gucci tiger wallet real vs fake
Help me to find out if it is fake or authentic. Thank you. Thanks for your question. Hello!! Thanks for stopping by! The “serial number” M40992 is actually the style number for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Monogram Mimosa Bag. The lettering of the Gucci logo is identifiable when you know these characteristics: Round G, that almost looks like an O, serifs in the font are equal, unlike interlocking G’s, two sides of the U include one side with a thicker line than the right side (which is very thin). The Gucci legit check service, Nike x OFF-WHITE: THE TEN fake vs real guides, Pharrell Human Race NMD real vs fake guides, Anti Social Social Club Authentication Service (ASSC), Cactus Plant Flea Market Authentication Service (CPFM), Christian Louboutin Authentication Service, Comme Des Garcons CDG Authentication Service, Saint Laurent Paris Authentication Service, Valentino Rockrunner Authentication Service, Versace Chain Reaction Authentication Service, Yves Saint Laurent Loulou Authentication Service (Bag), Nike x Off White Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Nike x Travis Scott Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Alexander McQueen Real vs Fake Comparisons, Christian Louboutin Authentication Guides, Comme Des Garcons Fake Vs Real Comparisons, Saint Laurent Paris Authentication Guides, Check the font-weight and the positioning of the characters on the interior side of your wallet. Hi Kim, The top number is 323190 and the lowest number is 002123. Or check out eBay listings for this item, while making sure you follow our authentication guides! If the price seems too good to be true (unless you're buying it from an outlet store and the price has been marked down), then it probably is. Both are on Poshmark from the same seller. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about fake gucci wallet? Please help. If there are no closeup pictures, ask the seller for the original receipt. Pictures of the backpack would help me authenticate it as well! I only have images, if so could you pls lmk the steps? Is it a clutch, doctor’s bag, crossbody, etc? The most popular colour? Some vintage Gucci purses have fabric tags, but this article from eBay gives more detail about the types of labels and details of Gucci handbags by decade. This case study comparison is an excellent guide if you were to decide in buying Gucci Soho Disco bag purses on Ebay. Is it a Gucci Sukey Large Tote? The bag is a fake. Return it; it’s fake. Let me know more information about the kind of bag you’re eyeing, and I will try to help. For this free Gucci bag authentication, I will be needing clear photos of the Gucci bag, especially Gucci marking inside the bag. To authenticate the bag yourself, do a quick Google search of the serial number or the model number. All you have to do is send us high-quality pictures of your Gucci Supreme wallet and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours. Cheers! I understand that the top number should be the same (that’s the model number, right?). For the seventh method on how to spot fake Gucci GG Supreme Snake wallets, we are going to have a look at the real vs fake Gucci wallets for the dust bags and their details. Thanks, Is this a Gucci Men’s Backpack? Fake Gucci Bag Guide – Case Study: Comparing a Real vs. The steps we’ve written so far are the best ways on how to authenticate this item. Could you post a list of all of your shared pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed? here is the link: Good afternoon. Make sure it comes with extras including a small dust bag and Gucci box. So, I am sure that this part of the wallet is real. You guessed it: black. “Gucci” in the middle has a letter G formed in the same way as in the interlocking G’s of the logo. In the image containing the fake vs real Gucci Snake wallets above, we have pointed out how the fake wallet has its stitching improperly shaped. Thank you Study the logo. Hi there, When I look up 308364 it shows on the Gucci website, but if I put in the whole number 308364 498879 it’s not found on their site. 486628. If the bag looks identical to this one or this one , then your bag is authentic! If it's wrapped in plastic, it's definitely a fake. Thanks! Here’s a link to the GUCCI site to confirm my suspicions. I recently purchased a Gucci disco bag with the serial number 308364 498879 & im concerned about its authenticity. Also, The last four digits you provided aren’t identical to the last 4 digits of the Gucci bloom purses on the GUCCI site. Without seeing a picture of the bag, or determining it’s price, I still believe that it is a replica. More than a website, The Chic Selection founder’s new vision goes beyond the business itself to widespread social betterment, planet care and financing our world’s tragedies through donations that will only be possible with your purchases. It’s that model! It’s a second hand bag. Gucci . Each card has the words “Gucci” centered on the card in all capital letters. The dust bag will have the double G logo or have the name “Gucci” written in gold lettering across the front of the bag. Required fields are marked *. Please let me know . Also everything on bag looks authentic and just the general weight and quality is lux but I’m still unsure as I watched an authenticate video mentioning that the hardware link attaching the tassel should not have a gap In it but mine does slightly ? GUCCI SOHO DISCO HOW fake gucci wallet vs real TO SPOT A FAKE? Real Louis Vuitton Purses vs Fakes: 9 Authenticity Check Tips, How to Spot Fake Coach Handbags and Purses, Removable/Adjustable Crossbody Strap with a 21 Drop, authenticity check strategy to tell a real Gucci purse from a fake, Gucci Authenticity Check: How to Tell if It’s a Real Gucci Purse vs a Fake Gucci Handbag, 3. It looks authentic to me. before bidding on