fahaka puffer tank size

Size:  In the wild the Fahaka Puffer will reach 18+ inches. The fish becomes 2 or 3 times it’s normal size, big enough to scare away many potential predators, or difficult to swallow.

When ingested in sufficient quantities, it can cause paralysis and death. Maximum Size : 45cm (17.7") Water Parameters : Freshwater. I think it will definitely help others and I’m glad you didn’t let being embarrassed get in the way of posting it. Once a week, 20% of the water should be changed in the aquarium.

It is irrational to put live plants with this fish as they will be bitten and torn out. The danios and hatchets darting all around the puffer … Its beak-like mouth can easily bite chunks from other fish, or in extreme cases rip them to pieces. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I am doing some research. Therefore, if you are determined to get yourself this puffer, then you will have to come to terms with the fact that he will remain the only fish in the aquarium. Green spotted puffer (Tetraodon nigroviridis), Fahaka pufferfish, Nile puffer, globe fish, lineatus puffer. Puffers have the ability to inflate their elastic stomachs with water or air. This is not so much of a comment but a question. It is a pleasure to watch the Nile Puffer. but can you tell from this? Most specimens will only reach 12-ish inches. I have heard reports of them being bred in VERY large aquariums. Post them here! In the head part, two large protruding eyes are distinguished, which can rotate independently in any direction. The Fahaka puffer is not an easy species to breed at all, mainly due to its aggressive temperament.

It will not only remove dangerous chlorine compounds and heavy metals from the water but also bring a number of useful vitamins and minerals into it. Care The Fahaka Puffer is an extremely aggressive and large-growing member of the Tetraodon genus. This process is repeated many times, one pair can lay several thousand eggs. puffer … Member. However reports of breeding successes in large aquaria do exist. Babies grow quickly, but careful sorting is required to avoid cannibalism. Cycling is much faster in a small aquarium, so you may want to fill the new one only part way, test for toxic nitrogen compounds, then add the puffer.

An interesting fact: Fahaka Pufferfish have ways to bury themselves in the sand so that only two large eyes remain in sight. It is worth noting that the Fahaka will live completely alone in the tank because it is almost impossible to find fish that can get along with them. Fahaka puffer has a very curious and intelligent nature and it becomes domesticated quite easily, however at that the fish is rather aggressive towards other fishes. Having lived for some time in the same aquarium, the fish becomes so attached to the owner that it swims out when the owner enters the room, whirls in one place waiting for food, and let’s owner-pet themselves. Also known as the Nile puffer or globe fish, T. lineatus was previously named T. fahaka. The body color of fish is variable and depends on many factors: age, mood, conditions in the aquarium. May 26, 2019. What are your experiences with Fahaka Puffers?

Killer rams into the glass really fast with his face, then makes this weird gesture with his beak.

The life span of the Fahaka Pufferfish is about 10 years. This need not worry you, but if you need to get rid of your puffer sell it on.

However, this does not stop true connoisseurs, because this species is one of the brightest representatives of the Blowfish family. Killer has always been agressive to a certain point so I am always careful when I clean his tank but in the past couple of weeks he/she has gotten much worse. Fahaka puffer is a tropical demersal (bottom-living) fish which inhabits in large rivers and other surface waters in the West, East and North-East of Africa. Fahaka Puffer Tank Mates? If you are going to have other fish in with your Fahaka Puffer, just know that they will likely, one day, end up being dinner.

You can plant the aquarium if you wish but be prepared for bite marks to appear in the leaves if the Fahaka spots any morsels of food on them. The Fahaka will kill, or fatally wound the other fish with the first bite. Besides, all puffers are more or less poisonous and fahaka puffer isn’t an exception. After another few days they are large enough to accept brine shrimp nauplii. I started to move fish to get some space for a new Puffer that is coming this week. It can also change color depending on its mood or surroundings.

During spawning, the male turns over onto its back and grabs the partner by the lower jaw.

When they are full, the fish let themselves be stroked without any problems. Puffer may be also fed with live fish, however the possibility is very high that the fish may be infected this way and get ill. Lineatus is a very aggressive fish, so it should be kept alone in a tank.

This is typical for all representatives of the Blowfish family. ... Scientific Name: Tetraodon lineatus From our tank to your tank… I just got a tiny fahaka puffer for my 55 gallon (long standing/cycled). The size of the Fahaka Puffer can differ while keeping in a tank because it needs a large aquarium. Fahaka puffer is extremely aggressive and it should be kept alone in a tank. He had a tank mate, a sucker fish, that just happened to survive the big move when I first got Killer and they lived somewhat harmoniously until a few weeks ago when I couldn’t find him anymore.

Tank Size: I would suggest an 80 or 90 gallon.

Many parts of the body of puffers contain the deadly neurotoxin tetrodoxin. In the aquarium they rarely get this large. A much larger tank would be required for a group. Puffers are also one of the few fish that can actually blink or close their eyes. You can find instructions on how to clean a crab here. Ideally a separate breeding aquarium should be used, but the fish may also spawn when kept in a small group in a very large tank. Fahaka puffer is a tropical demersal (bottom-living) fish which inhabits in large rivers and other surface waters in the West, East and North-East of Africa. Adult Length – 43cm. The fahaka is only an inch right now but is eating everything in sight..... You can start a nitrogen cycle in the new tank very quickly if you borrow a few cups of substrate and a dirty filter element from the established aquarium. The fish can be kept in one tank with related species only if they have enough space for each of them to avoid any contact, otherwise there will be a fight each time they see each other. They will kill and eat anything they can catch, including fish that are almost their own size. Hi Brandy, It sounds like your puffer may have a case of the bored and crazies but I do have a couple of ideas. is he just bored and crazy? Some specimens will puff up when they want attention and to see a fully-grown adult inflate to the size of a football is an amazing sight. Your email address will not be published.


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