glenelg football club players

They finished the minor round with a percentage of 63.73%, which since 1907 was the highest percentage in the minor round of any club, other than Port Adelaide, who had exceeded this percentage of 6 occasions (in 1907, 1912, 1914, 1921, 1956 & 1964). Chris McDermott won the club's best & fairest award.

Glenelg was the club of flash cars and flashier players, without much to show for it, although it had been recently resurgent under the coaching of Neil Kerley by the time 1971 came along. Tony Hall was the club's top goalkicker with 73 goals, followed by Stephen Copping with 63, and John Seebohm with 54.
1934 SeasonRound by Round Newspaper Articles(34 pages, 23.6MB pdf), 1934 Grand FinalNewspaper Articles(3 pages, 2.1B pdf), 1934 Grand Final Newspaper Flashback by Peter Cornwall, 1934 Grand Final Newspaper Flashback by Ian Daebeler, 1934 Grand Final - Budget Flashback by Dion Hayman, 1973 Round 19 v Sturt at UnleyNewspaper Report, 1973 Second-Semi v Sturt Budget Flashback, 1973 Grand Final v North Newspaper Report(6 pages, 3.8MB pdf), 1973 Champions of Australia v RichmondNewspaper Report(3 pages, 1.9MB pdf), 1973 Grand Final - Newspaper Flashback by Peter Cornwall, 1973 Grand Final - Budget Flashback by Dion Hayman, 1985, Round 16 v Centrals at ElizabethNewspaper Report, 1985, Round 19 v Port at AlbertonNewspaper Report, 1985, Qualifying Final v NorwoodNewspaper Report, 1985, Second Semi Final v NorthNewspaper Report(2 pages,1.4MB), 1985, Grand Final v NorthNewspaper Report(5 pages,3.6MB), 1985 Glenelg Annual Report Articles(5 pages,2.8MB), 1986, Interstate Match v VictoriaNewspaper Report, 1986, Round 10 v Norwood at NorwoodNewspaper Report, 1986, Round 11 v Port at AlbertonNewspaper Report, 1986, Round 16 v North at ProspectNewspaper Report, 1986, Qualifying Final v PortNewspaper Report, 1986, Second Semi Final v NorthNewspaper Report, 1986, Preliminary Final v WoodvilleNewspaper Report(2 pages,1.3MB), 1986, Grand Final v NorthNewspaper Report(5 pages,3.3MB), Glenelg Player Profiles from 2019 Grand Final Football Budget, 2019 SeasonRound by Round Articlesfrom SANFL Website, 1969 Tiger Souvenir excerpts (20 pages, 9.6MB pdf), 1969 Grand Final - Budget Flashback (1.7MB), 1981 Round 17 v PortNewspaper Report(3 pages, 2.0MB), 1981 Round 21 v WoodvilleNewspaper Report, 1981 Second Semi Final v PortNewspaper Report, 1981 Preliminary Final v NorwoodNewspaper Report, 1981 Grand Final v PortNewspaper Report(2 pages,1.2MB), 2008, Round 9 v Norwood at NorwoodNewspaper Report, 2008, Round 22 v Port at AlbertonNewspaper Report(2 pages,1.2MB), 2008 Minor Premiers Guardian Newspaper Liftout, 2008 Second Semi Final v CentralsNewspaper Report, 2008 Preliminary Final v SturtNewspaper Report, 2008 Grand Final v CentralsNewspaper Report, 2009 Second Semi Final v CentralsNewspaper Report, 2009 Preliminary Final v SturtNewspaper Report, 2009 Preliminary Final Article in the Guardian Newspaper, Newspaper Article about Glenelg's Grand Final Record, Website by Peter Hughes, 2020.

Property Value; dbo:wikiPageID 3879752 (xsd:integer); dbo:wikiPageRevisionID 586428284 (xsd:integer); rdf:type skos:Concept; rdfs:label Glenelg Football Club players (en); owl:sameAs wikidata:Glenelg Football Club players; dbpedia-wikidata:Glenelg Football Club players; skos:broader dbc:South_Australian_National_Football_League_players; skos:prefLabel Glenelg Football Club players … Tony Hall won the Jack Oatey medal for best player in the grand final - kicking 6 goals. Luke Partington won the Magarey medal for the league's fairest & most brilliant player - the 10th Glenelg player to do so. Harry Kernahan took over as Sectretary of Glenelg Football Club from Ray Curnow after 19 years in the job. Harry Kernahan took over as Sectretary of Glenelg Football Club from Ray Curnow after 19 years in the job.

