honda grom ecu flash

I live in Hawaii and theres no one here that I’m aware of that offers the service DHM does. 2016 and up is the “SF” model so this is what we’re going to use. ... ECM refreshed for FinBro has a RPM limiter set at 12,500 RPM, instead of the OEM 9,500 rpm that is set in the original GROM/MSX125 ECM. DHM is here to offer you the original flash tuning solution for the Honda Grom / Monkey! 160.00. Like and exhaust and intake or a new cam ... DHM Stage 1 ECU flash is installed...Night and day difference! Honda Grom / Monkey / Super Cub ECU Flash. The Dynojet Power Commander is the most well known fuel controller on the market, thanks for its capabilities and versatility. We offer the best ECU Flashes available that suit a wide range of modifications along with the best price on all aftermarket parts! This allows the ECU to make smaller adjustments to the fuel map, allowing the smoothest transition possible cell to cell and tip-in throttle- Plug in and ride, running intake and exhaust? Modding the engine on the Grom is the reason for today’s blog post…. It lasted 9,000 miles with an aftermarket Chimera intake and exhaust system before the engine finally had enough of being starved for fuel while riding at 8,000 RPM rather frequently. ECU Flashing for 2018-2019 Yamaha MT-03 Woolich Racing Tuned (WRT) software has support for the 2018-2019 Yamaha MT-03

US emissions are not tested at WOT. The controller actually has 11,390,625 available maps in the unit which are accessible without using a computer program to reprogram the unit. 2016 Grom does not exist in USA but does exist in Asia/Europe. The Honda Grom system runs at 14.2 to 14.9 to 1 almost everywhere, until you get to 7/8 throttle, then it reverts to 12.8/13.4 to 1.

Promotions, new products and sales. Obviously for safety purposes we recommend you pull over to the side before making adjustments. We ship on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Great for stunt riders that would like to be able to raise their idle without having the it creep up while riding! With the engine of the Grom getting more air and letting it exhale quicker thanks to the larger exhaust, you have to throw more fuel at the Grom via some sort of fuel-programmer / tuning device – Examples: DynoJet Power Commander 5 / Bazazz / EJC and you have quite a few other options as well when it comes to tuning your Grom but those brands mentioned are among the most popular here in the USA. Brock's Motorcycle ECU Flash is the most comprehensive ecu flash available for your bike. **Mail-in ECU turnaround time is only 1-2 business days.

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You will need the ilink data cable sold separately. Do you want to trust the livelihood of your engine in the hands of some internet tuning hero?

If an available map does not suit your specific needs, a custom map can be built from the ground up with the aid of a Dyno.


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