gloomhaven tinkerer enhancements

I’m a fan of Wound. And we’re not the squishiest of the classes so we can take a hit or two. Enjoy trying them out and see how they work for your group and your playstyle! Level 3 Card spoiler. For me, this just doesn’t fit with our build. Start by taking out the negatives so you can increase your certainty of doing the damage you intended on your turn.

We don’t have a huge amount of high movement abilities and more movement is always good. So it has to go. Another 175 gold after that will add a 3rd target! Since the Guards have no way to attack their focus (the Tinkerer) they don't move. It takes some effort to make sure you’re in the right position to use this, but it can be worth it if your ally has some incredible items. You could add Bless to Curative Aerosol for a whopping 200g, but that seems steep. Our best course of action is to short rest, hope we don't randomly lose one of our powerful cards and try to act next round before we take hits. I would consider +Hex on Net Shooter, because that makes it much more likely to see play, but that's about it. AssistantTOtheRegionalManager. I've been playing Tinkerer as well and I'm at 4 going on 5 too.

If you’re chasing the points, you can make slightly less optimal choices for your group and play the ones that give you the most experience instead. Damage dealing doesn’t align with the priorities for our build so this card doesn’t make our level 1 hand. The +1 direct damage that ignores shields is very helpful for us as we struggle to get through shields. But are enhancements available in the pc game? Especially since our Cragheart started creating obstacles and throwing them around. vertical-align: top; The Enhancement Field does two things well.


*Edit: ink bomb doesn't have an additional hex enhancement. Note: the Tinkerer's summons are based on some of Wyrd's old Arcanist models. Flamethrower has a lot of enhancements pips and is a great way to get wounds onto shielded enemies in the early levels, but you'll very quickly drop it for higher level cards. These can be useful in buying space for you to long rest. Enhancements are expensive so you want to get the best return on your investment. Enhancement Field is a bit misleading: It makes it seem like its main strength is the +1 attack buff's ability to include allies, but, realistically, this is not the easiest to coordinate for the effort. Some classes can create obstacles and / or traps. To upgrade the second Heal on Curative Aerosol would cost another 275 gold. If they’re eliminated, they can’t hit you! So what if you're geared up? This is the ultimate debuff.

In the meantime, you have Shield or a standard Move 2 action. Stunning a monster until the end of their next turn is amazing. What an awesome ability.

} A great bottom action to have while we’re biding our time to use the top ability. Good crowd control is how you even the odds. We can always do 12 damage over 3 monsters with Ink Bomb if we have the itch to do some damage.

This allows the Scoundrel to Attack and Move to a safe distance before committing to a long rest. Being able to wipe out a cluster of 3 enemies in one turn is super clutch. The Tinkerer is a fun one for name ideas. body#layout .page, body#layout .hidden, Hit all the nearby monsters with Muddle and then scurry away. Our tinkerer has a habit of vacuuming up massive amounts of gold, and our party struggled with biting multiple targets, so he added +1 damage then +1 target to the top of Reviving Shock. After that, add the +0 Add Target card, it’s a great one to instantly double your damage on that turn.

Learn more.

if (typeof adsbygoogle.requestNonPersonalizedAds === 'undefined') { After that, let’s get our modifier deck improved so that when we draw a modifier, it’s more likely to be a decent one. Press J to jump to the feed. That’s what this card is for. It gives us our highest value heal at level 1. Now we have a handful of mean looking, and very much alive bandits staring at us. Tinkerer definitely is not the strongest character as far as Loot is concerned and this is also visible in number of enhancements he got in our game – two. I put strength on bottom heals for my own benefit. However, you’ll need to keep an eye out to find an opportunity for when it’s worth the swap. It’s much tougher of course because we’ve already customized the deck to work for us. Combined with Stun Shot, you can now also put one enemy out of commission for two rounds, which lets your allies ignore it while they deal with other threats or focus it down without reprisal. For all the rest of the time you’re carrying an ability around that you can’t do anything with. It lets us get rid of 3 monsters in one turn, no messing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A bonus hit for 5 turns? In Gloomhaven you are always outnumbered and some of your enemies are straight up tougher and deadlier than you. Short resting lets you keep your momentum and keep fighting but at the cost of losing cards unpredictably. A lacklustre card overall. A double Loss card has to be really special to make it into our hand. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If what you need the most is for one of your allies to dish out a load of hurt on a boss, then you can help them do that. The Tinkerer guide focuses on a crowd control build.

