fuzz face hfe

8 0 obj Reverse polarity diode:  prevents battery reverse polarity damage. Other 1966 Original Electronic Components Peculiarities: The parts used back in the 60s keep part of the character of the pedal, these are the most important facts: Thanks for reading, all feedback is appreciated This email address is being protected from spambots. endobj well if you use this values, the circuit bias points will look like this: On the left image, the most important bias points are VC1=-0.5 to -0.7v and VC2=-4.5V, these values make the effect to sound fantastic. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; /OP true /SMask/None var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '=';

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If they're not hot enough join two of your Ge transistors as a darlington pair and try that. I have started testing the various components on my pedal build, and I had acquired a Ge AC128 pairing that was supposed to have hfe 70-85 for Q1 and 120-140 for Q2.

The circuit layout in a pedal with a huge gain like this is critical and the component selection will leave its footprint on the sound. But then, when I started soldering, on a whim, I swapped out the transistors for a different model (making sure it was the correct type and in the proper orientation).

if building a "high gain" ge fuzzface, you can go up to around 300hfe and be fine. At some point as the note dies off some weird almost digitalized noise occurs. /CA 1 >> I use it to bypass the fuzz and kill the battery at the same time. Nothing else in this circuit is required. stream However, if you like a sound that's more "squishy" and "compressed," I have found that a high gain device for Q2 (150-190) gives a good result with a Q1 in the range of 90-120. Red high-brightness/low current LED that makes the total current consumption of the pedal 2.5mA.

<< Rather, after the 2.2M resistor was added, my voltage read about 250 mV and 500 mV respectively, rather than the example 1.33 V. Is this the right way to measure the hfe in the first place? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. /Length 798 Russian GT308V (ГТ308В) : germanium PNP, don’t confuse cyrillic В with latin B because it’s actually equal to latin V. Russian transistors are sorted by hFE, but using cyrillic alphabet: A (A), B (Б), V (В), G (Г)…The V variation has hFE ranging 80-150 and is used in Dunlop Bonamassa Fuzz at Q2 position.
<< It's interesting to see how the asymmetrical happens hapens first to the positive semicycle of the signal and how extremely distorted can get the fuzz output signal.

There's a discussion over @ fsb about the EJF1 which supposedly uses higher h. you've gotta be a little clearer on what you mean by high gain....and whether it's silicon or germanium. /ca 1 Germanium transistors tend to have high leakage current and an inconsistent gain value (Hfe). but it won't sound or react like a normal fuzzface.

I don’t play live so it’s not a biggie. /ca 1

>> Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Since it switches DC there’s an audible pop, so bare that in mind. /Type/ExtGState

/Type/ExtGState If you have a Cort guitar and a Crate amp, don't expect to sound like Jimi with a fuzz face. After years of experimentation and listening, it is agreed that the best match uses a low gain in the first stage (Hfe=80 approx.) Thanks in advance! /OPM 1 << This email address is being protected from spambots. /ca 1 As we mentioned before, theses perfect AC128 120/80 Hfe transistors were long time discontinued. /AIS false Reverse log will spread the usable range across the whole travel of the pot. endobj note: In the beginning is difficult to apreciate the change in the input signal because the level is so low that the oscilloscope cannot capture the amplitude change. it will be almost an octave pedal. Russian Germanium Transistors: For this project, we are going to use Germanium PNP transistors.

endobj but it won't sound or react like a normal fuzzface. >>

>> What transistor hFE(s) for a high gain Fuzz Face? /SMask/None /CA 1

OP, do you mean the hfe (current gain) of the transistors, or the overall voltage gain (essentially volume gain) of the pedal as a whole? /BM/Normal E?3 �笈^�� z��߮��O�(V?�/)S�r�A��.�I)���:Pl���EY�C*�鷍N�\ �sp�h�N���DC����|���ѪP���h�M�=l�+�(fp�X��.�m The originals were built without measuring anything. /CA 1 endobj Arbiter Fuzz Face The Fuzz Legend Welcome to a legend. It enjoys the most enduring reputation probably due to Jimi Hendrix use and abuse of this pedal. The problem with high gain germs is that in most cases more hfe mean more leakage. endobj The Germanium Fuzz total voltage gain is around 48dB matching the simulation.

The classic 60's/70's soft distortion Fuzz Face pedals (the ones used by Jimi Hendrix) used germanium transistors, but all the parts mentioned above (AC128, NKT275, SFT363E) were a long time ago discontinued. The original FF uses standard aluminum electrolytic capacitors for the 2.2uF and 20uF values and a film for the 10nF cap.
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<< It produces a characteristic high distorted sound called fuzz. As you go higher with hFE, the sound is more fuzzy and harsh. A problem with Silicon transistors that doesn't seem to exist with Germanium is that they can have too much gain. This kind of resistors was extensively used on vintage audio equipment. The first FF's manufactured in the UK used the AC128, a 45-165 Hfe European germanium PNP transistor, cheap/common at that time (later on replaced by the Newmarket NKT275).

In the image below you can check how the Germanium Fuzz reacts to a sinusoidal input signal.

There isn't any low pass filter in the circuit: in the treble side of the frequency response, the line extends flat to the limits of the measuring system. /BM/Normal NKK 4PDT bypass switch. One reportedly good sounding unit had a pair of transistors each measuring 56Hfe exactly. endobj The folks at Analogman recommended the BART transistors, so I picked up that version of the Sun Face. In this project, we are going to build the perfect Fuzz with all the knowledge and experience that we have nowadays while keeping the tweaks and old character that make this vintage pedal to sound warm, round, and harmonically pleasant.


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