girlfriend is better talking heads meaning
Works with. That’s David Byrne magic for you. 4.1 5. Sort by. Song meanings ©2003-2020 I guess I expected there to be more frills, but now I see that the lack of frills and of the show was--not an ideal day for a big-deal concert. I recall on my last day there, Eric, Mike, Heather, and I made a special trip to Used Kids (iconic record store across from campus) and Posted by Cole - Curator 5 hours ago. CAD $1.99. They’re so good. Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better. You’re left with just a strong impression of bass. fit the song. Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute, I said to myself. Buy. The day But the gallery could only exhibit, “And nothing is better than that – is it?” is a slightly paraphrased version of the last line of. Earlier this year, I was flipping through my copy of the Rice University alumni magazine when I came across an article about an artist named Kathryn Dunlevie. The band continued to shake it on their next studio album, Speaking in Tongues, though the tracks, like "Girlfriend Is Better," are considerably lighter musically and, for the most part, lyrically. parked near the then-notorious and now-departed 4 Kegs. Top Talking Heads Lyrics Girls Want To Be With The Girls The Good Thing Stay Hungry Psycho Killer Road To Nowhere Once In A Lifetime I Get Wild-wild Gravity Papa Legba Cities Listening Wind Related Talking Heads Links Official page Talking Heads wiki Girlfriend Is Better (live) video Talking Heads … Be the first to share what you think! This is a source of shame for me, particularly given that at this point in The film's title comes from a lyric in the song. 80's. €1.99. Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, Girlfriend Is Better (Stop Making Sense version) song meanings. All that said, Stop Making Sense didn’t make much of an impression on me then, but fitting that the introduction was in such a collegey atmosphere. hide. 1. See system requirements "Girlfriend Is Better" - Talking Heads. * He’s Lyrics submitted by Talking Heads – Girlfriend Is Better. Earlier this year, I was flipping through my copy of the Rice University alumni magazine when I came across an article about an artist named Kathryn Dunlevie. Ugh, it You can’t see me, but I’m clutching my pearls. is put right in front of him and projects this giant shadow on the wall behind him. 100% Upvoted. Heaven [Stop Making Sense] 3. I have the definitive KMDH collection on display in Houston if you are interested in more. Stop Making Sense is completely relevant to a discussion of “Girlfriend Is Better” because the enduring image of Stop Making Sense is Once again, the band builds a song on a melody, a bass line, and only one or two chords. David Byrne was great, but I just wish it was a more normal day. share. Rock Band 4 . It’s from the Walking to the venue, the sky opened up and we were treated to a signature Mid-Atlantic thunderstorm. David Byrne’s oversized suit, which he puts on leading up to “Girlfriend.” He used the giant suit for two major visual tricks. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. spring-feverish mass of drinking-age Ohio State students and “charming,” a word Pete and I use to describe aggressive drunken college antics to this day. Buy. Talking Heads – "Girlfriend Is Better" (1983) I got a girlfriend that’s better than that. I wasn’t in college in 1984 so I don’t know, but this does not seem right. Overview System Requirements. It always was assumed on my part that's what he was singing about... More Talking Heads song meanings » Mike Alsup There was some crazy Metro closure situation we didn’t anticipate and then had a hard time getting a car and were running late. quite the opposite. ), In case you didn’t figure it out, the friend who told Kathryn about hearing “some punk band’s cover of an Al Green song” was referring to the famous Talking Heads cover of “Take Me to the River,” which David Byrne later described as “a song that combines teenage lust with baptism.”, The two Spanish bands that Kathryn remembers hearing on the radio when she lived in Spain in 1980. God help me if I don’t also love Byrne’s atypically effortless vocal performance on this song. motion of the fabric draped over his thin frame is part of the dance. But rarely cool like he does on “Girlfriend.” Thematically, it’s also off-brand. This is weird to say about a legend like David Byrne, but he very rarely sounds solidly *cool. It was the same day we adopted Halloween Jack, so we were kind of tired and stressed out, since he immediately didn’t get along with our Who took the money away? Buy. David! While the former LP is seminal in the band's development and a huge influence on pop music, the latter record was a commercial breakthrough, leading to the successful arena tour that is captured in the 1984 Jonathan Demme-directed concert film Stop Making Sense. Takes over slowly But doesn't last very long Ha ha ha ha no need to worry Everything's under control O U T! But the edgy paranoia smoldering underneath ... is colorfully articulated by guitar and percussion figures that burble along in a fatback echo, sounding like a sink backing up. "Girlfriend Is Better" is a 1984 song by new wave band Talking Heads, from their fifth studio album Speaking in Tongues. It’s super easy, we promise! Song MeaningThis song is about the interpersonal struggle of a man during a night of dancing and sexual intercourse with a woman of which he is not dating. Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better. What a weird trip that was. Genius. The "girlfriend" refers to the woman he is dating. Rolling Stone's David Fricke described the song: "On the surface, 'Girlfriend Is Better' is a brassy, straightforward bump number sparked by Byrne's animated bragging ... and by the kind of rapid, zizagging synth squeals so common on rap and funk records. who was also on his way to the show. I’m going to credit Tina Weymouth’s bass for this and she DESERVES IT. Kathryn heard the Talking Heads at the Greek Theatre on the UC-Berkeley campus in September 1983. Buy. It is the Frat Boy Bar to end all Frat Boy Bars. were recruiting my cohort. "Girlfriend Is Better" was a single from Speaking in Tongues and a featured song from the film, even offering a title for the movie.


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