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Former Labour leader Lord Kinnock of Bedwellty, his wife Lady Kinnock of Holyhead and son Stephen Kinnock, Labour MP for Aberavon, have all been busy banging the drum for Remain. They may be aggressively campaigning for Remain, but given the extraordinary largesse they’ve received from taxpayers — especially via Brussels — could the Kinnocks be the family that persuades Britain to vote Leave? Nice work if you can get it. She graduated in 1965 from University College, Cardiff in education and history. Watch for updates on the Microsoft News Blog. Nice work if you can get it. [12], Baroness Kinnock is a Council Member of the European Council on Foreign Relations. As for Stephen Kinnock’s wife, she is now tipped to become an EU Commissioner. Forty-one years ago, Neil Kinnock was a leading figure in the campaign for Britain to vote to leave the then European Economic Community. It may not surprise you to learn that Master Kinnock has spent much of his working life in the upper echelons of the public sector. Mrs Kinnock has a salary of £63,291, plus substantial expenses, and will earn more than £80,000 as Europe minister. It could only, of course, be the Kinnocks. Glenys Elizabeth Parry was born at Roade, Northamptonshire, and educated at Holyhead High School, Anglesey. That entitled her to — you guessed it! It’s the equivalent of their collectively earning a gross salary of more than £500,000 over that period. And brilliant eulogy from his son Tom. The then Mrs Kinnock was embroiled in controversy in 2004 when a fellow MEP claimed many colleagues signed in at the parliament building to claim their daily £175, only to leave almost immediately. Rachel Kinnock, now 44, was taken on as a member of staff by her mother while she was an MEP in Brussels. Mrs Kinnock was entitled to two EU pensions for her time as an MEP, worth in total £67,000 a year. She worked as a teacher in secondary, primary, infant and nursery schools, including the Wykeham Primary School, Neasden, London. Couple: Glenys and Neil Kinnock in London. If we vote to leave the EU, they argue, we will have chosen ‘devastation and destruction’. They get on together and help one another. Neil Kinnock stepped down as a Parliamentary MP in 1995 (a job that also gave him a pension). So what IS essential? Fax +44 20 7723 0575, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, visit the GLOWM website (Global Library of Women’s Health), Celebrating International Women’s Day 2014. [8] She was introduced to the House of Lords on the same day. Tributes were also made in church by Sir Keir, who took over Mr Dobson's parliamentary seat in 2015, and IVF pioneer Professor Robert Winston. From 2010 to 2013 she was the Opposition Spokesperson for the Department of International Development in the House of Lords.[1]. Since that devastating 1992 General Election defeat — Kinnock’s second in a row — he and his family have existed in a lucrative public sector bubble, notably in relation to the European Union; highly paid, publicly funded jobs followed by mega-pensions for the parents, and what amounted to sinecures for their children (their daughter Rachel has also enjoyed the fruits of the public purse). We invite you to submit your stories to the bank of case studies used to train people in the human rights workshop. Mr Khan said last month that Mr Dobson was a 'hero of the London Labour movement'. "[11], From 12 October 2009 to 11 May 2010 Glenys Kinnock served as Minister of State with responsibility for Africa, the Caribbean, Central America and the UN, filling a post left vacant after the resignation of Lord Malloch-Brown. Plagiarized Neil Kinnock. Their mother was also given the nickname ‘Gucci Helle’ because of her love of designer wear, which was deemed insufficiently socialist by some. Tax inspectors launched an inquiry and the Danish press inevitably declared the ‘scandal’ Taxgate. Why can't governments just print more money? 'But above all lots of Camden people, and first time I've heard 'forever blowing bubbles' to end a service. This week you might be forgiven for thinking that a well-known political dynasty was all that stood between Britain and disaster. In other words, that was why he spent so much time away from his glamorous blonde wife. Glenys Kinnock had recently returned from attending the WTO ministerial meeting in Cancún, where she had observed a remarkable purpose and solidarity among the ACP countries. Fellow MEP Hans-Peter Martin claimed to have caught 194 colleagues receiving the European Parliament's attendance allowance. When Neil Kinnock received a life peerage in 2005, Glenys became entitled to the style "Lady Kinnock", which she chose not to use. Glenys Elizabeth Kinnock, Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead FRSA (née Parry; born 7 July 1944), is a British Labour Party politician and former teacher. He was said to have a robust and politically incorrect sense of humour. Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead is a Labour Life peer who has sat under this title in the Lords since 30 June 2009. UK He praised his parents for creating an 'extraordinarily happy' home as he grew up and for providing him and his siblings with 'unconditional love'. For the past two years his registered home has been a tiny, one-bedroom rented flat, worth around £60,000, next to a derelict pub in a suburb of the Welsh steel town of Port Talbot. He believed then that it threatened British jobs and industry.Now, he is vigorously promoting the opposite view. What Hi-Fi? Following his unsuccessful bid to become mayor of London, he returned to the backbenches and spoke out against a string of party policies including the Iraq War, student top-up fees, the marketisation of parts of the NHS and longer detention without charge for terror suspects.


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