fitech fuel injection vs holley
If you are planning to use a power adder (such as a supercharger) with your EFI system, you should consider a system that is compatible with your power adder. Once you have selected the length of PTFE braided hose and fuel pump needed for your performance application you will need to make a few decisions around fuel delivery starting at your fuel cell or tank. When the sniper runs its good no doubt about that, but when problems start it will freak you out. From a total rebuild, as I will have to deal with my 429, I think their dist with leds to set it up, might even be more easy than a basic dist to have a first successful start. Each of these units are the entry level units, with more expensive options depending on your horsepower level or engine demands. © Will probably break the bank and do the EFI tank install as well to support the system and keep pump noise to a minimum. All three units utilize a look similar to a carburetor with four-barrels and four injectors. Questions. You should select an injector with a horsepower output that can match the fuel and airflow needs of your engine. They provide some stainless thingy to hold the o2 sensor, but no bung to weld on the headers. All fine. However the best way is to run a return line. Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. I started leaning towards Fitech on price, but more and more research lead me towards the Holley for system flexibility and customer support. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk, 1971 M-Code Mach 1 w/Ram Air, 408 stroker, 285/291 0.558" roller cam, Blue Thunder intake, TKO600, Hooker headers with electric cut-offs, FiTech EFI w/ RobBMC PowerSurge pump, Strange center section with Truetrac, 3.5 gear and 31 spline axles, 4-wheel disc brakes. Installed it on my 73's 4V Cleveland. The throttle spring is really hard, I still have to look for a way to make it more progressive. it starts before starter makes a turn. Hey Rob, on first gen (late 2017/early 18) there were some software ECU bugs. If primed, car starts so fast, I'm not sure if the starter even turns :). I prefer FiTech simply because I am already very familiar with their system. It's sensitive to RF/emi, but if you install it right the first time you'll be ok. They quoted you that price because they know there regular customers will pay that much, and they probably have enough business that they don't care if they take on your job or not. I knew I'd be on my own as nobody I know run these over here and Holley's forum was at the time a very active place with tons of usable tips/help. The unit is made from cast aluminum with a black finish, and the injectors are enclosed in the unit while the ECU is mounted externally. At the end of the day I was more impressed by the staff at Holley. No biggy as normally its done in matter of hours, but for a garage queen like mine, I had to export to stick, read into the provided app to fix, (they expect everyone uses this misery OS known as Windows, so as mac user you must create a window partition to run their soft). They installed everything and it has worked flawlessly ever since. John, Holley also has a 1250 hp version coming out soon, and I "thought" (not 100% sure) that Doug F had said the Holley could be used in a tunnel ram application? Usually, EFI systems do not include a fuel reservoir as compared to a carburetor that has bowls for fuel storage. It was birthed by Bradford, Pennsylvania, brothers George and Earl Holley in the late 1800s. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Also, you get a high-resolution, full-color touchscreen that will help you set up, tune, and monitor the system. Therefore, you should also consider installing a fuel tank designed for EFI systems. Oct 3, 2018 #1 Does anyone have any hands on experience with either the Holley Sniper or the Fitech EFI systems? The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.Read more. As a result, the car did start right away but ran very poorly to end up with a flooding condition. The labels and all connections well documented. Schwartz Performance June 2020 Shop Updates! Shortly meaning next couple weeks. The whole system is controlled electronically. Make sure to mount it in a location where it can easily cool down. Useless and cheapo for a Ford install. Thread starter Fordguy1; Start date Oct 3, 2018; Fordguy1 Member. It's well engineered and equipped with many features: a hand-held controller, windshield mount, die cast throttle body, Wideband 02 sensor, throttle position sensor alarm, black anodize, and many more features. This is the first thing you’ll see when looking at these kits, and the first thing you’ll show off under the hood of your ride. works just fine, 1966 mall crawler-1970 all purpose rig-1972 half cab.   You cannot paste images directly. Best Fuel Pumps: Help Your Car Run Its Best, Choose the right fuel pump for your vehicle for a smoother and safer ride, Best Fuel Filters: Improve Performance, Power, and MPG, A dirty fuel filter may cause rough starting, power loss, or low gas mileage, Best Fuel Pressure Testers: Diagnose Fuel System Issues at Home, Diagnose symptoms caused by incorrect fuel pump pressure with these top fuel pressure testers, Best Oil Stop Leak Additives: Protect Your Fuel System, Fixing an oil leak can be quick and easy thanks to oil stop leak additives, Best Oil Additives: Revive Your Vehicle’s Engine Performance, Make your old car engine run like it’s brand new with oil additives. Take a look at  Holley sniper forum. It ran perfect for one year the all sorts of problems occured. × I use in tank pumps and depending on the application use return regulator, return from the throttle body, or a return fuel filter. I'm using the supplied fuel pump with a return line. The ceramic finish is beautiful. It has a separate fuel injector for each cylinder that sprays fuel directly into each cylinder’s intake port.   Your link has been automatically embedded. All three of these units retail for under a $1,000. Blowers and turbos have a way of getting around restrictions. The main issue we take with this kit is that it doesn’t come with a fuel system, which translates to extra costs on your end if you decide to buy the master kit with the fuel pump., Find all threads started by englewoodcowboy,,, Find all threads started by Broncobowsher. This is why they are more expensive. Think here of throttle body to accel cable, tubings, fuel connections, pump supports, fix the lack of kickdown support etc... Lots of custom work required if you want it nice and safe. You can use either an in tank or in line fuel pump. Fabrice, thank you very much for the great feedback. The unit, the wiring, pump etc... comes beautifully packaged/protected in foam, labelled and well documented. Very curious to see what the consumption will be once back on the road. Paste as plain text instead, × Fuel is sprayed into the engine in rapid short bursts, which creates a buzzing noise when the engine is started. The location of the fuel pump is very important because it cannot stand higher temperatures for a longer time. The unit, unlike Holley carbs, really well machined and finished. This will make your ride feel almost as good as new. FiTech . Holley is an automotive brand that has been making automotive fuel systems for over 100 years. First impression was great. Also, you need decent automotive knowledge to install this kit.,, If you really want that simple look, FAST does make a unit that looks like a carburetor but it’s over $1,000 for that unit, so we didn’t test it. Tech support is there if you need them, although most issues come from poor installation from what I've seen / read about, not the parts. 11-28-2016 #3. precisionshootist. Ok, contemplating the efi conversion for my 67 390. Don't like the looks or having a fuel tank there. No where near wat you expect now days from a touch screen. When the 4bbl to EFI affordable units came on the market, I had to get one of these. It also comes with a monitor that can give you real-time data on the engine’s parameters. Something that Fitech could not do. I love my Sniper. Ok, contemplating the efi conversion for my 67 390. Fuel Injection Made Easy With FiTech EFI! Some types, such as the multi-point injection system, are more precise and better at achieving the ideal air to fuel ratio than the other options. But for now they dont make a kit that supports the 351c Engine. ECU is mounted inside etc. Im waiting for the 4r70w Control in the Terminator ECU.


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