Adam Fisher won his 2nd club best & fairest award. Brian Colbey became the second Glenelg player to be selected as an All Australian - after Neil Davies. A club record six players were selected to represent South Australia in the 1969 Australian Football Championships - Ken Eustice, Brian Colbey, Fred Phillis, Peter Marker, Harry Kernahan & Keith Pattinson.

Stephen Kernahan was named in the All Australian side for the first time - an honour he repeated another 4 times while playing with Carlton. Mel Brock - at the start of his career, but who went on to win the Magarey Medal in 1940, and twice win Glenelg's best and fairest. In the 1973 Grand Final both sides had their periods of dominance: Gibbs, S.Kernahan, Carey, Symonds, McGuinness, McDermott, Marshall, Maynard, Robertson, S.Riley, Campbell, Antrobus, Phillips, A.Jarman, S.Kernahan 7.3, Garton 4.1, Copping 3.1, McGuinness 2.3, McDermott 1.1, Maynard 1.0, Symonds 1.0, Hall 1.0, Henwood 1.0, W.Stringer 0.1, Kidney 0.1, Marshall 0.1, rushed 0.3, Parsons 2.2, Hart 2.2, Robertson 2.1, Brealey 2.0, Sanders 2.0, Antrobus 1.1, Tiller 1.0, A.Jarman 0.4, rushed 0.2, Carey, Hall, Maynard, Symonds, Hodgeman, Kruse, D.Kernahan, Marshall, Henwood, A.Stringer, McDermott, Robertson, Hart, Sanders, Parsons, J.Riley, Poynton, Arnold, Hall 6.1, Maynard 3.2, Symonds 3.0, Seebohm 2.2, Copping 2.1, Marshall 2.1, Hodgeman 1.0, Kidney 1.0, A.Stringer 1.0, Garton 0.1, rushed 0.1, Poynton 3.2, Hart 3.1, Robertson 2.1, Parsons 2.0, Antrobus 1.1, Bennett 1.0, D.Jarman 0.4, Dietrich 0.1, A.Jarman 0.1, Sanders 0.1, Arnold 0.1, rushed 0.2, Snook, Agnew, White, Motlop, Reynolds, Partington, Curran, Proud, Sutcliffe, Garner, Frampton, Lienert, Drew, Mayes, Scott 3.1, Motlop 3.1, Reynolds 2.1, Nicholson 1.1, Close 1.0, Partington 1.0, McBean 0.2, White 0.1, Sutcliffe 3.1, Cox 2.0, Frampton 1.3, Mayes 0.1, Trengove 0.1, rushed 0.3, Tilbrook, Greenslade, Hicks, Bagshaw, Adcock, Nelson, Chessell, Ottens, Wild, Marker, Crabb, Hart, Kernahan, Hunt, Voigt, Hamilton, Pattinson, Greenslade 9.4, Tilbrook 4.3, Ottens 2.2, Schoff 2.1, Nunan 2.0, Rigney 2.0, Clarke 1.1, Chessell 1.0, Wild 1.0, Bagshaw 0.1, Shearman 0.1, Nelson 0.1, rushed 0.1, D.Phillis 5.3, Hart 2.2, Voigt 2.1, Marker 2.1, Eustice 1.0, Rosewarne 1.0, Button 0.3, Hamilton 0.2, Pattinson 0.2, rushed 0.2. The SANFL Glenelg app has information regarding player signings from 2 0 1 6 !!!!!!!!!! Click Detail buttons in menu or Individual Players, or, Enter name in search box. They had their 5 biggest wins ever, all in the same season. Jesse White won the club's best & fairest award.
The League team finished as Minor Premiers again for the second year in a row. Defeating Port at Alberton Oval for the first time since 1993 - after 14 consecutive losses and a draw. He also played six SA state games. In a testament to their scoring power and varying avenues to goal, John Sandland and Greg Wickens also kicked over 50 goals for the season. They won the Stanley H Lewis Trophy - awarded to the best club over all the grades - for the first time. Top. Paul Weston was appointed SA state captain. affiliated South Australian National Football League, 3X Glenelg Best & Fairest 2008, 2010, 2012, 2 seasons Glenelg Coach (incl. Liam McBean won the Ken Farmer medal for the league's top goalkicker during the minor round. Ruory Kirkby was the club's top goalkicker with 37 goals. