ethics in sports examples
and respect. There is strong agreement that action is required on this issue, and that this action will be complex and multifaceted. Part of the problem when dealing with this question is that sport is socially constructed, and there is no obvious reason why it could not be constructed to include doping. The classification of the reproductive aspects of women’s lives as illnesses has led to wide-scale paternalistic medical management of women under claims of beneficence (Sherwin). The wording used in a particular ban or regulatory list needs careful consideration. A view of sport which places at its center the testing of sporting skills, with sporting skills defined by the nature of the game concerned, suggests that doping is not so much antithetical to sport, but rather irrelevant to it (Schneider and Butcher, 1994). Thus, this problem is partly cultural, and medical control may not be the best, and is certainly not the only, way of addressing the issue. Schiebinger, L. 1993. This is an intrusion into the private lives of athletes. G. Gaebauer. Athletic drug use is also seen as part of a wider social problem of drug use. The best result will be one that arises through discussion, debate, and consensus. On the other hand, the coercion argument has merit if it can be shown that doping is irrelevant to a particular view of what is important to sport. Schneider, A. J. (“Others” are usually deemed to be “clean,” or nondoping, athletes.) There are many areas where enhancement is not only accepted, but encouraged, valued, and highly rewarded (e.g., cosmetic surgery) and even sport—some drug use is permissible in baseball in North America, for instance. bicyclist Lance Armstrong's seven Tour de France titles because of allegations that he used a Despite a lack of clarity in exactly what is meant by treatment and enhancement, it is generally agreed that enhancement for sport purposes is unacceptable. Young people will not separate the athletic abilities of their heroes or heroines from the quality of their personal lives, especially when fame and glamor surround such persons. serve as a role model for players and walk the talk of ethics. “Harm, Athletes’ Rights and Doping Control.” In First International Symposium for Olympic Research, eds. player for the opposing team. Fairness. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. “Good Competition and Drug-Enhanced Performance.” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 11: 6–13. Some practices, such as psycho-doping (the mental manipulation of athletes using the techniques of operant conditioning) are not banned, whereas the re-injection of one’s own blood is banned. This argument only works if doping is against the rules, however, and so cannot function as a justification for banning doping in the first place. General education, as part of social change, is viewed as essential. Doping does not help one to acquire sporting skills, but simply provides a competitive advantage over those who do not dope. F. van der Merwe. self-interest without regard to the interests of consumers. 2012, Posted at 03:00 AM | Permalink It thus becomes an obligation of “The Ethics of Drugs in Sport.” In Drugs and Performance In Sports, ed. “Tryphosa, Melpomene, Nadia, and Joan: The IOC and Women’s Sport.” In The Olympic Games in Transition, ed. “What’s Distinctive About Feminist Bioethics?” In Health Care Ethics in Canada, eds. It is difficult for medical scientists to state, in the abstract, that enhancement for sport is unacceptable. It would then be necessary to address each particular steroid on its own merits, rather than formulated a general argument against doping. The use of certain substances and practices falls into this category. 1994. It has not been scientifically proven just what the “bad effects” from doping are. tournament. F. Baylis, J. Downie, B Freedman, B. Hoffmaster, and S. Sherwin. While excellence in sport is a worthy pursuit, it should not be pursued at the expense of one’s health and well-being.


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