goth rat names

He named her Ziggy, Should always get two rats As they are social creatures any responsible rat breeder would say.

Pippy Moira - "bitter" [Hebrew]; "the great" [Celtic] Tarka

My other two rats are Sunken and Monty, My to not rats are named Harry and Potter. Felicia - "happiness" [Latin]; "luck" [Polish]

Hebrew] Apartment living or small houses won’t bother a pet rat! Movie-inspired Rat Names.

Pennybright - (Redwall)

Paz - "peace" [Spanish] Becky Tsarmina - (Redwall) from Tsarina, female monarchs Eriadu - (Star Wars) Naming your rats after famous scientists, intellectuals, and genius thinkers can be a way to honor their smarts.

Rats may have a bad reputation, but they’re actually very clean, intelligent, fancy animals – give them a name to show it!eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'officiallypets_com-box-4','ezslot_0',108,'0','0'])); Two rats are better than one!

Sabrina - "from the border land" [Latin] Mistral - (a warm, strong wind in the south of France) They’re even better if you can add a funny, punny twist to them. One was named Zelda and was dark grey. - (Xena, Warrior Princess) "God is my strength" [Hebrew] Homemade Treats Sadly my rat Harry died of old age now I am planning to get a friend for my other rat , I have a male and a female rat named Splinter and Winter, I too have a couple white rats with Wonderful Name Remy and Rebel ,wooooow is it so sweet na. Cora - "maiden" [Greek] - (Star Trek) "works with hands" [Italian] Sundance - (film festival) Willow died within the first 4 weeks I had her…

Oreo - (cookie), Pablorita

Krasava - "beautiful" [Czech] You can create your own themes depending on your own interests. Georgia - "farmer" [Greek] Gillian - "girl" [Teutonic]; "downy-haired" [Latin] - (Shakespeare) Rowanoak - (Redwall) The Goths were an East Germanic people who controlled vast amounts of what is now Europe, and played an important role in the fall of the Roman Empire. Ariela - (Star Wars) "Lion of God" [Hebrew]

Yatra Daria - "queenly" [Persian] Church - (Pet Sematary) Teika - "low price" or "fall" [Japanese]


Isis - (Egyptian goddess) "supreme goddess" [Egyptian]

Verdauga - (Redwall) "green eyes" [Latin]

If you have a rat that likes to eat more than others, a name like Chubby or Cheese is a good choice. We have Rosie, Rolo, Scout, Chicken (hairless albino), Inky, Badge, Mischief, Bella, Romeo, and Doddle Bob (female lol my 17 year old named her!) Kai - (Star Trek) "ocean" [Hawaiian]; "willow tree" Janeway - (Star Trek) Morwenna - "shining sea" [Cornish]


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