glfw vs sdl

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So if I was using SDL2 and wanted to incorporate OpenGL into it. If you're the kind of person who would use SDL or GLFW and wrap everything with RAII types before getting started, just use SFML instead. GLFW is modern and has a very well defined scope. How to use Agile methodology to develop games? SDL does have a few other nice things like audio support and text rendering, which you'd have to figure out separately with GLFW, but to each their own. However, SDL seems to be more widely supported, and what I'm looking for is simply what GLFW supports, multithreading, window handling, input; the most important being input. I use SDL2 because it also has audio support more-or-less built-in. Switching will probably not fix your bugs. Some newer competitors like glfw do some things better and have less cruft, but you can never really go wrong with SDL. Its the preferred platform abstraction of studios like Valve and Double Fine who have done an amazing job bringing their games to as many platforms as possible. With SDL I found that their drawing primitives are too limiting for my needs, and if you want to do any custom drawing at all, you need to abandon their drawing primitives entirely and just write GL codel. Joystick support is paltry to nonexistent. Everything you do with GLU, you should be able to do with pure OpenGL. SDL is not so good supported anymore. Although it seems nice, as I was searching for some good GLFW tutorials, it also seems it's having some difficulty with some math. I see the glut api as the paragon of usefulness and simple elegance, and I'm really curious how glfw can be any better than that. GLFW: Light weight, callback system, decent support, good GLES support. It's also under very active development.

OpenGL: Basic Coding. There are plenty.

The transformations page for example contains a lot of Math Processing Errors. glfw doesn't seem to have a function to draw teapots though, which should really rule it out as a serious contender. The most important reason people chose Allegro is: [2]

It's just outdated at this point. You use them for controls, to create a window, audio etc. GLFW does not. Some of these libraries provide support for cross platform input and sound stuff as well. So let’s create a cross-platform application using GLFW and add a Dear ImGui to it. Creating a debug context should get added in 5.0, not sure if they will deliver tho. I read that OpenGL4 is not supported on mac os thats why i want to focus on linux and windows. I’ve used Qt extensively fr the past years and it’s quite good for GL stuff. Replace the SDL_Delay() with your game loop, and you should be all set. I dont like how SDL requires tons of things to get it working. I want to create a very small grahpics/game engine for my upcoming bachelor exam and I am currently collection information.

IIRC it's consider outdated now and has bugs. I am working on a project that is initially with SDL2, but when I mix the project with OpenGL, I have a bug, so I think that changing all the code from SDL2 to GLFW.

Which of these libraries should I be using for Windows development with C++? I don't know if this answers your question of being the best solution, but I know for sure this is one method. LodePNG adds simple png loading/writing [2]. March 17, 2019, 10:03am #1. If it would be a good option to do it? SDL2 and GLFW are both high-quality. Some people do not. I'm a newbee, so sorry, if … Also, if controllers are your thing, steam makes your controller configuration from big picture mode available automatically to sdl2. Very clean and well designed C++ api. Anyways, I'd like to know what you guys think. Creating a debug context should get added in 5.0, not sure if they will deliver tho. Something that cryengine currently supports(You press ctrl+g and you spawn ingame). GLFW however is great for OpenGL apps that don’t need much UI and with AntTweakBar [1] you get a minimal UI (very primitive but also very simple to add). legacy glut does not allow loop control, but freeglut does. Take a look at CLanlib. The ony reason why everybody is using it, is that there is just no alternative. The controller support and its associated database are AWESOME. I'm pretty sure GLFW3 does if you compile yourself, but doubt SDL2 has it. Last edited on .

GLFW, GLUT, SDL, SFML etc.. are libraries used to create and manage OpenGL contexts and windows. GLFW is almost the same thing as SDL - a way to create windows and OpenGL contexts.

banachtarskion June 5, 2019 Yes but SDL supports mobile and consoles and with either one, you can get an OpenGL or vulkan context pretty easily. SDL2 does a lot more than that.

GLFW, GLUT, SDL, SFML etc.. are libraries used to create and manage OpenGL contexts and windows. Otherwise I have to use QT for GUI and GLFW for game itself. I would like to use this engine for PSP also, and i'll have to take SDL out and put osLib in.

It doesn't matter which one you use, as long as it works for you and what you're trying to accomplish. GLEW, GLAD, glLoadgen etc.. are OpenGL extension loaders. my first idea was to use glfw indeed, but i took SDL cause it's easier to set up and it gives me audio, image loading/parsing and input. I am currently using QT5 and it is really good. The latter is somewhat prohibited since Qt (at least up until 4.8.x) uses the fixed-function pipeline for most of its stuff.

Nice documentation as well.


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