garmin aera 660 vs 760
No. I have them both and definately prefer the 760, but change was uncomfortable at first. I use both in a convertible and find the 760 screen to be better and visible in full sun. I carry the 660 as a spare for just this type of event. If you use a computer keyboard, QWERTY is definately helpful on GPS and I instantly missed that on the 660. Looking at both units from any angle, The 660 offers sharper edges on the screen fonts and images, as well darker contrast while the 760 appears bluish-gray if not almost white. Yet the 760 is thinner, is lighter, uses less power, and has a higher-resolution screen with less reflectivity. Enter a flight plan and the terrain page will provide a color-coded map and profile view showing elevations along the way. All of it underlies the Washington, D.C., VFR speed restriction, so all the GPS tells you within 60 nautical miles is that special rules apply below 18,000 feet, and that’s not terribly useful. The display, says Garmin, is very bright and easily dimmable to a low level. I continue to carry the 660 for a spare and loan it to family members and friends from out of town. Garmin recommends charging the unit for four hours before flight, but it took less time than that to fully charge the internal battery with the wall charger that came with it. These include the company’s own Garmin Pilot app for the iPad and iPhone, as well as for Android devices. Looking at both units from any angle, The 660 offers sharper edges on the screen fonts and images, as well darker contrast while the 760 appears bluish-gray if not almost white. The aera 760 can even be connected to a compatible Garmin autopilot to drive VFR procedures, including vertical nav. Loading and activating them is a bit different from other Garmin devices, however, because the “procedures” (PROC) key is absent from the 760. Those features were invaluable on a recent transcontinental trip in a backcountry airplane. And because it’s ruggedized for the cockpit environment, optimized for pilot use—its user interface makes use of standard Garmin symbology—and made to work specifically with existing Garmin avionics that might already be in your panel, it has a number of features that no iPad will ever have. Editor-in-Chief Isabel Goyer is an award-winning aviation journalist and editor who has been flying since she was a kid. Btw, how do you adjust the contrast on the 760? It’s similar in screen size, capability, and cost (about $1,500) to the aera 796. But you can answer just about every conceivable aviation question that comes up during an IFR or VFR flight, and that’s plenty. I realized how much I liked the different features of the 760 when I went on a trip and forgot the mount for the 760. It seems like I have passed a street before it shows on me passing on the 760. The high-resolution screen shows the moving map in brilliant color and detail—especially in full screen. And even though this one looks and acts like a smartphone or a tablet, it’s a much more reliable tool for flying than any mass-market consumer product could ever be. Later, I realized I had been navigating with a VFR moving map before loading the approach. I commonly fly with the VFR map on IFR trips because I like knowing about the topography below. I know the alphabet, but don't remember seeing it lined up in alphabetical order since I saw it hang over the blackboard in grade school. All rights reserved. The unit itself is the largest portable Garmin has produced. The ability to load full approaches (not just final approach fix and runway like the Aera 660). Loading or activating IFR procedures is done on the Flight Plan page, a somewhat more cumbersome process that requires a few extra keystrokes. The 760 comes with one free database update, and it took about one full hour to download it from the FlyGarmin website through the USB cable on a laptop. terms | privacy | contactCopyright © 2006-2020, Keeping The Windmill Alive - Your Last Trip? As soon as the 760 powers up, it shows the ubiquitous Garmin home screen, just like the company’s panel-mount navigators and the Garmin Pilot app. With more than 400 different models of aircraft in her logbook, she has flown everything from paragliders to Gulfstreams, so she writes about flying from real-world experience. A common complaint among mid-Atlantic pilots, however, is that checking the dimensions of the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore Class B airspace is nearly impossible. The 760 has a bright, responsive, easy-to-read screen that efficiently uses almost all its available space. The 760 allows pilots to fly directly to any fix on the approach, and then it will auto-sequence all the way to the runway. Garmin aera 760 Portable Navigator Advertisement Garmin introduced today a new portable, and if you remember the good old days when a Garmin portable GPS unit was a revelation, then you know two other things—how far the company has come since then with such portable technology and how much less market there is for such devices with the advent of excellent all-in-one nav apps. The screen seems great on the 760. You might try adjusting the brightness and contrast. Please login below for an enhanced experience. I always enjoyed the simplicity of VTF and made a habit of activating it at the earliest possible moment, even though doing so could also make waypoints other than the final approach fix disappear from the flight plan. It’s similar in screen size, capability, and cost (about $1,500) to the aera 