happy birthday letter to girlfriend

My love for you grows with each passing day. I want to spend my leftover days on earth with you.

Sweetheart, it’s your birthday, and the joy that dwells in my heart knows no bound. I know this special day of yours has brought so much joy to your heart, and so is it with me. The way your eyes sent thorns down my spine on our first meeting, I was of the motion that is going to avoid you with every drop of my blood. These days that are so exciting being able to cause a shift into so much joy that you’ll feel like you were never sorrowful. Calling you my honeybunch still does not justify the expression of that which you mean to me. I know it’s your birthday, but why does it feel like I’m getting the best present of all? You’re all I need! How beautiful celebrating with you is. Sweet Romantic Happy Birthday Letters for Your Girlfriend. I tend to wonder how deep I have fallen so much for you. I find today to be one of goodness. You have come to be one of the most amazing, charming, and most beautiful ladies I have ever known. I know you found your way to earth just to show off your amazing personality. That we have come this far together shows that there are so much love and care that lies between us. I’m happy because it is my baby girl’s birthday, and I desire that you soar to greater heights in life. I pray that you will find and take all you need to get all the success you crave for.

You have contributed so much to the person I am growing to be, and I can’t love you less. Saying you’re precious does not do justice in telling how much I adore you. Calling you my girlfriend is what has further strengthened me to go to heights I never envisaged. On this day I pledge that you will never have any reason to feel jealous because I’ll make sure that you’ll be the envy of other girls.

I love you beyond words and I’m committed to your happiness and success. So on this special day of yours, my honey wish is that all you desire, be fulfilled in your new age. The happiness you’ll find today will be more than you can handle.

Happy birthday. 84. This is the day I believe that God loves me for he brought you into this world customized for me. God has great plans for you and your day will bring a lot of them your way. You’re my joy, my almond, and everything amazing one can ever think of in life.

Happy birthday, my love. Baby, be sure that I will always love you. I swear, it’s like witchcraft! I will always love and adore you, baby. I want to do awesome things for you today and all I ask is that you accept them from me. Baby, be sure that my love for you will always grow deeper, stronger, and healthier as each day passes through. I do not only wish you the best on this day but also share in the joy of the fact that my girlfriend is growing to be the best she has always been to the World. Love is for you and you’ll experience it from all corners in ways you can’t even imagine. Happy birthday to you, my emerald. I’ll never stop looking forward to your day. It’s like a mini-Christmas to me and maybe I’ll find out soon that it has just twelve hours in it. And on your Big Day, I just wanna let you know that you’re the light that brightens my day.

When your girlfriend is far away from you or you’re in a long-distance relationship, these sweet and romantic long distance birthday wishes for girlfriend will help you make her feel special and loved. On this super birthday of yours, I promise to not only be yours but also to be the one that will continue to prove to you that truly, there’s a thing like unconditional love. Let’s meet at your favourite place later today. Happy birthday, my angel. Writing this letter to you is one of the loveliest things I have ever done in a while. I celebrate you as you turn a year older, and remind you that you’ll always own my heart. 89. Happy birthday. Sweetheart, I want you to know that the achievement of your dreams and the accomplishment of your set goals are closer than you can ever think. I would know deep down that there’s someone out there for me that I hadn’t met. Don’t to worry, because when we meet, we shall celebrate it properly and just like us, baby. And here we are now, just at the start of our love story and looking forward to a bright future with more birthdays to come. Today’s a great day. 69. Happy birthday to you. I might choose to see you as a book but I’d rather have you as my Facebook news feed that never ends or closes. You have added one more special day to my year. From the guy that loves you crazily, happy birthday, beauty!. Happy birthday. Aside from a cute gift, a good alternative would give to give her a nice letter expressing your joy for spending with her another year in her life and the love that she inspires you. We’ve crossed so many paths together, yet you’ve never changed. I hope I give you something worth your stay with me. 82. I have done weird things just for you, trust me.

Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. Be sure that right here with you, is one guy who is ready to give you all the necessary supports, and a hand to hold whenever you are in need of one. Hey beautiful! Please recognize it. We went from dumb, hormone-filled teenagers to adults who actually know how to be independent and productive members of society. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you the best of life and I pray that no evil comes to you.


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