fence line feeders for sale
Pricing Display Information. Designed to be built into a fence line and filled from the other side. for the bottom horizontal and outside verticals, The slantbar stanchions are 1-5/16” OD, 0.125 wall, Will connect with any Hi-Hog panel or frame & gate, All exposed tubing ends have been coned to eliminate sharp edges, The opening between verticals is ~ 17.25" (horizontal). In barns, sheds, fence lines or corners. These Feed bunks come in 20’ or 24’ lengths. Klene Pipe’s model BK-6 hay feeder for cattle is designed to feed large round or big square hay bales in a fence line. Adjustable Feeder. In addition to being a stand-along hay feeder, this cattle feeder was also designed to hook together as many units that you would like. Copyright © 2018 Stampede Steel - Leading Cattlemen into the Future. The fenceline feed panels are 52" tall and can come standard like the fenceline feed panel pictured to the left or the bottom section can be sheeted for silage feeding. Find a wide selection of quality livestock feeders: creep, bunk, round bale, stall feeders and more at Farm Ranch Store.

Please check your spam folder for emails. for the interior vertical inside the tombstone hoops. NOTE: The number of feeding positions depends on the length of the tombstone feeder panel you select (see table below). At Stampede Steel we are committed to — and proud to be a part of — the North American cattle industry. All one piece feeders come standard with our patented HaySaver design for minimal waste of feed. These panels are the perfect accompaniment to concrete bunks or work well for setting up a feed yard to save precious feed! All one piece feeders are on skids for easy movement. The tombstone feeder panels provide improved access for horned animals such as cattle or bison, and are preferred for feeding horses because there is no top horizontal bar for the horses to wear their manes on. These heavy duty, robust bunks are great for feeding Bulls, Cows, or background cattle thanks to the self- adjusting bumper bar. 20′ Price: $1,639.00. These bunks are sold as frame only; a minimal amount of lumber is required to finish the bunk. Klene Pipe’s model BK-6 hay feeder for cattle is designed to feed large round or big square hay bales in a fence line. View BK-6 Assembly Instructions. Hi-Hog offers four styles of fence line feeder panels; Tombstone feeder panel, Hurricane feeder panel, Slant-Bar feeder panel, and creep feeder panel. If you line up 150 feet of this feeder you could feed 24, 1,500 lb hay bales at a time. Not only will the BK-6 cattle hay feeder save hay, it will save you a lot of time and effort.
Pens or pasture these portable feeders will work for you! steel tubing, and a corrosive resistant finish means it will handle the rowdiest of crowds at mealtime. QUICK PIN … HD Wind Fence; Panel Wind Fence; Feeders. Ends are conveniently attached where needed …

Standard Feeders.

Superior Equipment Built to your Specifications, INNOVATION • QUALITY • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. The adjustable version of our fence line feeders use an adjustable bar … Silage Feed Bunks allow you to feed silage or hay to your cattle no matter where they are. Call 812-614-4364 or email us for delivered prices. The cattle go through a series of stanchion bars to minimize hay waste and the feeder is designed to connect as many 6’ sections together as you like. These Feed bunks come in 20’ or 24’ lengths. All Rights Reserved. Cattle Fence Line Feeder Panel 10 ft. The heavy angles on the feeder are welded on, so you can attach a post to go up for a roof. These feed bunks come in a convenient 24’ length and come standard with center rail for easy pick up and move! Panels are available in several lengths.

No more worries about changing cable heights! Slantbar fence line feeder panels. Not only will the BK-6 cattle hay feeder save hay, it will save you a lot of time and effort. Panels are available in several lengths. Office: (859) 278-0899 Owenton, KY 40359 Fax: (859) 260-2060 Please check your spam folder for emails. Round Bale Fence Line Cattle Hay Feeder. Call 812-614-4364 with questions. Hi-Hog offers four styles of fence line feeder panels. Previous. A ramp extends back 4′ (we have extensions to make it 6′ for long round bales) and the cattle go through a series of stanchion bars to maximize the hay savings. Ends are conveniently attached where needed for quick hassle free installation. Saves a tremendous amount of hay and your time! Vendors Equipment Gates & Panels Fencing Tractor & More Planters Hemp Buckers Gloves Hog Traps Feeders Water Troughs Rodeo Roping … Call 812-614-4364 with questions. We design and build practical, efficient livestock handling systems to meet the specific demands of any operation.


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