honda jazz cvt additive

Do not mix Honda HCF-2 transmission fluid with other transmission fluids.

Can you recommend a few guys in Malaysia? Initially i thought it was a filters issue, and scheduled to take it for repair. you can most probably get this sorted out by adjusting the idle speed sensor when you got for an engine tune up.stick to the regular CVT oil changes on time ( i do at 12000km as mentioned by Rayaz). Fuel economy is not great is the key concern) Will it be too much to ask if you can share a contact of how i can reach you? On highway, my RPM is not constant, it will keep rev up and down between 3 and 4. (I have been regulary changing the CVT oil as recommended. I am not sure which is the reason, but the end story is that you rarely have an air filter for recon cars from Japan. Question, does this Miracle additive really work? In your case using the OEM filter with standard oil, and changing both every 4-5000km might be good on the pocket and your engine. Where can i get the “Oil Extreme” here in Kenya?? This is so irresponsible, not mentioned my car is fully maintain and service by them. I have written to Honda Australia and am awaiting their reply. By the way, how many kilometers have u done after adding the oil extreme… If u people smatter than the manufacture go a head and do what you wana.

Shutdown engine based on your experience is the honda FIT GE6 a better car or the Belta 1.3. if this option is given to you which car would you choose. You should also see what the price a new hybrid GE6 fit is, coz with the taxes low, you might be able to slip on through for a decent price!

Hi i bought the last batch honda jazz(auto) in aug2098 just before the new jazz came out. When it gets accelarated in the initial stage there is a small vibration.. is this a symtom of gearbox issue.. im bit worried. many pple have come up with different theories please i need expertise help. I have recently switched to an ExxonMobil CVT oil and to my surprise, all these problems had vanished. $8000 for new one or reconditioned one for $3800.. expensive.. they tried changing sensors nothing wrong with them, New cvt Honda fluid didn’t help.

Please hep. The constant stops in traffic, where the wait is not 20-30 secs, hence the need to shift to N (neutral) means the belt is constantly under heavy duress. Best fuel economy when driving a long trip i got was 19.5 kpl on a hot and humid day

thanks a million. VOTED BEST - Fixes CVT Judder - Owners Agree - Try it !

4.7 average based on 82 product ratings. Heard that Honda Malaysia is selling new CVT gearbox for rm26k ! However, transmission is giving a problem – Once you put the car in a drive ( D) mode, it tends to run on HGH RPM and within drive mode the shift is not smooth .

Unusual, though i have seen similar on the Temple of VTEC site ( contact me if you want further hand on this, yup hiran you are damn right on this issue.

Prabhath. nothing wrong at the moment and do i stick to every 40 000km oil change for city driving in Harare, Wow, 150,000km on the clock and the gearbox holding fine, and considering this is the pre 2004 model that is remarkable.

Hi I am planning on buying a Honda Fit Aria or the City 2003 model. I have a Honda Jazz with CVT, and it is developing a shudder on take-off, just as the other forum entries are describing.

let me thank all of u for doing a wonderful job..! I recommend changing the oil every 20,000KM its going to be a lot cheaper than a new trans.

Thank you for valubel advise, i checked the hybrid cars like prius,honda etc…no one is familier even in higher rank’s of toyota lanka and stafford since it is too early comment.

pls advice. well it did for a month, 6 months down the track after $450 to change the oil the problem is back and it is worse this time, even though the mechanic told me changing the oil would fix the issue. However he said that they are now repairing or at least open the gear box and see what the problem. Thanks Re: How effective is flushing to resolve "CVT judder" Quote from: TG on August 19, 2016, 12:12:14 AM, My Honda: 2002 1.4 SE Sport Manual (owned since 2002). Pls help. I import used Japanese cars to New Zealand and have had a number of Honda Fits and Civics 2000 to 2004 that have had a shudder on pull off, which we have repaired, it is what Honda calls the start clutch which they use instead of a torque converter, if you strip this clutch it looks one 100% perfect, but it is glazed, which is the problem, either you replace it very expensive or we came across a product that you can add to the cvt oil, we always do a flush and replace the oil with genuine Honda CVT oil and add this additive.

i was able to show my car to Honda-upul …he said the problem is a valve in the gear box ( which releases oil to the chain) which may be blocked now.

Is there now any place where I can get the oil additive in Sri Lanka? This was in 2013, the car was out of warranty however this is a problem these cars have had since conception.

If you are looking for a unregistered car, a Vitz 1.3 i believe is going to cost you well over 2.7 mil, and for that price you can bring down a Honda Fit GE6, the newer model!!

Could it be the agents are adding insufficient CVT oil our cars? I had the problem with the jerky start, and though the local Honda agent’s lead technician who seems to hate CVT gearboxes was quick to blame it as gearbox failure was later resolved when the mount was replaced. Not only that, while before the most I got was 32 mpg, I’m now getting 45 mpg.

