gazelle helicopter fuel burn
The GIAT M621 is an automatic 20mm cannon manufactured by Nexter for helicopters and armoured vehicles. The SA 341D HT3 is a training variant specifically constructed for the Royal Air Force. the Gazelle were first used in 1970. I have two tanks that supply the engine with fuel from a single feed (so there’s no need to switch tanks in flight) for a total of 46.5 gallons of usable fuel. I wouldn't know about US register, last info I have about this one is G-IBME for the Gazelle Management Services since 2011 (sadly, no photo yet). I hope this information will be interesting. Unlike the Alouette II, however, the new helicopter features a fully-enclosed fuselage structure and has two pilots side by side, with full dual controls. The SA 341B is also known as the Gazelle AH Mk 1. The height and weight are 245mm and 45.5kg respectively. Show your appreciation one of the following ways: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Military, Civilian, and Rescue Rotorcraft", 2005. - Manufacture of the Gazelle began with a It is also used for military applications such as attack, anti-tank, anti-helicopter, transport and training. Of course there’s big, and then there’s REALLY big! MiG-29SMT Fulcrum Multirole Fighter Aircraft, US clears sale of four weapons-ready MQ-9B RPA to Taiwan, US announces intent to sell 50 F-35s to UAE, Boeing partners with five companies for Canada’s FFCP, RSAF CH-47 helicopter crew conduct deck landings on HMAS Adelaide, Brazilian Air Force officially presents its first F-39E Gripen. The gigantic Mi-26 burns between 800 -1100 gallons an hour in flight, but it’s feeding two 11,000 horsepower turbines. Looks like Aviafora is becoming a reference place for Gazelle helicopters! Had three gazelles since 1988, have over 6000 hrs PIC and used them on a FAA 135 cerificate, worked T V , movies chased off shore unlimited race boats, air shows, Eurocopter should have upgraded the gazelle, and forgot about the EC 120. The great Australian Skyfox and gentle Skyfox Gazelle aircraft R.Jackson "Helicopters. I am building a radio controlled model with rotor disc diameter of approx 1500mm.The kit was supplied with quite "fat" aerofoil fins. The SA 342M, SA 341F and Gazelle Viviane were developed for surveillance and reconnaissance. It is also equipped with King KX-165A NAV / COMM, a Bendix / King KT-76C transponder and a Garmin GMA-340H audio panel. The DVI system is manufactured by QinetiQ. The SA.341, whose SA.340 prototype F-WOFH flew for the first time on 7 April 1967, is a light observation and general purpose helicopter in the tradition of the ubiquitous Alouette, which it is intended to supersede in the early 1970s. At one Army base I was stationed at (with mostly Cobras and Hueys) our refueling rig didn’t supply fuel fast enough to hot-refuel (fill the tanks with the engines running) a CH-47 in a reasonable amount of time, since their idle burn rate was almost as much as the system could put into the tanks. main rotor diameter: 10.50m, or some history about the manufacturing about the Gazelle for a project i am doing. The 1983 film Bue Thunder featured a heavily adapted unit, which was then also used for the TV series of the same name. About 30 have been manufactured. K.Munson "Helicopters And Other Rotorcraft Since 1907", 1968. Copyright © 2007 - 2020 HeliStart, owned by GooMotion. height: 3.15m, Interesting... thanks for info! Aerospatiale SA341G-Gazelle.Location of "fuel" cap and location of "oil" cap. The most was around $9/gallon when I needed to refuel at an airport with a fancy FBO that normally caters to business jets. The first helicopter was introduced in July 1972. Nice piece of equipment. The engine generates about 440kW of output power. The website is currently in the process of optimizing and will have further functions added in order to improve the usability. and rotors as the Alouette. It gives an added safety factor by guarding against tail rotor-blade strikes during landings. What they fail to understand is that fuel is only a small part of what it costs to fly. The SA 341F is an advanced version of SA 341E. The Gazelle started development in response to a French Army requirement for a new light observation helicopter, a role that the Alouette III had been fulfilling up to that point. On 14 May 1970 the first Aerospatiale-built SA 341 pre-production aircraft, in slightly modified form, establishing three new speed records for helicopters of its class, arousing even more foreign interest. It is equipped with the same engine as the SA 341C variant. The Gazelle featured a semi-rigid rotor and composite blades, together with a newly designed 'Fenestron' tail rotor. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Get new posts by email. Worked on the british army version for 12 years. Powered by a single Turbomeca Astazou IIIA engine developing around 440kW, the Gazelle has a maximum speed of 264kph and a range of 670km. The range and service ceiling of the helicopter are 500 miles and 20,000ft respectively. range with max fuel: 670km, It is a civil and commercial variant powered by an Astazou IIIA engine and is also called the Stretched Gazelle. overall length: 11.97m, The SA 341 Gazelle all-purpose lightweight helicopter began as a proposal for a new observation helicopter for the French army. G.Apostolo "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Helicopters", 1984. The last one i knew of was operated by CH-2 news in Los Angeles till 1992.It flew everyday so must of been reliable. Aviation fuel prices vary the same way auto fuel prices vary. C-146A Wolfhound is a tactical transport aircraft designed and manufactured by Fairchild Dornier, for the US Air Force (USAF). I’d say that 1 out of every 10 adult passengers wants to know how many miles per gallon my helicopter gets or gallons per hour my helicopter burns. Email me if you do. While still in the final design stages the SA 340 attracted British interest, leading to a joint development and production share-out agreement signed on 22 February 1967 and officially confirmed on 2 April 1968. Do you want to comment the Aerospatiale SA 341 (L) Gazelle helicopter? Good points, all. It can accommodate one pilot and four passengers. This appears to be one of the last published photos taken of her while flying, from 2007, also in Germany: And, interestingly, she had a same paintwork as D-HAAF. The SA 341B is also known as the Gazelle AH Mk 1. Westland completed the final assembly of SA 341 in 1970. 