escape the night season 4 episode 4
A reality competition series in which party guests find themselves in an estate in a past era, and must participate in challenges and solve puzzles to get out. They head off to the arabian exhibit. This is the first season to feature guests that died in the previous seasons. They head over, but have to hide from miss High tower. Justine Ezarik Get their hands on it, and heads off to the Gorgon’s lair. Benjamin, Lucy, the blue Harpie, the Vampire, High tower, the guardian monster from season 1, and lastly, the freaking Carnival master! Joey and Bretman sneak their way over to her. This is extremely obvious. The SorceressThe Collector (Turned to stone)Joey Graceffa (Trapped in Pandora's Box) 2021) Unraveling the Mystery Pt. Season 4's first episode aired on July 11, 2019, airing later in the year than the other seasons. The group crosses paths with a friendly caveman who guides them to the prehistoric area of the museum. Some fans have made the connection that the order the guests were introduced in the glass breaking scene in the first episode is the order they die in this season (Justine being first, Timothy being second, and DeStorm being third), however, Colleen's death breaks this chain. They’re terrified, understandable, they set off and run off to get away from their past haunting them. The Collector reappears at the museum with her creepiest collection to date. “The second emblem sits beneath Vishnu’s feet”. This is the second season to have a woman killed first. He return's once more in Episode 10 after seeing Colleen and Bretman escape purgatory he soon realizes Rosanna is dead forever. Cookies help us deliver our services. Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy Escape the Night? In the end, two guests must be voted in. There is no Audience Score because there are not enough user ratings at this time. After hearing Liza's pleas for help, the Society Against Evil enlists her, Joey, and Matthew Patrick. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs & The Church of the SubGenius. The gang stumbles upon a map with the whereabouts of the next key. They enter the lamp. Pour the blood on top, and they have to read the chant all it once to gain the sword of all legends, they fail over and over and over, and over again. This is the only season without a betrayal challenge, though there were times where a guest felt betrayed, i.e. They recruit Merlin to uncover the secrets of Standing Stone and crown one of them King of Britannia. Matt is assigned to find the Crown of Oblivion. 6/7. Escape the Night (2016– ) Episode List. Colleen BallingerBretman Rock, In the new season of Escape The Night, Joey Graceffa ventures into purgatory to rescue his friends, who have fallen in past eras, from the clutches of the Collector. Category:Season 4 Cast | Escape The Night Wiki | Fandom. Add new page. There are three drums that they have to play, one blue, one yellow, and one red. They were right, wooo. The Carnival master does a chant of some sort. Season 4 guide for Escape the Night TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Colleen Ballinger (resurrected) Of course they get chased once again. Season 10 The Man with No Name - Escape the Night S3 (Ep 4) - YouTube Obviously, there’s no purple, but playing red and blue at the same time works. They all hold her down while the carnival master is performing the ritual with a lamp, they now have 2 minutes to save her, however still go for the note. Track Escape the Night season 4 episodes. They head out, and it is WAYYY too quiet. Current Episode (aired 19 Sep. 2019) The Monsters of Limbo . Episode 4; Episode 5; Episode 6; Episode 7; Episode 8; Episode 9; Episode 10; Dark Magic and a Twisted Fate Escape the Night Season 4. Deaths Karma’s a bitch. Hell is about to break loose, I would NOT wanna be them rn. When Joey Graceffa removed the crystal from The Carnival Master's chest, it freed Liza from her exhibit at the Museum of the Dead. Wikis. Rosanna and Matt hug as they see each other again. Bretman distracts her, and they get inside. they were so annoyed aksjdkglhl etn etn 4 escape the night season 4 escape the night colleen ballinger joey graceffa bretman rock Season 4 is the first season to have a previous assistant (Mortimer) return to aid the guests. They run in and get them to follow along, run through the circle with the torches and sand to trap them. Nikita is assigned to retrieving the Carnival Master's Crystal. This Season 3 survivor was featured in Escape the Night Season 4. Joey can’t stop himself from wanting to touch the box, but they drag him away and grab the sphere. Go behind the scenes and learn more about various creatures that inhabit the museum. As of Episode 8, Alex Wassabi now holds the record for the most amount of times voted into the Death Challenge, with 7. They immediately know where to go, but of course, the monsters are the problem here. Then charges at her with the sword of all legends, turning her to stone. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy Escape The Night Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. All rights reserved. They find torches and a note saying to put the torches and a circle, with the crimson sand in the middle to lure in the monsters to complete the spell. the others enter the minotaur's maze to unlock an ancient artifact needed to claim the next key. Inside is a glass box with a note beneath it. The Collector returns to the museum with her most terrifying collection yet and unleashes it on the YouTubers. (Guest died by poison without a vote.) They head into the room with the souls of their lost friends and uses the sphere to set their soul free to the afterlife. They get teleported back to Matt and Nikita. Right after he snatches the key from her and they run into the lounge. Season 4 is the only season where the guests don’t vote for themselves in the final voting session. The first example of this is in the 7th episode of Season 3, where Matthew Patrick was revived. Then the fight continues. Colleen gets triggered by just hearing his name. Gone. The guest has escaped the night. The Collector rises from her ashes, because you cannot kill her in HER museum. Forgot your password? The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. However, his rescue mission soon becomes a survival mission as the Collector’s Museum of the Dead come to life. Later, they must outwit Scheherazade and her thugs to escape the Arabian area of the museum. Joey grabs it out, and behold, the sixth emblem. With no luck of finding anyone. The Black Knight assumes control over Camelot, so it is up to the filmmakers to seek Excalibur and uncover the next clue to saving the kingdom. But before they’re able to think, Benjamin and the carnival comes to disturb. In Episode 7, she is sent back to Jael, Ryu, and Matt after Sharharazade is killed. It opens up, next clue, and the first emblem lies inside, 1/7. During the final challenge, Matt is sent back to Jael and Ryu as Colleen is killed. Season 4 is the only season to occur in purgatory rather than a place that is trapped in time in the real world. This season's guests' assistants are The Sorceress and Mortimer while this season's main villain is The Collector. when Joey stood up for Ro, but she voted for him. Once they escape, Colleen had ripped the note from being too scared, so they don’t know where to go, except that it’s something to do with a beast. Register Start a Wiki . This is obviously related to the pirates, but the X is in the sands of Egypt. Copyright © Fandango. But then claims that that could be her power, she kills them by showing how terrifying it is, the Carnival master is questioning his sanity. This will reveal the final emblem. Joey slams the sword into the ground, making the ground shake. Episode Joey revealed in a video that on the first day of shooting Season 4, they lost power on set and had to wait an extra hour before they could film the first episode. The Sorceress VS Collector fight is still going on as they return. So now they have the red sand, a bottle of blood, and four emblems. And below it are seven squares: “Red, yellow, yellow, blue, yellow, purple, purple”. Colleen keeps ranting about stuff. She tells them she thinks the All -Stars and Bretman have a chance. 499 Pages. There was a behind the scenes video on Joey's YouTube channel, but is not counted as it is not part of the Premium episodes, like in previous seasons. September 4th, 2019 “The last and final emblem, lies beneath the mouth of a once-great beast”. Black spirits come out and posses Joey, dragging him into the box. Joey’s hiding spot is… uhm, questionable. Their plan is to stick together, which they fail horribly at. They later cross paths with a noteworthy wizard to learn the mystery of the Standing Stone. Episodes 1-9 Escape The Night Season 4, First promotional poster from the official Twitter. Plus a new sketch comedy series from Down Under, Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Well they try. And low and behold, it works. The Collector’s wrath breaks loose, and she sends out her most frightening exhibit yet! A genie has been trapped in a lamp and the YouTubers must find a way to free him to get the next key. They’re screwed. The fight between the Collector and the Sorceress continues getting more and more intense.


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