henry frontier threaded

© 2020 Henry Repeating Arms. Perfect for small game hunting or varmint shooting. Thank you ,God Bless. Also what calibers does it come in? Weighing in at just under 6 lbs. Thank you

Tradition seems to be going out the window in favor of “ a chicken in every pot “. The only other modification I would like is a rubber buttplate since the plastic plate is slick on some of the kid’s shoulders. © 2020 Henry Repeating Arms. Using shorts will also increase the magazine capacity and stay subsonic so it’s worth considering. All Rights Reserved.
We certainly appreciate it. I stay with a brass cased, 158 grain. Classic 20″ blued steel octagonal barrel model with upgraded fully adjustable rear sights and brass bead front sight. I have sent this suggestion before and I believe that the pcc is the next logical step for Henry.

What are the chances of one of your fine rifles chambered in 41 rem. It’s very important that kids have a comfortable length of pull so they can run the levers properly. You don’t have to take our word for it though. Get transported back into the Old West with our 20-inch blued octagonal barrel, American walnut stock, brass buttplate and gleaming Brasslite receiver. Choose from a .22 Long Rifle or .22 Magnum style. I know that available Ammo is very limited at the moment, but I’m certain that, once new Rifles are being made again and out in the hands of more Shooters, more companies will start producing it again. I like the idea about the suppressor. What’s the chance of getting one of those for the Long Ranger in 308? Engraving on these models is inspired by 19th-century New York engraver Louis D. Nimschke. As for the load, it’s sweet on the cowboy action, but that can be expensive. I love the threaded barrel. What a magneficent rifle. We were extremely pleased to be able to get our hands on a pair of the new threaded rimfires for our Youth Marksmanship Camp program and put them to the test this spring. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I am most than happy to own this rifle. Looking for something like my old 22hornet for couples and small game to ? Thank You. With 40-grain projectiles reaching speeds of almost 2,000 feet per second, this cartridge is an ideal choice for squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons.

I’m thinking Henry will do well for a hog gun if I throw a suppressor on him. TheFirearmBlog.com Checks Out This Sneaky Shooter, Dan Clayton-Luce, Communications Director, Henry Repeating Arms, Lever Action Carbines for Defense and Survival. All Rights Reserved. Choose from one chambered for .22 LR, .22 Magnum, or .17HMR. Your email address will not be published. Warning; WARNING. It features a 1/2×28 threaded octagon barrel for use with a suppressor and a shorter magazine tube, which allows the rifle to be unloaded without having to remove the suppressor. .22 Magnum Hello! Ste 200-408 I Spring, TX 77386. But it’s the easiest way to allow loading of the 10 round tubular magazine. Squirrels and other small game are notoriously skittish critters, but hunting suppressed can change the game entirely. However at camp we simply allow kids to shoot off of a supporting barricade and we haven’t had any complaints. Permits enable the public to engage in certain fed, Here are a few thoughts of what might happen in di, In addition to the significant funding for multipl, Some strange saltwater baits along with some speci, Boards of Directors of the two organizations compl, The tournament was originally scheduled for June 5, From a high of over 60 birds and 17 territorial pa, Now that she is the Democrat Vice Presidential can, The University of Georgia (UGA) is conducting an e, 3431 Rayford Rd. 3/8" Grooved Receiver. The Henry Frontier rifle is now sporting a 24 inch barrel and a threaded model is now available. I love my Henry’s, I was wondering if you folks plan to make a 17HMR with a threaded barrel version. A rare opportunity to get your beautifully designed, Old West-inspired Henry Golden Boy with an added personalized touch. Can you buy the suppressor in New York State? Mag ? Henry Repeating Arms, Frontier Suppressor Ready, Lever Action, 22 WMR, 24" Threaded Octagonal Barrel, Blue Finish, Walnut Stock, 8Rd. Please, Please, Please offer this with your 16.1, or 18.5 or even 20 inch barrels and we have a winner!! I see that the Henry company is pushing there lever actions but do you still make the pump action 22’s. Holds ten rounds. I believe it would throw these nice handling guns way out of balance. This swift shooting rifle is a modified variation of the Henry model H001 Lever Action. I do have a question or if you can shed some light my way, granted you can’t advocate certain type of scope or suppressor. Jim Carbonaro. You can order a catalog through this link here: https://www.henryusa.com/catalog/. Stay up to date with the latest hunting, fishing, and outdoor news from the Lone Star State and beyond! With the increasing popularity of silencers major firearms manufactures are now bringing more threaded models to the market and Henry Repeating Arms is one of the latest to release a few models.
Henry was aware of this so they released the factory threaded Frontier Model in the industry standard 1/2″x28 (Class 3A threads .400″ length). I refuse to believe you’re not selling enough of your fine rifles already in design to necessitate diversifying out into left field as it seems. I’m impressed with the Henry Frontier Model with 24″ barrel. Are you listening, CCI? Ste 200-408 I Spring, TX 77386 (281) 869-5511. Glad Henry’s Rifles, etc are still around. I’ve admired the Henry Rifles for many years. A Henry made exact replica of a Winchester Model 1873. I live in Australia and bought my Henry in November last year.

Henry Repeating Arms, Frontier Suppressor Ready, Lever Action, 22LR, 24" Barrel, 4" Threaded Octagonal Barrel, Blue Finish, Walnut Stock, 10Rd. Love the catalog! Required fields are marked *, I would like to purchase one of your rifles but I need a catalog to see which one I want to purchase I’m really looking for a 357 rifle, Hi David, thanks very much for your interest in owning a Henry rifle. I also replaced the front post with something a little taller and red (similar to a true glow) sight. This does add a bit of weight to the rifle, especially when adding a suppressor at the end of that. .22 S/L/LR

The semi-buckhorn sights are also a welcome upgrade. I’ve named it Henry. Each limited-edition firearm bears a special serial number from 1 to 1000. Like the lever action/ what. I can consistently ping steel out to 400m even though it is zeroed to 100m (longest shot where I hunt). I see the threaded barrel you are advertising. Awsome rifles next in my purchase. Where can I get one? You make it- I’ll buy it. Choose up to 20 words to create a very special rifle for a special occasion gift or simply as a family heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation. Frontier Model Threaded Barrel 24″ Suppressor-Ready. Your advice requested. I thought suppressors were not allowed in N.J. Your email address will not be published. Tried bulk metal cases-ouch! A modified version of Henry’s model H006C Big Boy .45 Colt. Accurate and back to it’s original weight. Before I did this I contacted Henry and received a fast accurate and honest advice directing me to different solutions. Texas Fish & Game is the largest and most popular outdoor publication in the Lone Star State.


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