hoodoo vs voodoo

We practice spiritual obscurity, qualifying the unqualified. Voodoo views items as energetic carriers.

Hoodoo, by contrast, does not have these things. Voodoo Bantu vs Hoodoo. Is it Voodoo? There is no organized hierarchy. I started with a honey jar. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. I also found Mojo Workin’ by Katrina Hazzard Donald, which gave me the history of the practice. In a nutshell, hoodoo focuses more on the magical aspects such as warding off evil or bringing good luck using charms and asking the forces to bend to your powers. Image Courtesy: deepestwell.blogspot.in, whatafy.com. I had to really look to find resources I could trust. Hoodoo, known as "Ggbo" in West Africa, is African-American folk magic. Surprise!

Voodoo is a more established, structured religion that is followed in Haiti and places heavily populated by Haitians. Hoodoo, on the other hand, is the magic that has derived from the teachings of Voodoo, which was originally a part of Voodoo. I learned, quickly, that there are many fraudulent people who call themselves rootworkers and conjure doctors. It could also be used negatively to harm, curse or seek revenge from people that affect the people’s lives. BANTU Often people mistake Hoodoo and Vodou. Today it is a melting pot of spiritual significance, wrought with nontraditional means, and merged with wicca and new age mindsets, which has, in turn, forged new bonds between blacks and whites who find solace in its grace, regardless of cultural origin.

You don't have to begin your practice with a jar or any focused intention.

Hoodoo and Voodoo have gained popularity due to widespread cultural references. As much as it may sting to hear, white people can't practice Hoodoo because you can't call on the ancestors of oppressors of Black people to engage in Black magical traditions. An amalgamation of French, Creole and Spanish influence, this melting pot of religion fusions is what brought us Voodoo Dolls, Gris-gris, Mojo bags, and so on. We find ourselves chronically dissatisfied with what we already possess, and we forget to find happiness in what is already in front of us, loving and urging us onward in our journey. Then, there are faith healers, who connect with the energetic forces of the universe, as well as spirits and ancestors, to gain applicable wisdoms and help others find solace through resurrection and emotional recognition. Conjuring spirits and ancestors is prevalent in hoodoo, however, as is connecting with them for personal gain. There are the rootworkers who sell herbal remedies, which can treat a wide array of physical and emotional disorders. Voodoo vs Witchcraft. While voodoo’s main goal is to heal its practitioners and all who seek its wonder, hoodoo is more a form of folk magic, in how its main goal is to improve practitioners’ daily lives through ritual and connection with supernatural forces. It is always important to not only maintain healthy boundaries with your own ego, but with those in your life who let the ego run their lives. In fact, some of the names that first come up in a Google search for “Hoodoo” are those of white people who are often accused of cultural appropriation and are not trusted by the community. Sometimes, close beloved ones with a strong ego can mess up our journey just as much as we could, when we let them in too deep. Hoodoo doesn't have the barriers that many magical practices have; there's just the work, and how you use it is up to you. However, Bondyè does not directly involve himself in the lives of humans; hence the voduists worship him indirectly by worshiping the spirits that serve Bondyè.

Finally, voodoo vendors exist for tricks, charms, spells, and the profit of goods.

Hoodoo lacks a foundation and has no set beliefs or proper foundation, the rituals all vary depending on the performer.

To my surprise, I felt at peace and oddly accomplished. Hoodoo (noun). Hoodoo is the craft; the practice, where Voodoo is the mindset and monarchy. We restore wasted years, seized glories and spiritually shortchanged lives. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. America has been dangerous to Black people since we were brought here, and Hoodoo is a way for us to protect ourselves. When we wish to banish, we use a chopped (in half) apple and bay leaf covering it, to block and cut off growth. It is a folded cloth-like material that is inscribed with verses from the Qur'an. My search led me to more work by Bird, like her book Sticks, Stones, Roots & Bones, as well as historical texts like Zora Neale Hurston’s Hoodoo in America.

When I had everything I needed, I put it together and lit my first candle.

It has religious leaders, known as Mambos and Houngans, who oversee these practices. We want to make sure that we cleanse ourselves of any negative residue, and inhibit recurrence of the issue.

The differenced between them is simple. Voodoo, which is also spelled Vodou, Voudou, or Voudun, is an actual religion that originated in Haiti. Hoodoo is a type of African traditional folk magic that has developed as a fusion of different types of cultures and magical traditions.

In addition to worshiping Bondyè and his spirits, Voodoo also includes offerings, creating devotional alters, ceremonies, musical events, dances and spirit possession. Magical rituals included using instruments such as herbs, parts of animals' bodies, minerals, possessions, and bodily fluids such as urine, menstrual blood, and semen. This isn't to say there are no rules to working with roots—there are, but it does not have the specific structure associated with religion.
Hoodoo and Voodoo are very different.

Hoodoo is considered as a mix of African folkloric practices with American Indian botanical knowledge and European folklore. We will try to configure who cast the curse, or what the exact root of the problem is. Rootworkers are herbalists, basically, and are trained in the way of plant life and its medicinal uses.

