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Billy heads to Vegas to secure evidence for Rudy, while Rudy travels to Montreal to investigate Albert Dietrich. Re: Falconetti vs Tom Jordache « Reply #1 on: August 08, 2014, 06:36:02 AM » the darker than amber fight was better rod taylor vs smith. I love Peter Strauss, but I can see how this was a breakout portrayal for Nick Nolte. Things heat up between lawyer Maggie Porter and Rudy as they investigate Tricorp and its powerful owner Charles Estep. I do not in any way claim the rights of ownership to any of them. When they meet, Tom gives Rudy the $3000 from the bail his father paid. Stone cold fox. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Rudy Jordache should have lived! However, as Rudy Jordache (particularly the older Rudy Jordache, as I'll get to in a second) Strauss gives Jon Hamm's Don Draper character a serious run for his money in more ways then one. Angry that Tom has given away the money she didn't know they had, Teresa leaves with the baby, Wesley. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? I was only 17 years old when it was shown on TV. Falconetti pays a visit to Wes and Diane. You younger Get Biggers can read all about William Smith above on the last few pages in the Muscle Beach topic. If I've used a photo, video, etc in one of my posts it means I really dig it! Add the first question.

Frustrated with Willie's irresponsibility, Julie sparks a career as a photojournalist. Rudy recieves a call from John Franklin, Charles' chief financial advisor, who promises hard evidence. Nope, he really died at the end, so ridiculous! Billy breaks contact with Charles, and. Also comical after a while were the numerous shots of a camera dizzily panning up the side of a skyscraper to indicate that the next scene was taking place in Rudy's apartment, Maggie's apartment, a hotel, or another building of importance. Tom discovers Rudy has been looking for him, due to their mother's change in health. one day too late, and Billy shows up in D.C. to make amends with Rudy. Hungry for revenge, Falconetti sets out for Whitby. One of the most discussed topics of your fans seems to be your onscreen fights with different actors, from Rod Taylor to Clint Eastwood. Some people would find the miniseries spectacular and it is a shame that A & E did not bother to include subtitles. Getbig Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Forums, Quote from: funk51 on August 08, 2014, 06:36:02 AM. I wish (movie & TV) writers wrote more characters like Rudy Jordache ... and then of course, cast them with Peter Strauss in them! Yet, isn't that the irony of life? I actually found this site by Googling "Rich Man Poor Man Book II Unsatisfactory Ending"!Although Book II was a notch down from the original, it certainly kept me engaged. With Peter Strauss, Nick Nolte, Susan Blakely, Bill Bixby. Billy moves in with Wes and Rudy in Whitby, and Wes begins work at Rudy's new electronics plant, where he meets the. Ironically, when making a TV movie of Shaw's Beggarman Thief a few years later, the producers felt that the role of Rudy was still so associated in viewers' minds with Strauss that they wrote his (central) character out of the movie to focus on his sister Gretchen, in a neat twist on the original RMPM miniseries, which had written out Gretchen's character! Miss the pace of those days but, enjoy slowing things down more as I get older and, taking the time to watch some of the oldies but goodies, such as RMPM. really launched the genre and set the stage for. (16 Feb 1976). (as Caryn Matchinga). It's a shame that for such an acclaimed series, it couldn't have delivered a better ending. In fact, I'd say he has Draper beat ten miles. |, Again working with Maggie, Rudy appears at his trial and realizes the cards are stacked against him. Now 1950, Tom returns home to find dramatic changes in Port Philip. Rudy realizes that was the reason that he didn't end up getting the money for his business from their father.

The rugged actor William Smith (he is a former bodybuilder, and the last actor to play the Marlboro Man before the cigarette maker's commercials were banned from television) plays the villain Falconetti (or as I like to call him, Falcon Eddie) in. But seriously, I had to pick my jaw off the floor when Rudy was killed. Luft, Herbert G. (1956). violent when national is called in to help the local union. Rudy decides to venture into politics and persuades Julie to marry him, although they soon encounter heartbreak. I absolutely LOVE this series! Wes and Ramona, too, although a night out with Billy complicates matters. Atom A sequel to Rich Man, Poor Man that had aired the previous season, it focused on … Still in the Riviera, Kate and Wesley consider an invitation from Rudy. Very outrageous ending, though, after all of that character build-up! Thanks for a great article. Her portrayal is widely considered one of the more astonishing performances committed to film, and it remained her final cinematic role. Maggie's daughter Diane arrives unexpectedly in New York and reopens old wounds. Rich man Poor man, believe it was the first mini series ever on t.v. Looking for something to watch? Great, great mini series! Rudy graduates from college and learn that Julie is a. wife and mother. My SO came to me earlier this year with a surprise. In Dallas, Charles worries about Albert Dietrich-- Claire's real father-- and locates Rudy's weak spot.

Her grandson Gérard Falconetti also became an actor. I believe his most entertaining fight scene was with Clint Eastwood in the second Anyway series with the Orangutan when they fought in Jackson Hole Wyoming and destroyed a barn plus a few buildings. Last week I was a little bit down in the dumps. This was the first miniseries created for network television. Yeah, that's exactly what happened. Devastated by the loss of Clothilde, Tom runs into the arms of Teresa Santoro. And although he was wealthy and Tom was not, financially.

