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While every effort has been made to ensure the validity of the information provided in this website, any use of this information IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and activities you undertake based on this information IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Most popular things to do; Songvaar was built in 1884 in Stockton (Durham), England. FV3 is the version used by Fish Ranger. Today, the wreck lies underwater at a depth of about 8m. The Solunar Calendar allows fishermen to better predict what days of the month and at what times of the day fish are more likely to be feeding.  Web: Contact Form If one of these periods occurs close to sunrise or sunset then feeding activity is higher again, and if the moon is in a new or full phase then the highest activity of the month can be expected. Snapper, Whiting, Snook, Garfish, Water depth 2m. The site is affected by surf/surge, current wind and sand. Broken bottom, sand/weed/gravel. Location: Carpenters Rocks (-34.495349°S 137.336373°E). Wardang Island, also known as Wauraltee (also spelled Waraldi or Waralti) is a low-lying 20 km 2 island in the Spencer Gulf close to the western coast of the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.It acts as a natural breakwater, protecting the former grain port of Port Victoria and providing a sheltered anchorage. Today the remains lie in 3-4m of water on a sandy/grassy seabed. The vessel worked as a steam coaster carrying wheat from and between South Australian outports. Situated a few minutes away from Stasio and Rysio beach on Yas North near the Iron Bridge, Yas Island is another great fishing spot in Abu Dhabi worth visiting. The wreck site lies in 5-10m of water on rocky reef and sandy floor. On 14 April 1912 Songvaar was preparing to leave Port Victoria, bound for Europe with 40,700 bags of wheat that had just been loaded. You can cancel the subscription from the 'Subscription' menu. that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to Country. Some frames and iron plating are collapsed and an unidentified iron object lies just north of boiler. A site administrator will process the request within the next five days. NE KNOTS. By showing BOM and GFS models we can present two high quality independent forecasts. South Wardang Island 2 - Fishing Spot, South Australia, Australia, Fishing Spot - Yorke Peninsula North, South Australia, Australia We use bilinear interpolation to provide forecasts true to the chosen location, be they on sea or land. Port Victoria, Wardang Island. The site is 10-50 per cent covered with weeds. and supports their Nations to take a leading role in caring for their Country. Port Victoria, Wardang Island. These droplets are called dew. successfully submitted. Please enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password, A Link to reset your password was successfully sent to, Please check your email and follow the link. On 8 May 1912, during a blinding sand storm, SS Australian ran onto a reef on the south-eastern corner of Wardang Island. When the moon is directly overhead or underfoot, rising or setting, fish are more likely to feed than at other times of the day. The GFS model has a resolution of 9km and covers the entire globe. Port Victoria, on the west coast of Yorke Peninsula, was an important trading port in the early 1900s and was one of the last Australian ports to see large square-rigged sailing vessels operate on a commercial basis. Wondering why we don't we use the ECMWF 9km model? people as the First Peoples and Nations of the lands and waters we live and The remains are collapsed and broken down with boilers and tubes and the engine in the centre of site with propeller shaft and iron stern. However on 12 October the vessel struck rocks at the western side of the island. Moorara Wreck Port Victoria, Wardang Island. They are produced by different agencies and have different model physics so when they arrive at the same conclusion you can be more confident the forecast will be correct. No lives were lost during the incident and all 17 crew and passengers got ashore safely. If the models differ on any given day and one says strong winds while the other says low winds then there is little consensus and therefor lower confidence in an accurate forecast on that day. For the first week they continued to open their shells with the high tides from their ocean home. If there is consensus between the forecast models there is a higher degree of confidence those conditions will prevail. Your feedback is valuable to the Fish Ranger team and other users of the site. Would you like to create another When air cools at night, while the actual amount of vapour may not change, given the temperature is lower the air can't hold as much vapour and so the relative humidity goes up. Monarch left Port Victoria at about 5am on 1 April 1909 bound for Warrens Beach at Cowell with a crew of six and no cargo. Major periods are defined as one hour each side of when the moon is directly overhead or underfoot, minor periods are defined as one hour each side of when the moon is rising or setting. Seeing two winds charts is like getting a second opinion. Major features that are still present include two engines, a hatch, the collapsed washroom (deckhouse) and a turning wheel near the bow. Wardang Island, SA 15°C . If you request outside of Australia they will not be processed, Download the Fish Ranger mobile app for free, Add a link to this page from your website. While every effort has been made to ensure the validity of the information provided in this website, any use of this information IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and activities you undertake based on this information IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. The Department works in partnership with the First Peoples of South Australia Barometric fluctuations, particularly when the trend is down, often make for poor fishing. work upon and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. The wreck lies on a rocky reef seafloor in about 4m of water. Gust Speed: 11 KNOTS. The theory found that aside from tides, the relationship of the moon and sun’s position also affected fishing effectiveness. Fish for tommyruff - Garfish - snook - small snapper and squid. You can cancel at any time in account settings. Location info. Enter and confirm password to create a new account. The double-ended, flat-bottomed vessel was originally a river barge, but converted to a 3-masted schooner in 1930, and operated as a local coaster out of Port Victoria, and as a lighter ferrying grain to larger international vessels anchored offshore. The anchor would not hold and the southerly tide and swell drove it onto the rocks where it soon became a total wreck. Check your JUNK folder. Adverse temperature, abnormal water conditions, and other factors all need to be considered as these offset the effects of major and minor periods, but when other factors are constant the Solunar calendar can be a good guide to identify better fishing days and times. The barque left France in ballast to load wheat at Port Victoria. It is your responsibility to seek, source and procure any required permits for access or in order to undertake any activities at locations. Download GPS files of fishing spots. When it hits 100% dew will form over large areas. We strive to provide the latest and most accurate fishing information available to our users. The heights of the peaks are related to the phase of the moon and the proximity to a sunrise or sunset. Join my Brother and I on a fishing trip to Wardang Island off the coast of Pt Victoria. But by the second week, they had adjusted their shell-openings to when the moon was directly overhead or underfoot in Chicago. Investigator, MacIntyre and Moorara were small local schooners and coastal steamers used to carry wheat and other cargo to Port Victoria from outlying areas, and to ferry wheat from the jetty to the larger vessels at anchor. Using this website you abide by our Terms and Conditions. Wardang Island forms a natural breakwater to the coastal town of Port Victoria on the Yorke Peninsula.


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