If you think they're the same, you're not alone, but it's time to unlearn that! Gris-gris is an amulet that is worn around the neck on a black string. How to Channel Your Election-Induced Anxiety, Republicans Got So Many Votes Due to Suppression, Real Ways to Manage Your Election-Related Stress, Meet Missouri's First Black Congresswoman Ever.

The term hoodoo can be used as a noun to refer to its magical system, as an adjective to describe one who uses the craft or an item they use in the craft — i.e., a ‘hoodoo woman’; a ‘hoodoo spell’ — or as a verb to describe the act of using or conjuring hoodoo. Thus, we may choose to pursue more aid. There is a major difference that lies between what Hoodoo defines, and what Voodoo defines. These include curing and cleansing, protection from negative forces, luck and fortune, divination and insight, and punishment. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, At Least Mercury Retrograde Is Finally Over, Astrology Can Explain Why Your Ex Is The Worst, Hey, Aquarius: You Need One of These Tattoos, Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, Based on Your Sign, Your Monthly Horoscope for November Is Here, Your Gemini Monthly Horoscope for November, Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope for November, Your Libra Monthly Horoscope for November, Your Virgo Monthly Horoscope for November.

In that, practitioners feel that fingernails, teeth, hair, and any objects owned by a person represent an aspect of them, eternally. Hoodoo grounds me and helps me find peace in troubling times. These words many sound the same or even similar, but these two cultures are different from each other.

Hoodoo (noun). There are plenty of works that are for general causes, such as safety or healing.

Actually for a friend, I've just got a Kraken. The conjurer, or practitioner of Voodoo Hoodoo, would locate and remove the main source of the problem, and destroy or combat whatever it was. This includes Voodoo. Voodoo hoodoo is an individualist practice, meaning that you can make of it what you desire.

In order to practice Hoodoo, you have to be able to engage with its history.

Hoodoo was developed to allow people to use supernatural forces in order to improve or better their daily lives. Hoodoo is a set of magical practices, while Voodoo is a form of established religion.

Hoodoo is nothing more than Southern Folk Magic. There's a lot of confusion about Hoodoo and Voodoo. New Orleans Voodoo is a cultural strand of the Afro-American religions rooted in West African Dahomeyan Vodun. We get too caught up in the ‘more’ of what we want and lose our focus. While its merit has been disputed left, right, and center, it really brings results to those who practice. Another form of ‘Voodoo’ is the one that was developed in Louisiana, known as Louisiana Voodoo or New Orleans Voodoo. We could, also, use a banana for its slippery nature, urging the individual to slip-slide on outta here! Evening All, Looking for a bit of advice to make sure I’ve made the right decision on my next bike purchase. We connect with the spirits around us through song and dance, writing, candle spells, symbolism, and connecting with our own spiritual self.

I originally had my heart set in a bizango as it seems to be the best bang for buck in my price range. We might try divination to unearth whether a troubled individual is cursed or spiritually unrested. Voodoo Hoodoo or Bizango Decisions. Hoodoo and Voodoo, both have roots in African culture. I wasn't looking for anything in particular when I stumbled upon a short article by Stephanie Rose Bird in an almanac. They could use these forces and change their lucks, love lives, social lives, etc. Voodoo is a result of this African diaspora. Practitioners of hoodoo use minerals, plant life, herbs, animal body parts (or curios), bodily fluids, and objects of meaning in their spells. First, we diagnose or discern what the issue is. Most especially as a result of the slave trade, West African Dahomeyan Vodun was fused with Catholicism and Francophone beliefs in the South. How insight and enlightenment can lift our spirits away from the dredges of what pain and misery have to offer. A practitioner of voodoo.
Hoodoo was brought to the United States by the migrating of African slaves and is more popular in South America. Ego only stands to distract us from pure happiness. It became popular during the African slave trade and is rooted in West African Dahomeyan Vodun. Then, we attempt a cure.

Ancestor veneration is particularly important. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2020, Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons.

It has a set of deities and spirits that are worshiped and respected. Voodoo is an established religion that is dominantly a part of the Haitian culture. It is believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Hoodoo is based in the African diaspora and as such, it should only be practiced by Black people. I even know of a few young poets who solely write in the voodoo hoodoo vein. Louisiana Voodoo places an emphasis on Gris-gris, voodoo queens, use of Hoodoo occult paraphernalia, and Li Grand Zombi (snake deity). This manipulation is not to be taken lightly, by any means and is meant to respect the laws of nature as well as all laws of the natural universe. Hoodoo is actually its own practice with its own rules and history.

Jimx26 Posts: 147. These Creators Are Changing What Tarot Looks Like, 365 Days of Hoodoo: Daily Rootwork, Mojo & Conjuration, 20 Black Astrologers to Follow on Instagram, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. After dabbling in various spiritual practices, I discovered Hoodoo and it changed my life. Conjuring departed loved ones was also a major aspect of hoodoo, it would allow the people to see and talk to their dead families.


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