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). Wins of 126 points v Woodville, 122 v Centrals, 113 v South, 112 v Norwood, 110 v North, all eclipsed their only two previous 100 point wins against Centrals in 1964 and Woodville in 1967. Fred Phillis topped the league goalkicking for the first time with 137 goals, and broke Ken Farmer's 33 year old record for most goals in a season of 134. Stephen Kernahan, Chris McDermott, Tony McGuinness & Tony Symonds all made their league debuts for Glenelg in 1981 - with Kernahan & McDermott playing the entire year. Todd Grima was the club's top goalkicker with 54 goals. Centreman Kerry Hamilton won the 1973 club best & fairest award. Defeating Sturt in a top of the table clash at Glenelg Oval in front of a crowd of 11,827 at Glenelg Oval - the biggest Glenelg Oval crowd since the arrival of the crows in 1991. Ty Allen came 3rd in the Magarey medal, and Adam Fisher came 4th.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Players of Glenelg Football Club. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Glenelg won their 5th reserves premiership, and the first ever Under 18s premiership (after it replaced the old Under 19s competition). Centre-half-forward Peter Carey was Glenelg's top goalkicker for the year with 69 goals, rover Rex Voigt was 2nd with 68 goals, and Fred Phillis was 3rd with 61 goals after spending time at both full-forward and centre-half-back during the year. Ebert, Clifford, Martyn, Warren, Kinnear, Bradley, Giles, Eckermann, Bradley 3.1, Clifford 3.0, Evans 2.2, Ebert 2.0, Cahill 2.0, Martyn 1.1, Granger 1.0, Belton 0.2, Kinnear 0.1, Johnston 0.1, rushed 0.3, McDermott 1.1, Paynter 1.1, Brown 1.1, Walter 1.1, Marshall 1.0, Copping 1.0, Weston 0.2, Rady 0.1, McGuinness 0.1, Mackenzie, Thomas, O'Hara, Callinan, J.Gowans, Sibenaler, Dutschke, C.Gowans, Sherwood, Bode, Kirk, Block, Rudolph, Holmes, Cranston, M.Westhoff 3.0, Dutschke 2.0, Schell 2.0, O'Hara 2.0, O'Sullivan 1.2, C.Gowans 1.2, Callinan 1.1, J.Gowans 1.1, Slade 1.1, McCabe 1.0, Goodrem 1.0, Mackenzie 1.0, rushed 0.4, Kirk 3.2, Grima 1.2, Backwell 1.1, Panozzo 1.1, Duldig 1.1, Bode 1.0, Allen 1.0, Murphy 1.0, Holmes 0.1, rushed 0.3, Trengove, Sheedy, Jaensch, Bowen, Coad, Bode, McGlone, Sellar, Adlington, Fisher, Mills, Allen, B.Kane, Murphy, Jaensch 3.0, Sheedy 2.1, Coad 2.0, Bode 1.1, Johncock 1.1, Crane 0.1, Herring 0.1, rushed 0.1, Murphy 1.1, Kirkby 1.1, McGregor 1.1, Button 1.1, Fisher 1.0, Block 1.0, Adlington 1.0, Grima 0.4, Backwell 0.1, Cranston 0.1, Ruwoldt 0.1, rushed 0.2. Stephen Kernahan won his 3rd straight club best & fairest award.

The following 167 pages are in this category, out of 167 total. An 84 point win over Norwood at The Paradae when Glenelg resticted Norwood to just 1-3. Stephen Kernahan won the Jack Oatey medal for best player in the grand final - kicking 7 goals. Glenelg won their fourth Under 16s premiership in a row. Sitemap   

Liam McBean (for the 2nd time) and Luke Reynolds tied as the club's top goalkicker with 53 goals each.


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