it. * 308932 001998 *. It’s color black with the gucci green and red stripe pattern on the middle. Just bag, dust bag, box and receipt….doesn’t looks right for me. Top: An authentic controllato card. Thank you! The top number is 323190 and the lowest number is 002123. The dust bag also has the Gucci logo on it. On the other hand, all of the letters and symbols on the authentic Gucci Kingsnake wallet are at the same thickness and size, unlike the fake wallet’s details. I can send it to you. © 2018 Copyrights The Chic Selection - All rights reserved - All brands presented belong to their legal owners. Hi, seeing the third photo (the serial number), I am not confident to buy this. Most Gucci wallets range in price from $500 to $1,500 on average. I’ve bought a lovely used bag, the first six numbers on the inside tag are 181084. Hi I bought a Gucci Ophidia pouch off who shipped through a boutique called Kirna Zabete. I can’t find the serial number, the leather on the inside has the gucci symbol, and the made in italy, but the serial number isn’t on the back of it. However, even without the serial number, I’m inclined to think that this Gucci Soho Disco bag is fake. Serial numbers are 247205 1298. Hi, Could you please check if this number found inside the gucci bag is authentic. Could you help me with this please? If the seller gives you a valid receipt, chances are that the wallet is authentic because now you have the option of returning or exchanging the item. Then proceed with this guide comparing a fake and authentic, and the ever-popular Gucci Dionysus bag. As we previously mentioned, we consider the engraving on the interior side of the wallet as the most reliable sign of authenticity, so we recommend that you always check the interior engraving on this wallet. A real Gucci will not pucker at the seams or have threads dangling off the bag. Yes the bag, looks exactly the same! Bag was authenticated by Real Authentication. On the Internet, there are more and more shops, where you can buy used handbags from designers. The font of the “CCI” in GUCCI is not consistent with an authentic Gucci. Gucci serial numbers are not unique, and a lot of replicas have the rectangular leather tag with the serial number with two rows in the back, like the authentic one. I have an all black Gucci backpack, but I’m not sure if it’s real. In the image containing the real vs fake Gucci Kingsnake wallets above, we have pointed out two main flaws on the fake wallet. For the untrained eye, this is not easy to spot. Would you please help me find out if it’s real. I love that your information is extremely detailed and that you’ve included tons of information about the bag. Can you authenticate this gucci diaperbag? You can use the serial number to make sure that the wallet is real by taking it to an official Gucci store or contacting a representative via the Gucci website. There’s no reason not to do your due diligence before you purchase this pricey, yet beautiful bag. Most importantly, always remember, Gucci serial numbers are not unique. REVIEW. No dust bag with the double “GG” logo or with the name “Gucci” written in gold across the front of the bag? Can i? The dust bag also has the Gucci logo on it. The Gucci letters, made in Italy and the R trademark symbol on the lower left side of the credit card pocket is a sign of authenticity. To say that if the wallet is wrapped in plastic it is definitely fake is a false claim. Bought from Nordstrom today. This bag does not have that it has 1 serial number on the back of the inside label 89.02.062 ALSO under that tag is a colorful tag (practically torn out) with numbers 63101 and in all capital letters the word CERTIFICATION is on the label. Please put a link to the photos and I could help you out. Because I can’t see the Gucci bag, it would be hard for me to authenticate it. I have my concern as part of the stitching of the strap seems to be hanging and the label inside doesn’t look so well stitched. In fact, many people today are shocked to find out that the type of handbag they actually purchased is not worth much at all, and once the transaction is all done, they are left with nothing more than a counterfeit accessory. I can send pics of the actual bag too. Cheers! They can help you verify the authenticity of this bag via email. If you can’t access the website, how can I attach pictures? Image courtesy of A Second Chance Couture, The serial number is on the reverse side of the leather Gucci tag. Is this a fake ? I was wonder if it is real or fake. could you please help me to find out if this purse is authentic Thanks for your question. Because these are heat-stamped into the leather, they present a good opportunity for to assess quality. 284720001998 could you please check this serial out before i purchase it, Hi dear can you please help me look at my bag so I can return if I need to. Thanks a lot. It’s a dark brown tote/shopper. I purchased a Gucci Soho bag in Bright Orange. I have bought many Gucci wallets over the years from outlets that are sealed in plastic wrap. could you please help me? It’s Gucci Ophidia GG canvas small shoulder bag. Thank you. I did some research and read that handbags that have the G on their leather tag mean “meant for Gucci outlet”? The controllato card comes with every new Gucci bag, evidence the bag was inspected after completion. The authentic bag will show in Google Images and on of a similar bag. I’m almost 100% its fake when comparing to my authentic smaller disco bag. I’m a big Gucci collector and I’ve never seen Velcro used as a closure in an authentic Gucci bag. I see the date and time of the receipt doesn’t match on the top and bottom but it could be some mistake of the store. IMG_0588.PNG. I bought this Gucci Soho bag in ebay and as it was too big for me, I tried to sell it again.


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