fortigate 60f vs 61f

FortiGate 3601E.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. FortiGate 401E. SonicWall Capture Security Center Management, Sophos Mobile Advanced & Encryption Enterprise, FortiEDR Complete Managed Detection & Response Service, Cisco Meraki Z Series Teleworker Gateways, Barracuda Email Security Gateway Appliances, Barracuda Complete Protection and Compliance, Barracuda Virtual Message Archiver 1050Vx, Barracuda Virtual Web Application Firewall 360Vx, Barracuda Virtual Web Application Firewall 460Vx, Barracuda Virtual Web Application Firewall 660Vx, Barracuda Virtual Web Application Firewall 760Vx, Barracuda Virtual Web Application Firewall 860Vx, Barracuda Virtual Web Application Firewall 960Vx, Delivers all FortiGuard Security Services Available for the FortiGate including antivirus, web & email protection, CASB, Industrial Security, & Security Rating, FortiCare technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-950-02-60, Enables Fortinet Security Fabric to leverage integrated detection of advanced threats for automated response & mitigation, FortiCare technical support & advanced hardware replacement 24x7x365, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-928-02-12, Centralized Cloud Management for FortiGate Firewalls, Simplify deployment, setup, & ongoing management while providing visibility, Intuitive, single-pane-of-glass dashboard reduces the burden on IT staff, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-131-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-131-02-36, Fortinet Antivirus scans in real-time for the most advanced threats, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-100-02-12, Stay on track of your Security Roadmap and Target Security Maturity level, Meaningful feedback in the form of actionable Configuration Recommendations & Key Performance/Risk Indicators, Meet compliance with regulatory requirements, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-175-02-12, Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Access to support through web portal, online chat and phone, Fast and easy written access to technical support requests, Advanced replacement service for hardware failures, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-247-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-247-02-36, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-100-02-12, Increase visibility and control of hundreds of industrial applications, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-159-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-188-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-247-02-36, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-284-02-12, Advanced Services Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Personalized monthly audit report of FortiGate & FortiWiFi appliances, Dedicated engineer resource for technical support requests, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-817-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-817-02-36, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-179-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0060F-188-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-928-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-928-02-36, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-131-02-12, Improves security by blocking access to & preventing malware downloads from malicious and risky websites, Automatic intelligence tools, targeted threat analysis, & continuous updates, Controls access through policy-based controls with highly granular blocking & filtering, Device-based licensing lowers entry & maintenance costs, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-112-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-288-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-289-02-12, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-284-02-36, Manufacturer Part #: FC-10-0061F-811-02-12.


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