facebook relationship status not showing name
As a joke between a friend from home and I, we put ourselves as "In an Open Relationship" with each other, but for some reason, her name doesn't show up underneath my status except to certain people (I think they're in her network or they're friends with her, and it shows up to them). Other ways it has helped to keep up with friends and family. http://facebookaccountdeletion.blogspot.com/2011/02/facebook-account-deletion-lawsuit.html?commentPage=2 When I contacted customer service I got a template saying that they couldnt determine my chips were stolen so they wouldnt replace them. Help me Poor service with empty promises. Facebook - facebook unfairly blocking messenger — again. And Submitted It & Never Ever Heard a Thing Back ... Security experts people about any posting that links to an outside site. I don't know if you read my hub One Tremendous Year but I cover a lot of this material regarding how I met my wife :-) WE became facebook official before most of our friends knew :-). vibesites from United States on October 02, 2012: A great and humorous hub, well-written all around. That is so middle school of me! So many questions and so little time! Required fields are marked *. or "I never liked her anyway" or things like that. Facebook Account Deletion Lawsuit Grace Whites from Manalapan, New Jersey, USA on June 01, 2012: I strongly agree with your ideas here. He probably has it on a setting where no can tag him or find him in search bar. After we set our relationship, she got a notification (you know, between the 100 pokes, comments, tags and all) that I wanted to be her other half. But there are certain things that you might be afraid or wish to share and want to update them secretly. In some of the status, you can add the name of the partner you are in a relationship with and even add dates for anniversaries so your friends can get to know. This is the world we live in now. Follow him on: You have entered an incorrect email address! In the world of dating, the internet has helped improve dating in some ways. Unless you are 12 years old, there shouldn't be so much drama behind it, but yet there is in the world of dating. ... Actually, I have the same issue - I'm in a relationship on Facebook now, and specified with whom, facebook said it would ask for confirmation from her, however she didn't get any notificaiton and I'm 'just in a relationship', I'd like to profusely state that I'm with *her*! [protected] josh3418 - Thanks so much! I can't open my account throw email, I try to via Email but it's still unlock. Young v. Facebook, Inc. The dreaded Separated Facebook status update rears its ugly head! Jeannie Marie (author) from Baltimore, MD on May 29, 2012: sholland10 - Oh, I get so frustrated when I learn about major events through Facebook! Ashish Joshi from India on July 05, 2012: Wow...voted up and much, and shared right away!! Why in the World Facebook Keeps Blocking Me 4 No Reason at All, and 4 Supposed Spam When I But Tried 2 Add Folks I Know or Have Worked With, Now Granted Sum It's Been Years, and They May Not Remember Me or at Least By My Working Name, But in the Kinda Business That I'm In I Know & Have Worked with a Million People, and Know Just as Many, So What in the Heck Gives U the Right or Idea 2 Keep Blocking Me 4 No Reason, When I Haven't Ever Intentionally Done Anything Wrong, and U Wanna Talk About SPAMMING People Well Then Tell People 2 Stop Adding U 2 Groups U Never Asked 2 B Added 2, as Thats More Realistically Considered SPAM !!! I might even buy myself flowers. Thank you in advance for your kind co-operation. It sounds like he really wants a girlfriend. i have the same problem.. i'm from argentina and my relationship status on facebook doesn't work . Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. You can have so much privacy on Facebook that it’s unreal. Votes and shared and linked to my FB hub. Jeannie Marie (author) from Baltimore, MD on March 05, 2012: I am glad you liked it. I am going to have a fake relationship for a few weeks so I feel better about myself. Did you already let everyone know you are engaged or are some people learning it for the first time when you switch the status to Engaged ? Thanks god. Last I checked spam was unwanted email or unwanted advertisement. That Always Pop Up, and Say How U Can Contact I'm shocked they didn't jump immediately on your concern. It is rare to find a straight couple that calls it that though. Isn't everyone on Facebook to always have the latest gossip on their friends and family? Maybe if I am unavailable it will stop. So what you have to do is no need of changing the privacy, once you have changed your relationship status, immediately go to your timeline and look for the relationship status post. Your daughter should have told you first. Most likely it's because your friend has changed their Search Privacy Settings to "Only friends." It might mean also that they have a same sex relationship which they wish to conceal from homophobic friends or family.


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