I watched hours of chapters after work everyday for a week. I need to watch it again! Reducing the roles of minor characters, altering plot points, shortening conversations and reveals, ok. Still in New Orleans, Rudy learns that Sarah has vanished with Charles' assistant Raymond-- and is soon after found dead. Rudy says he will handle it. Later, Falconetti became able to play scenes only from Dreyer's explanations, without the need even for rehearsal. Shaw and Beckett should be ashamed of themselves! Rudy Jordache. Here he.

And the way he talks to the women in his life will make any female swoon. While hiding out in New York, Tom receives a surprise visit from Rudy and learns that their mother is dying. Tom is angry that Rudy doesn't want the money and, now that he's "paid his debt" Tom wants to be done with the family also.

Does anyone know why Kim Darby "Virginia Calderwood" was replaced by another actress in Book II? Nolte had previously done mostly television roles but after, I don't want to take up too much time describing the, Rudy is a Dudley Do-Right in every sense of the word--he helps his pop with his bakery, wants to go to college and eventually marry his high school sweetheart, Julie Prescott (Susan Blakely.). Wow! He's the rich man.

The supporting cast just didn't have the charisma and screen presence to pull it off, and the writing and plot line ranged from weak to horrible. Studmuffin.

If you don't get why Tom has to die then the story meaning is not yet clear to you. Four years later, Julie comes to Rudy, in her capacity of photographer and invites him to a party she's having, where she tells him about her marriage troubles and that her husband will not let her have custody of their son. I have to laugh at the fact that there are other RMPM fans still interested in reminiscing about a TV series that I loved and watched as a pre-teen kid when it first came out in the 70's. Kate appears in D.C. to see the hearing, and Diane shows up in Las Vegas searching for Wes. We hope this will help you make an informed decision about sharing personal information with us. his wife Claire. Getbig V; Posts: 29930; Getbig! They totally remain the property of their respective owners. Renée Jeanne Falconetti[1] (July 21, 1892 – December 12, 1946), sometimes credited as Maria Falconetti,[2] Marie Falconetti,[3] Renée Maria Falconetti,[4][5] or, simply, Falconetti, was a French stage and film actress, notable for her role as Joan of Arc in Carl Theodor Dreyer's 1928 silent The Passion of Joan of Arc. Strauss was also in great physical shape when this series was filmed...lean, muscular, great abs.

He and a friend even set a fire in a greenhouse one night because Rudy is a volunteer firefighter and Tom thinks it would be funny to make his brother come and help put out the fire. If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. Instead, the rug is jerked out from underneath you and you're left with so many unresolved questions. Falconetti makes an afreement with Charles, and Rudy learns he is being investigated. Tom develops a knack for boxing which eventually becomes his way of earning a living, making him the poor man. Billy is hopitalized. I recall watching Book I as an adolescent and loved it, but not so much Book II. Part of the problem is Strauss was adamant about not reprising the Rudy Jordache role after Book II ended. I borrowed the entire nine-disc Mini series from the library, realized in the first 20 minutes that Gretchen had been erased from the story, Pulled it out of my player, and took it back. Finally, Billy supplies Charles with crucial information. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Like a Cattle Stampede, Millions Are Making the Switch to Shady's Place! Trailer. Search for "Part IV: Chapter 6" on Amazon.com, Title: on this blog.

Thanks for the excellent article. Tom, Roy, and their new chef Kate are visited by high-profile guests on their boat in the Riviera, and finally welcome Tom's. Billy takes Ramona out for a wild night, and Scotty disappears. Falconetti was 35 years old when she played the role of 19-year-old Joan of Arc in La Passion. son Wesley. Tom and Kate are happily married. Unfortunately, the series ended with her storyline pretty much up in the air, as with all of the surviving characters. Bill reprised the Falconetti role in Book II despite the fact that his interaction in the original had been solely with Tom Jordache. Billy lands a job at Greenway Records, and Roy appears with news of Falconetti. Always getting into scrapes, causing trouble, chasing the wrong type of women, etc. The series did drag a bit, looked significantly cheaper than the original miniseries and lacked many of its colourful characters. At the beginning of the series he looks like a high school kid (Strauss was 28 or so when Book I aired) with a boyish haircut.

Julie starts drinking to cope with Rudy's political career, and Mrs. Jordache is.

My favorite TV screen villain would be “Falconetti” from the “Rich Man Poor Man” Miniseries and “Rich Man Poor Man Book II.” I really enjoyed working with Nick Nolte and Peter Strauss. However, when filming resumed they put the eyepatch on his right eye. By the time Dreyer watched her act in an amateur theatre and selected her as his leading lady in his upcoming production La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc, she already was a celebrated stage artiste, and had appeared in one film, La Comtesse de Somerive (1917), directed by Georges Denola and Jean Kemm. Tom is the quintessential bad boy. Charles and Claire battle rumors regarding Claire's mysterious past, and Charles forges a connection with Falconetti. But, Irwin Shaw and Ann Beckett, who wrote the script for Book II, are clearly cold-hearted, soulless cretins, because... And what was my reward for getting engrossed in these storylines for the equivalent of weeks of television viewing? Tom is told he must get off ship when they get into the New York port.


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