Still waiting for the CVT oil. Assuming you are a Colombo City runner who commutes during our wonderful peak traffic times, you will have to stick to a 15,000km cycle for the gearbox oil. The shudder went away immediately. What seems to be the problem? I had a shutter problem in my 2003 Honda Civic. any body intersted just make a note.

my name is zingoni and i am in Harare.I have a 2002 honda fit 160000km.My problem is it ,is producing a sound from the gear box but i have changed the cvt .What could be the problem?

Felt it was not smooth. Dinesh also note that the GE6 comes both in standard auto and the CVT, you need to use normal ATF oil for the standard auto and the CVT oil for CVT gearbox. Also tell me what are the problems will i have to face. after that it even got worse, lack of power,, doesnt take off when it hots up and you can smell the gear box oil burning. From a reliability point of view, both cars should serve you well, though from general awareness of my friends using Toyota’s, the Honda’s have a bit more petty repairs that need to be done more frequently such as the rubber mounts on shocks, etc. Thanks for that Riyaz. The newer gearbox has been designed differently, however my research has shown that this gearbox is not as smooth as the older CVT, but it is trouble free (good news!). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. True its only about 2500 in singapore, but the value of that oil for Honda Fit/Jazz/City/Fit Aria is a lot more!! do u think is his serious issue.

Do u have a solution? Not sure what it was actually.

just contact him and you will get the best price.. i hope it is 100000-150000 with fixing charges. My friend’s car is working fine with no jerks after applying the oil, and its run over 6000K since the additive was put!!!

Normally between 10 to 100 km driving and it is gone, It cost me locally +/- US$ 96.00 but it saves me having the clutch replaced at more then 10 times the price and we have been doing this for more the a year with not one complaint.

I have a 2008 Honda Jazz automatic that I bought 5 years ago. Mon 11 Jan 2016 19:12 . you must find a good automatic transmission mech/auto mech,if not you’ll be wasting so much money,a mech who works as machinist,a proffessional welder, and with enginring background is a great help.who knows better than a normal mech .A CVT transmission can be fix,Trial and error flushing which done by honda is not enough to solve the problem.Thats the truth. Hi Patrick and anyone else in New Zealand we have an additive to correct the shudder that occurs on pull off it only takes about 15 minutes to add as it is a bit difficult to access the filler to the transmission, I have done 2 this last week. Currently, when im driving this car running about 30-60km/hr speed, sometimes the drive(D) pops out to neutral(N) then the rpm becomes higher i was stepping on the gas pedal. I tried to get some details from other sites as well. Hi..

I found the solution ! Cheers. The address and location of the garage selling it can be found by going to

– Toyota parts would be cheaper locally mainly due to the availability of third party parts, if you were to buy from the agents and do the repairs there is no big difference in the price

Am i to ad “oil extreme” now?

( Log Out /  Not assiocated with Honda or its subsidiaries. The bearings are tending to chop out at the 40k mark. The vehicle is not a puller due to the lower powered engine, but its all about economy with the car. I am Vihanga live in Colombo SriLanka. The oil used is called “Toyota CVT Fluid”, and believe it comes in 4L cans, though the packaging may differ for the local market (e.g. Though the OEM (most popular being the VIC brand) is not as efficient as the original, you may need to run both and see the total per km cost difference to decide which ones is suited for you. and 1.4L. 5. I am considering whether to replace the whole unit. Hi .I have 2008 model Honda fit area car


As for the CVT oil… check from MAG city.


Did it resolve it? Just bought an auto 2004 Jazz sport 1.4 CVT (114000 miles) for my wife to take driving test ...noticed the judder when taking off. If the additive also fails, sadly your problem is rather severe, and the options are to live with it or change the gearbox . If your budget allows go for the GE6, and try to import directly by getting hold of vendor who can buy you car from the auctions. Honda Center weren’t helpful in my endeavor. The rear hub bearings went, this was weird and the agent themselves were surprised. I noticed this noise somewhere in September – last CVT oil change was in May) If it was just overdue a fluid change, then that should cure it, but it does need a regular change, maybe every 2 years although that is subject to some debate and probably subject to driving conditions. Sometimes when I’m on city driving, i will get stuck on a low gear and this is when the gear indicator will keep blinking (the “D” with greenlight).

In case the car is over 75K, and you run mainly in Colombo and that too in traffic times, then i would say first run for 15K and see if you are good and if you are maybe stretch the next change to 20K, and each time remember to use the additive. Done many hours research on internet and have discovered this is a very common problem along with the shuddering with the CVT. These guys are good in sweeping the problem under the carpet for Honda. Any luck getting the Accord dealers contact?

is it located near the belt area?

With the GD1 Fit now getting rare, finding used gearboxes can be tough, so make sure you look after the gearbox . shifting properly.

what sensor did u change.


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