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We built this track to a high standard and you will be amongst the first digital drifters to experience it. Latest updates on Main Page. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our members. Race results history Tsujigiri E36 LS3 - Stuart Maclachlan    


03.11.2019 20$ for testing real drifting cars and import it in AC.

All rights reserved. RoDrift Discord: Ambient shadow updating Installed Assetto Corsa Sign-ups: limited to 40 + special guests we will invite. DirectX 10/11 for 3D-related functions

Collection of quality track mods. Showrooms generator Be the part of outstandingly close drift runs. Various physics extensions by mclarenf1papa Created by. Don't forget to delete previous version. Tsujigiri S14 Zenki - Ben Somerville Lenght: 5.9km; 253. Update World Drift Tour Car Pack v1.3 Facebook: @worlddrifttour The cars: WDT 800 with the ability to use your custom skins. Skype: x4fab2 D1NZ Nissan Onevia - Callum Neeson Some of key features: This site was designed with the .com. "Driver/cars/track: Drift-life.Sara , GUE Nissan Silvia S14 Zenki RB. Nissan Silvia S15 WDT

and much more... We are the group of drift enthusiasts with the desire of making the most realistic simracing drift product. Credit goes to skumt0mte for making the absolute stunning track.

Gunsai Touge.

From the authors of Cars Manager.

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Давайте проголосуем и в комментариях отметим все недостатки, которые мы переведем … To install mod just copy the folder to C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\ SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\ content\tracks.
All rights reserved.

Lada 2101 Winter Drift Mazda RX-7 WDT 17.10.2020 Road cars and super light race cars with studded snow tires.

Tsujigiri E36 LS3 - Stuart Maclachlan Tsujigiri E36 Turbo - Phil Maclachlan Tsujigiri S13.5 RB20 - Adam Bainbridge Tsujigiri S13.5 RB28 - Adam Bainbridge Tsujigiri S14 Zenki - Ben Somerville Tsujigiri Toyota Supra 2JZ - Andrea Fabri Assetto Corsa. © 2017 AC Drifting Pro. Toyota Supra Toyota Mark II JZX90 Winter Drift

Get an app key: Slideboizz Toyota Chesta

Assetto Corsa. Features in development: YouTube channel with some videos
Credit goes to skumt0mte for making the absolute stunning track. Drift tracks. A machine that can drift at an aggressive angle with a high power and sharp angle machine.


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