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And even with all my strong healers/supports, there have been times where I felt like Sylvie would have made my trial party much more efficient. His magic finishing move also hits the party, so dark immunity for your own team is necessary if you're planning to use it on a turn that does not immediately follow his cooldown. Fills the LB gauge a bit while healing, and can massively fill ally LB gauged by emptying her own. Actually maybe (in the same way Fid could turn Regina into S tier). You have completely ignored team synergy: say you bring Basch or Beryl to tank/break, who bridges the gap on the first turn where they HAVE to get cover up? Can also use lightning or earth at a minor damage loss. Can provide breaks that ramp up to 74%, although they're weak on turn 1 and will eat significantly into his damage if he tried to maintain them.

This is a really good argument for S tier. Can restore the party's HP and MP by using items in an AoE. Has significant burst, immunity to the major ailments, and good innate elemental resists. Very easy to gear thanks to his innate killers, high innate TDW, and ability to equip every single weapon type. His finisher damage is not relevant, but he does bring some utility. Has very high survivability thanks to the 200% DEF/SPR buffs from.
Has some minor utility, such as an LB-consuming move that provides one turn of AoE reraise. Data Dump Builder tool Pulling Odds TMR Macros FFBE Chain Progress List Unit Collection List Update Schedule [JP/GL] Useful Links [JP] Data Dump [JP] Important Terms FAQ: 7*s, STMRs, UoC Awakening Tracker Raven Quest Guide Spark Chains Trick [JP] Rerolling Guide Physical fire chainer with terrible damage and utility. Force a none elemental build. Water/wind physical chainer with high innate evasion. Requires several turns to really get going. Can also provide some healing, although this is stuck behind unlocks. Since you typically need healing every turn, this means that he usually cannot maintain 40% general mitigation without someone else to provide supplemental healing. Has innate dualcast, allowing her to both cover and provoke on turn 1. You just cleared most of the trials in the game! Can provide significant DEF/SPR buffs, all three types of mitigation, and some minor barriers. Water/dark/lightning magic chainer.

Buffer with an array of defensive options. GL Discussion. Can provide 75% AoE breaks, although he only has them in his base form, which has much lower damage than his Brave Shift, and if he does use the shift, the breaks will expire before he changes back. salpetriere 2 months ago #2. it’s weak to specific weapons check out the moogle tip and it says which slap that weapon on a dw mm xon, have him triple cast vicious strike and watch him break the gauge in one go . Can provide mirage, 2k AoE barriers, AoE LB fill, and some backup healing. At first glance this looks good. Fire/earth/lightning/dark chainer and finisher.

Magic chainer with plenty of elemental flexibility.

Finally, I like that this gives people a quick look at the state of their unit - they don't need power rankings out to 20 decimal places - they need to know if the unit is Top of the Meta, In the Meta, Falling Out of the Meta, or Trash, and this handles that beautifully.

Can slightly fill ally LB gauges and provide barriers.

This allows you to select objects on the outer-most ring, and claim all objects along that path. But on the other hand, as you identified yourself too, you can cover for this through other must-bring roles anyway, which makes it hard to rate her as a "must-have future-proof unit". Her mitigation counters mean that in some circumstances, she can be incredibly tanky, although with a 1-turn duration and only a 60% counter chance, it's too unreliable for most fights. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ckp03jvw1Kqr_rdkWSHOa5iRl1EySp3ARUUUO5TI2dg/edit?usp=sharing. If they are in the same tier, you should feel safe with UoCing the one you like the most aesthetically.

Alternately, she can be used as an Earth magic chainer. Reply. Alternately, this skill can be used to burst as a chainer if you can provide her with external chains to cap. Can grant ailment/break/charm/stop resistance to allies, buff water/light resistance, buff stats, AoE recover LB, buff LB fillrate, provide healing and mitigation (on a cooldown), and imbue allies with light (which may charm them). Physical damage dealer with elemental flexibility. Is immune to all ailments and charm, is 50% resistant to Stop, and has 30% innate resistance to all ailments. Has a cooldown that can completely fill a single ally's LB gauge. While I understand your arguments about Sylvie and seeing most of the opinions about her being based on "Why should I bring Sylvie when other units I'm bringing do the same?"

Espers at Maximum rarity and level, with only Killers unlocked.

Physical ice chainer (with wind as a weaker backup option). Requires setup before bursting for very low amounts of damage. OR AND.

Only owned equipments available to expedition : Same as Only owned equipment, but exlude items marked as excluded from expedition in the inventory page.

When building with "Only owned equipments", select "Include TMR of owned units not farmed yet".

After a lot of talking here and on Discord I've moved Sylvie to S-tier with the reasoning edited into the thread above!


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