monnin, $ 501,785.• 206 Lynette Lane, Ryan Homes of New York to Erin P. Schwegler; Jeffrey P. Schwegler, $ 405,260.• 72 Thamesford Lane, Angela J. Hammann to Paula Hoen Radel; Thomas Joseph Radel, $ 361,500.• 69 Westfield Road, Danielle Williams to Kurt A. Gilbert; Reva J. Gilbert, $ 315,000.• 185 Oakgrove Drive, Andrea R. Adema; Douglas M. Adema to Kyle Adema, $ 310,000.• 616 Paradise Road, Mushtaq Kaid; Ram Wertheim to Dan Dan Chen; Sai Jin Dong, $ 300,000.• 299-c Northill Drive, Marrano / Marc Equity Corporation to Evelyn D. Anthony; Judy L. Anthony; Jennifer L. Cassidy; Shelley L. Hulton, $ 261,400.• 975 Wehrle Drive, Bail Breen; Rochelle L. Keikbush; Rochelle L. White to First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-Ffh2 Tr; US Bank NA Tr, $ 224,210.• 1 Sandpiper Court, James D. Gondek; Lori A. Gondek to Philip Verratti, $ 221,900.• 144 Grandview Drive, Diane M. Skura to Frank Gruttadauria, $ 220,439.• 89 Treebrooke Court, Christa K. Paolini; Raymond V. Paolini to Raymond V. Paolini Jr., $ 215,620.• 64 Washington Hwy, Elliot J. Gabelnick; Irene K. Gabelnick to William J. Mccormack IV; Kelsey R. Talley, $ 215,000.• 96 Hopkins Road, Dale L. Ruhl to Kristy M. Lindner; John A. Wruck, $ 205,000.• 742 North French Road, Paul T. Marus to Fawzia Jawid; Jaan Jawid, $ 200,000.• 308 Denrose Drive, Joseph J. Heim to Natalia A. Kim, $ 197,000.• 27 Tralee Terrace, Karen L. Gutiérrez to Matthew J. Kaczmarek; Margaret A. Sullivan, $ 193,000.• 293 Bramblewood Lane, Parker Komm to Brett Komm; Elizabeth Soucise, $ 190,000.• 22 Brush Creek Road, Horace Pearson; Mary L. Pearson to Kevin Czora, $ 190,000.• 1448 Wehrle Drive, Marilena L. Preda to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc, $ 187,000.• 1448 Wehrle Drive, Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc to Antoinette S. Chaplin, $ 187,000.• 55 D Oakbrook, Walsh Daniel Group LLC to Carol Long; James Long; Susan Long, $ 178,500.• 89 Layton Ave., Andrea Holbok to Joseph C. Gagliano III; Emma M. Oconnor, $ 175,270.• 74 Thistle Lea, Hynda D. Burdman to Michael A. Juszczak, $ 175,000.• 9 Keph Dr # 2, Robert E. Altman to Mary C. Fetzer, $ 170,000.• 2nd Hickory Hill Road, Joseph A. Grande to Brian C. Lewis, $ 165,000.• 74 Grace Ave., Doris M. Edwards to Sheikh Ahmed; Mehenaz Aziz, $ 150,000.• 743 Robin Road, Ingrid Reed; Kathryn Reed; Michael J. Reed to Kiao Feng Zhang, $ 147,000.• 620 Youngs Rd #c, Barbara F. Johnson to Annamaria Toscani, $ 140,250.• 906 Charlesgate Circle, Janice Kapturowski; Ronald Kapturowski to Helene Kim Jennings, $ 140,000.• 4785 Chestnut Ridge Rd Unit 11, Jack J. Whiting to Kaitlyn Reinhardt, $ 120,000.• 4545 Chestnut Ridge Rd # 209a, Sandra A. Cassidy to Ayaka Mori; Masamichi Mori, $ 94,000.• 90 Charter Oaks Dr Unit 4, Boris Albini to Benigno Rodríguez; Gloria E. Rodriguez, $ 83,420.• 483 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Terri L. Lotempio; Jennifer R. Tucker; Ronnie E. Tucker to HSBC Bank USA NA, $ 82,604.


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