history of nueva ecija
The representatives and other officials worked for the proceedings and successfully obtained their pledge through Republic Act No. Nueva Ecija was created as a military commandancia in 1777 by Governor General Narciso Claveria, with the capital at Baler (present-day capital of Aurora province). Through the territory of Nueva Ecija was extensive, her population up to the middle of the nineteenth century remained comparatively small being only 9,165 in 1945. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Before, this was unexplored but sturdy and determined Ilocano folks in search of new lands settled in these rich virgin plain which now comprise the barrios of Mataas na Kahoy, Sapang Kawayan, Balangkare Talabutab Norte and Sur, Picaleon, Balaring, Belen, Mag-asawang Sampalok, Platero and Piñahan. In spite of the calamities that took place in the municipality that resulted in loss of lives and property and financial crises, the municipal officials headed by Mayor Antonio Lamson up to 1941 made successful measured for the welfare of the people. He was the first Alcalde under the Republic of the Philippines which was inaugurated on July 4, 1946. On March 19, 1894, San Jose became a town; its name was derived after St. Joseph, the patron saint of the place. In the 1967 election, the gentleman that initiated road construction and pursued development program won the key position. ABC Pres. This would serve to remind their descendants of the hardship they experienced to develop the place. This need triggered off a wave of migration that was Deons and workers imported from neighboring provinces. Gapaños are fond and in love of music. The Provincial Board passed Resolution No. Four years after, Atty. Pedro Oreta was elected the first chief executive of the town under the American civil regime. Since then, Cabanatuan made great strides in economic, cultural, and political development. Its population earn additional income through hog raising and poultry. Farms and gardens multiplied. By the time of his untimely death in an airplane crash in 1957, Nueva Eciia, as far as the dissident movement is concerned, was almost completely pacified. The province contributed more than its share, both in human and material resources, to this guerrilla movement- Cols. Militar’s 194 has. The early settlers found the area a place of wilderness and they had to clear the lands where rice and sugar cane were soon planted. The soldier’s anxiety rose and in harder voices repeated their question. Upon its establishment as a town in 1849, it was named after Aliaga, a town in Spain and the birth place of its first gobernadorcillo, Don Aniceto Ferry. Eric Daniel Salazar It has its own share of manifold problems to solve. Since then, business had increased by leaps and bounds- But its steady march to progress was disrupted when on December 8, 1941, the Pacific War broke out. It is the top producer of rice and milk in the Philippines. His vice presidente acted as presidente municipal for the rest of the town. It is also a major producer of poultry and egg, cucumber, and mushroom. The earliest inhabitants were known as Negritos (Baluga) headed by one Kapitan Danding, a Negrito convert residing in Pinagcuartelan. It was likewise a big pueblo embracing an area as far as Cabanatuan City in the North, which was its barrio with the name Cabanatuan before it separated in 1777; the Sierra Madres in the East; San Miguel, Bulacan in the South; and Candaba, Pamapanga in the West. The other was the bounty rice harvest in 1912, the richest ever known in the history of the town. history of nueva ecija If man did, indeed arise from the sea, then it would be perhaps understandable why Nueva Ecija, given its present boundaries, would be inhabited quite late. Mauricio withdrew his candidacy and his wife got a ticket for mayorship and won. At the same time, lieutenant counselor Don Raymundo Fernando presented the application for separation to the Alcalde Mayor Don Jose Urbina Raxis on the very same day that the Municipality of San Isidro was declared and recognized as an independent town from Gapan. The fall of Bataan and Corregidor taught the people to consider their thoughts of non-cooperation with the Japanese, and many evacuees returned to their homes. Participants in this uprising came from Gapan, San Isidro, Cabiao and Peñaranda. Unfortunately, in 1903, by the order of the Civil Commission of America, Sto. It was during this time that Ilocanos began to migrate to the central plains, many of which settled in Zaragoza and Aliaga. That was in May 1942. Fist conservation facilities will be installed within the reservoir. The existence of the Filipino independence states ended and were subjected to pueblos and barrios. In the poblacion, within the compound of the gobierno (capitol) was a big building called Pakturya by the natives were the farmers brought their tobacco leaves to be checked by the government agents who would give them their factura (invoice). The plants are distributed in almost every market in Central Luzon, as far as the Bicol Region. The people who initiated this big step forward were; G. Tomas Joson, Martin Villasan, Jose V. Cruz, Ariston Cebrero, Victor Domingo, Francisco Magno, Gaudencio Tolentino, Jose Jacinto, Pedro Capalungan and Florentino da Jose. Attorney Marciano Mauricio strived to maintain order in the town and provided his people better and easier way in transferring their agricultural products. In 1865, it was merely a part of San Antonio, known with its old name “ Ibayong Ilog “, when the place showed improvements and with its population grew to a more or less 5,000 people, it became a town through a petition filed by its inhabitants. Its name was later on shortened to Kabyaw, the spelling of which was altered by the influence of the foreign alphabet letters. Among its bushy plants is an “itchy shrub” known as “lupa” from which the cherished name Lupao emerged. The American looked up and shouted to the top of his voice, “Bitu, look”. Due to prevalence and chaos and disorder, many transferred residence at Pulong Buli in Baloc and at San Juan de Guimba (Guimba). Soon after the liberation, the municipal government, was re-established through the joint efforts of the 485th Counter Intelligence Corp(CIC) Detachment and the Philippine Civil Affairs Unit (PCAU) No. Closer they folded in, further they looked upward and energetically they pursued more. For this feat, Nueva Ecija was It lies at the foot of Caraballo and Siera Madre mountains with its virgin forest abounding with vast natural resources and raw materials such as ore, manganes, rattan, timber, almacega and wild life. But being too far a town, the seat was transferred to Bongabon toward the end of 1785. However, Mr. Pallagud refused to accept the position. This paved the way for the development of the reservation area into a training complex to serve the army’s training requirements. This camp was the site of a dramatic rescue by Filipino-American forces of some 800 detainees during the closing days of the War- More recently, these garrisons and campsites are being re-visited and reviewed by three groups of interested individuals: historians and researchers, who are trying to reconstruct a less distorted picture of the dark days of the Japanese occupation Balikbayans and Oldtimers, on sentimental journeys; and treasure- hunters who assume, with perhaps, some of the gold and treasures from Baguio en route to Manila might have been dumped in the area by the fleeing Japanese.


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