frank wiecek true story
What I like about this film is that it touches on many themes. Joseph Majczek and Theodore Marcinkiewicz were two Polish-American men arrested and convicted of the murder of 57-year-old Chicago police officer William D. Lundy on December 9, 1932. Delving into the case, McNeal uncovers some curious details that either have been hidden from him by the local police or are otherwise hard to track down. McNeal (James Stewart) to look more closely into the case. But when he starts to change his mind, he meets increased resistance from authorities unwilling to be proved wrong. Majczek had been sentenced to 99 years, and there had been no physical evidence of his guilt. McNeal (James Stewart). Hands down the most expert, informative, gripping, and develops the most substantial audience rooting interest of them all"---AGER, PM. Wiecek is based on Joseph Majczek, who was wrongly convicted of the murder of a Chicago policeman in 1932, one of the worst years of organized crime during Prohibition. When the State's Attorney's Office refused to reopen the case based on McGuire's new evidence, the Times hired well-known lawyer Walker Butler[7] to seek a pardon for Majczek, ignoring the similarly situated Marcinkiewicz. Starring: James Stewart, Richard Conte, Lee J. Cobb The paper also reported that Walush had been running a speakeasy and that she had been threatened with arrest if she refused to testify against Majczek and Marcinkiewicz. But McNeal, touched by Tillie’s motherly devotion to her son—and seeing a good story angle—does a write-up on Wiesek’s story titled “Slaves to save $5,000—offers it to clear her son,” with a picture of Tillie down on her hands and knees scrubbing a floor. In the following days, the Times disclosed that Vera Walush, whose testimony had been the sole evidence against Majczek and the principal evidence against Marcinkiewicz, had initially not recognised either man during the police lineup. The manager picked at random numbers from the phone book. Not Rated Upon calling the number from the ad, McGuire reached Majczek's mother, Tillie. Eleven years later, the editor of the Chicago Times, Brian Kelly (Lee J. Cobb), spies a peculiar advertisement in the back of his newspaper. [2] Initially, officials held 10 youths in custody on suspicion of killing the officer. Both men were later compensated by special appropriations — $24,000 for Majczek and $35,000 for Marcinkiewicz. This was the first Hollywood feature film to be shot on location in Chicago. Prolific director Henry Hathaway’s noir drama “Call Northside 777” takes place in 1932, an especially deadly year in Chicago’s history. McGuire was uncertain of the veracity of a judge having a private conversation with a convicted murderer—especially one convicted of killing a policeman. Based on a true story, “Call Northside 777” tells how Frank Wiecek (Richard Conte, in front, R), here escorted by an officer to his cell, is found innocent of murder. McGuire went in search of Zagata and located him, still employed as a coal truckdriver and very cooperative. "Hold ten, hunt one in slaying of policeman,", "McPhaul; investigative reporting won accolades," obituary in, "Two Get 99 Years for Police Slaying. Police believed this to be a local man, Theodore Marcinkiewicz, and he became a prime suspect but could not be located. In addition to claims that Majczek appeared to have been framed, Butler also developed a substantial claim that Majczek's trial attorney, W.W. O'Brien, had performed incompetently. According to Mar. The two suspects are hauled in for some intense bouts of questioning. He was convicted solely on the eyewitness testimony of one woman, who had seen the accused man on several occasion after his arrest, but prior to her formally identifying him in a lineup as the “shooter.” (Twentieth Century Fox) The highly tumultuous Prohibition era of American history catapulted Chicago to new heights of violence. At first, McNeal doesn’t believe in Frank’s side of the story: It doesn’t have much to it, other than a few sparse details. McGuire realized there was potential for a human interest story developing when he learned that the $5,000 on offer had been earned by the mother scrubbing floors at the Commonwealth Edison Company. As McNeal doesn’t believe in Frank’s innocence, he turns down her offer. "Calls for three cheers from every working newspaper man and, for that matter, for at least two from every moviegoer." Unbridled Evil: The Corrupt Reign of Jiang Zemin in China, Popcorn and Inspiration: ‘My Left Foot’: An Unsettling, yet Ultimately Uplifting Drama, Popcorn and Inspiration: ‘Shane’: A Lonesome Stranger Rides Into Settlers’ Lives. [6], "Tribute: Director Ravindra Dave, who was 'Ravinbhai' in Hindi films and 'Bapa' for Gujarati cinema",, Fictional portrayals of the Chicago Police Department, Films based on newspaper and magazine articles, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2014, Articles with minor POV problems from November 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Kasia Orzazewski as Tillie Wiecek (based on real life mother Tillie Majczek), This page was last edited on 20 September 2020, at 01:02. [5] The real killers have never been identified. This includes personalizing content and advertising. Like Kelly, she thinks that there is more to Frank and Tillie Wiesek’s story. He was legally exonerated through a state habeas corpus proceeding in 1950. Frank Wiecek, 95, of Shelbyville, died Friday March 7, 2008 at Crestview Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Shelbyville. The character "Frank Wiecek" was based on a man named Joe Majczek. The film parallels the true story of a Chicago reporter who proved that a man jailed for murder was wrongly convicted 11 years before. Not Rated| 1h 52min | Drama, Film-Noir | March 1948 (USA). Eleven years later, a newspaper ad by Frank's mother leads Chicago reporter P.J. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. The film received mostly positive reviews when it was first released, and again when it was released on DVD in 2004. Additionally, Majczek stated that a certain James Zagata witnessed Molthrop's admission. The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists: For an episode of CBS Radio's Hollywood Sound Stage, broadcast December 27, 1951, Harry Cronman adapted and directed a condensed 30-minute version of the film, casting Dana Andrews and Thomas Gomez in the leads. James Stewart stars as the persistent journalist and Richard Conte plays the imprisoned Frank Wiecek. Eager to blame someone for the crime, the police round up a couple of Polish men, Frank Wiecek (Richard Conte) and his good friend Tomek Zaleska (George Tyne). Rated: 4 stars out of 5, Ian Kane is a filmmaker and author based out of Los Angeles. McNeal calls Northside 777 and is directed to a location where Tillie is working. On October 11, McGuire read notes that Majczek had written in prison. Majczek asserted that Vera Walush had not identified him in two separate lineups on December 22, but by December 23 Walush was able to positively identify him. James Stewart stars as the persistent journalist and Richard Conte plays the imprisoned Frank Wiecek. On October 10, 1944, a classified advertisement appeared in the Chicago Times: "$5,000 REWARD FOR KILLERS OF OFFICER LUNDY ON DEC. 9, 1932.


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