796. It has 3D synthetic vision that can be hooked up to a source of attitude information to back up its built-in GPS derived attitude, a plethora of charts, of course, including instrument procedures—a number of different database packages are available for it—and for pilots who fly into previously unknown airports regularly, its SafeTaxi utility, with a rich database of airport ground features, could well be worth the cost of admission. Is there a way on the 760 to change the accuracy of the GPS? An accomplished air-to-air photographer as well, she has been working in aviation journalism for more than 25 years and led teams at several titles, including Sport Pilot and Flying, before coming to Plane & Pilot in 2015. The aera® 760 is a premium all-in-one aviation portable complete with a built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver that is purpose-built for the pilot and cockpit.The aera 760 boasts a 7-inch bright, sunlight readable touchscreen display that can run on battery power for up to four hours on a single charge. I had not used the 660 much since getting the 760 and the first dramatic difference was the keyboard layout. But with the $1,599 aera 760, Garmin might just have hit a sweet spot. Maybe it’s time to toss a few color options into the Setup menu. I also have both. As soon as I switched to an IFR chart, the airplane symbol on the georeferenced approach plate switched to high-contrast magenta. I guess I should have invested that money somewhere else. I have the 660 and i love it. The Top 10 Planes Of All Time: WARNING: This List Goes To 11. I love the 660 but had an issue recently where I would lose satellite reception. The genius would ask me if I was indoors and if xxJune2008 was the correct date. But the pinch-zoom feature and high-resolution screen make even the smallest print readable. When paired with SiriusXM Weather, the 760 can show cloud tops, freezing levels, lightning, and other advanced features. It comes with Garmin’s obstacle database and a detailed Terrain page, which is tremendously helpful in identifying potential routes through mountainous terrain. It’s much more rugged than an iPhone or an iPad, and it’s far less sensitive to heat, cold, and vibration—and the screen is less reflective in direct sunlight. I just bought the 760 and have the 660. My one complaint about the approach plates was that the white airplane symbol lacked contrast and blended into the white background. ©2020 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Garmin aera 760: Looks and acts like a tablet, Books, film made to inspire future pilots. The waypoint page provides detailed information (including AOPA Airport Directory text) about airports, navaids, and services at each facility. He has an airline transport pilot certificate and instrument and multiengine flight instructor certificates. Garmin says the 760 can operate about 4.5 hours on battery power although screen brightness, cabin temperature, and other factors can extend or shorten battery life. So the question is, what can the aera 760 do that an iPad can’t? I love the multiple routes but a lot of other things I am not liking. Also available are terrain awareness, traffic (when connected to a compatible Garmin ADS-B receiver) including Garmin’s TargetTrend and TerminalTraffic utilities, and weather, both FIS-B and from SiriusXM, when paired with the appropriate receiver. It’s a highly capable stand-alone GPS—but it gets much more powerful and clever when integrated with other Garmin equipment. Yes, I know the blackboard predates the greenboard, the whiteboard and now the Smartboard, and I do too. The 760 is a capable standalone navigator, and it gets even more powerful when linked to other Garmin avionics—particularly the GDL line of ADS-B receivers, which allow the 760 to show weather, traffic, and attitude information. You can’t use a 760 to join a Zoom call, FaceTime with your kids, or write a Yelp review. I sent to Garmin and they sent me a unit that was noted as "newly overhauled". The 760 also can tie in to SiriusXM weather and music. That should tell you how much I depend on GPS to make my job easier. Aviation Breakthroughs Oddities/Milestones: Personal Jets, Huge Milestone: Piper Has FAA Certification For Autoland In M600, Autopsy Results For Pilot, Passengers In Kobe Bryant Crash. They just remade it into their own image. Already a member? I thought the same thing. It's just more difficult for me to spell anything with the letters in alphabetical order when you are used to using a keyboard; odd, but true. When connected via Bluetooth to a GDL ADS-B receiver with an air data attitude and heading reference system (ADAHRS), however, it can show an all-in-one attitude instrument (either full screen or split screen). I think some of the hesitation has come with the 2009 map update and thought I saw a post that indicated that Garmin is working on a fix for that issue. The latency on the 760 seems more. The 760 is just a little smaller than a mini iPad and will sit far back in the yoke in portrait without blocking anything in my modified mount. The 760 is an ideal size for a yoke or kneeboard mount, and it comes with a cigarette-lighter adapter that works in airplanes with either 12- or 24-volt electrical systems. It also can show TFRs when connected to an ADS-B receiver, and that’s a terrific backstop for VFR flying during an election year. From what I have read so far, WAAS is not used in the 700 series.


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