2: (Book) Principles of Helicopter Flight. The Gazelle’s variants include the SA 341B, SA 341C, SA 341D HT3, SA 341E, SA 341F, SA 341G and SA 341H. According to current rotorspot registry, there are 34 Gazelles in the United States. Can you help me please? The Gazelle has made several appearance in popular culture. It’s not just the blog, either. gUILLERMO, e-mail, 05.08.2020 Nirina. Helicopters generally take one of two different kinds of fuel. All information is given in good faith and for information purposes only. The Gazelle is more sensitive on the controls than the JetRanger (Gazelle has a fully articulated head) but it's more fun to throw around. max speed: 310km/h, I can fly for 2-1/2 to 3 hours on that, depending on conditions. It's also significantly faster in the cruise. The main rotor blades, made of laminated glassfibre, are of the type developed by Bolkow of Germany in collaboration with Sud-Aviation. British interest in a utility helicopter led to the development of the Gazelle. Royal Air Force Station Cottesmore (EGXJ). First flown in July 1969 after many alterations including a trial rigid-rotor system, developed by MBB of Germany, the SA.341 Gazelle went into joint production with the UK and France. The SA 342 series made its first flight in 1976. I get related questions every time I do a rides gig. Sales and maintenance of SA341/SA342 gazelle helicopters. 12 April 1968 with the same engine Other helis have similar fins which are flat panels - not aerofoil shaped fins.Thanks guys... Gentlemen I am attempting to locate and contact the pilot of an Aerospatiale SA 341 G Gazelle Black and Yellow in color. The least I’ve ever paid for AvGas was $2.43/gallon way back when I first started flying. In Afghanistan SA341s cannot fly between 11am to 11pm during summer because heat can damage the engines. Can carry 5 without restrictions so makes £145K for an ex-mil '2-seater' seem expensive. The Gazelle helicopter (SA 341) is a multi-purpose, lightweight utility / attack helicopter manufactured by Aerospatiale, Internal (445l), internal auxiliary tank (90l) and additional auxiliary tank (200l), SA 341F has a GIAT M.621 20mm cannon; SA 341H can carry 4 × AT-3 ATGMs and 2 × SA-7 or 128mm or 57mm rockets and has a 7.62mm machine gun in cabin, French Army, British Army, Serbian Air Force, Egyptian Air Force and Lebanese Air Force. Can you help. About 14 have been manufactured. The French Army use the Gazelle in the armed anti-tank role fitted with up to six HOT missiles. Does G-SFTA still looks like onto the pic above? I found it a little difficult to define the shape of the antenna .. Hmm .. really not sure what type of antenna that is. However, during its development it was enlarged to make it more versatile and became better suited to a light transport role. The reason most people seem interested in learning about fuel consumption is because they’re trying to figure out what it costs to fly a helicopter. I am going to buy SA 341 F,if any body can advice is it good helicopter? The Gazelle started development in response to a French Army requirement for a new light observation helicopter, a role that the Alouette III had been fulfilling up to that point. It’s only part of the cost of operations. (they even removed the engine type approval). The first prototype, designated SA 340.001, was flown on 7 April 1967, and the second on 12 April 1968. The Astazou IIIA engine is primarily used for civil and military applications. Here's what I have on the service history of your Gazelle: SA.341G c/n 1042 produced in 1973 and delivered as N65146 to Vought Helicopter Co. Then: 1973 re-registered as CF-BBN to Ed Tercier; 1976 re-registered as C-GDUG to Tercier Motors Ltd; 1978 to Great Lakes Helicopters; 1984 to Buffalo Airways Ltd; 1985 to Northland Helicopters Alberta Ltd I’ve blogged about this extensively here. MW helicopter Uk Reino Unido lo tiene. the Balkan civil war during the 1990s. Especially the huge F-1 engines that powered the Saturn rockets for the Apollo moon missions, reply. DE TRACY BV is the one stop shop for all your gazelle helicopter needs, spare parts supply and professional advise. A testament to its robust flight dynamics. Of course, that also depends on wind conditions; I’ll fly fewer miles with a headwind than with a tailwind or no wind. It also has a Nightsun searchlight and Decca Doppler 80 radar. Bigger engines burn more fuel. The Aérospatiale SA 341 / SA 342 Gazelle is a single-turboshaft-engined light utility helicopter produced by the French manufacturer Sud-Aviation, later Aérospatiale, today Eurocopter.Military usage of the Gazelle includes ground-attack and anti-tank operations. Of course, a helicopter’s fuel burn varies based on its make and model — just like an SUV will burn more fuel than a compact car. It was first flown on 28 April 1970. The Gazelle helicopter (SA 341 / SA 342) is a multi-purpose, lightweight utility / attack helicopter manufactured by Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation, France. My understanding is that the lead will damage a car’s catalytic converter so I’d never put AvGas in my Jeep or Honda.) rate of climb: 9.0m/s, is a non-commercial webproject. The SA 341B served the British Army in conflicts in the Falkland Islands… destroyed several Israeli tanks in It was re-named the SA 340 soon afterwards.


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