One way is to plan ahead and make sure you have a solid move card ready on your last turn before resting. Flamethrower. Enhancement Field is really weak at level 8 and it’s solely damage focussed rather than crowd control, support or heal. On most runs, we’re going to be taking one summon with us. Do the best you can to keep the scenario in your group’s favour. An awesome selfless card.

Until you’re ready to use the top ability, you can use the bottom. A great top ability that gives us a way to take care of big, lumbering melee monsters. Flamethrower. The tinkerer never needs any elements personally, so these would only be for allies to use, and quite frankly, there are better ways allies can get elements.
A repeatable ability that stops monsters from dealing damage is awesome. If you have a Scoundrel in your starting party consider using this on them, they will hugely appreciate it. After you've got these five cards enhanced, you may actually want to think about those blessings/strengthens on heals. I'm new to gloomhaven in general. I'm saving up for the sweet, sweet prospect of disarm on reviving shock. To make matters worse, this card is a Loss too. Long resting while invisible may even help your allies by blocking monster pathways.

Everyone needs to rest from time to time, and that includes your Gloomhaven mercenary band too.
With this build, we have the ability to respond to the common situations a scenario might throw at us. With an enhancement, this card would be great. A great repeatable ranged heal on the top that we’ll get plenty of uses from until we’re ready to use the recover action on an ally. A play like this lets you take a shot and move to a safe distance so you can rest safely. Human Scoundrel - Comprehensive guide to stabbing ... Communication - Teamwork makes the dream work. However, looking at the other cards available at level 1 this one isn’t such a bad choice.

The top half is perfect for our build. Stun isn’t available to purchase as an enhancement because it affects the balance of power so much. As it stands it’s not going to do much damage, but it’s upgradeable. Get a good rest and punch on with the next room. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). An awesome way to make an impact on a turn whether you use the bottom action or the top.

I wonder if not an extra hex to Net Shooter could be better because of the immobilize effect. This Scoundrel guide will cover her skill choices and techniques. It's also a good place because the jump will be situational, whereas you'll probably want to use the stun as often as possible. I’ve been playing it at least once a week since January with friends and I still get just as excited to pull it out as I did on the day I got it. If they do come after you on their next turn, at least they’ll have disadvantage on their abilities until the end of their next turn. While you can use the standard top and bottom actions until you’re ready to play the losses, you can do that with any other card and you’re taking up a card slot with a one-hit wonder. Increase everyone’s damage by 2, but damage everyone by 2 in process….

Finally, add Muddle, and then the two Fire cards if you want to. And that’s a hit that will use your modifier deck which has hopefully improved a bit by level 4. This is one of the cards we have that can help us deal with Shields right off the bat. A straight up upgrade to Dangerous Contraption and having another Move 4 in our hand will be very useful. That can be up to 4 damage per turn, rather than Wound’s 1, providing your allies are going after it. --> width: 55%; And we don’t need it twice.

})(window,document,'script','','ga'); I didn’t bother with it because it’s unusual to find three melee only monsters in a cluster like that anyway, and Immobilize is just not as useful against monsters with ranged abilities.

So you may squabble with your allies over who gets these. // See Far from it. However, I don’t think they are more complex and situation for the Tinkerer.

Wound will be useful on whatever monster it affects. This Tinkerer guide follows this structure: This guide does not contain campaign spoliers or items beyond starting items. Apart from the extra hex to net shooter I followed a similar thread which recommended wound on Stun Shot, it's a pretty solid card and the wound helps with tougher enemies. Tweet . I like this card. You need to play some cards and start filling your discard pile first. Since then we’ve retired our Tinkerer, and now retired our Scoundrel as well. One idea for Flamethrower is to turn it into a buff card instead of a damage card by adding a Bless enhancement.


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