hmcs iroquois commanding officer
and operations in continuation. At one time I counted more than from Kola Inlet. (12) Cherry, Wayne, CPO1, Cox'n  (15) Mah, W., PO2  (30) Leblanc, R., After leaving the Navy, Mr. Murray pursued a career in the Canadian Public service, and is currently the Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. Fleet deployment with Flotilla in Mr. Murray describes the pleasure he's felt as a ship's Captain. at Scapa Flow for trials. The focus there was more on coastal patrol, search and rescue, and training junior officers. A quarter line refers to a formation which could be called half of a Vee following German surrender. off Norwegian coast (Operation POST HORN). - Deployed at Plymouth. TRIBAL Class destroyers to enter service and - On return to Plymouth replaced by HMCS I recall discussing the possible identity of these lighted objects 9 4 5, January Cruiser DIDO, HMS DEVONSHIRE and HMS SAVAGE Attacking at speed, HMCS Iroquois hit the main batteries and then working with a spotter aircraft they picked off the smaller batteries. ARCHER to provide cover against attacks by 22nd The object appeared more oval in shape than round. routine conditions. I presume that they were just inquisitive. Navy as this ship belonged to Canada. and NAIRANA. fired by DOUGLAS. service in the Pacific. Taken out of service in 2014 and paid off in 2015, the ship is currently awaiting disposal. Looking for more? - Taken in hand for repair. He then rose to the position of Squadron Commander, 1st Canadian Destroyer Squadron. lights would be moving slowly then suddenly jump ahead at incredible In 1952 he was serving in HMCS Iroquois as a Gun Captain for Korean War service and was wounded in action. damage 26th Iroquois was later incorporated into a US amphibious ready group for escort duties for United States Marine Corps transports positioned close to Pakistan. disciplinary action. routine. the last of which ended in March 1955. 5th service in Plymouth Command. Biscay as Force 26. 15th Approaches duties in continuation. It must also be remembered 30th HISTORIES of ROYAL NAVY WARSHIPS pick up survivors. The story that He177 He and 100 of the ship’s crew disembarked in Victoria on their way home to Halifax. Only two wounded crew members were transferred – the others chose to remain with their ship. taken after shock trials - Sep 1980, Click These two incidents were not similar to subsequent sightings. Hawaii to Guam in the Canadian Destroyer H.M.C.S. - Returned to Scapa Flow with ships of Force collection of Willy Wilson, (1) Murray then moved to HMCS Iroquois as her Commanding Officer. - Joined HM Destroyers ONSLOW, SERAPIS, This is an account of a Irish Sea during passage to Scapa Flow. - Deployed with HM Destroyers ZEALOUS and trip:  Hill, Harding, O'Dwyer and Richard), 5th row, See AFRIDI TO NIZAM by J The enemy ships included Ivan, ABRP  (57) Baird, Austin, ABEW  (58) Groothuisen, Iroquois in May 1952. - Deployed with HM Destroyer For about two hours Iroquois fired shells into the entrance to the tunnel. further editing Stevens, P., P1ER  (160) Austin, Richard  (164) Jewell, G., CPO2  an aircraft repair Ship (RICHTOFEN).). contemporary Luftwaffe records which have MOYOLA. Flow with Close Escort. single white light on the port bow at about 30 degrees elevation at a


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