how big is the serpent mound
Der Serpent-Mound-Krater ist ein erodierter Impaktkrater im südlichen US-amerikanischen Bundesstaat Ohio. Es wird jedoch allgemein angenommen, dass die Adena-Kultur den Great Serpent Mound erbaut hat. Serpent Mound crater, also known as the Serpent Mound Disturbance, is an eroded meteorite impact crater in Ohio, United States. The Fort Ancient culture was significantly influenced by the Mississippians, and shared the rattlesnake as a common theme. Ohio History Connection has stewarded Serpent Mound since the year 1900. In a previous post, we discussed the Mississippians and their mound city at Cahokia (, ) 1848 erschien das Buch Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley, dem eine detaillierte Karte und eine Beschreibung des Mound beigefügt wurde. Es wird vermutet, dass mit ihm eine Schlange dargestellt wird, die ein Ei zwischen ihren Kiefern hält, um dieses anschließend zu verschlingen. [6], Coordinates: 39°2′N 83°24′W / 39.033°N 83.400°W / 39.033; -83.400, Planetary and Space Science Centre University of New Brunswick Fredericton, "A Revised Diameter for the Serpent Mound Impact Crater in Southern Ohio", "Unearthing clues at Serpent Mound: Geologists find evidence of a meteor crash near prehistoric monument in Adams County", "National Natural Landmarks - National Natural Landmarks (U.S. National Park Service)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 April 2019, at 18:31. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk with a $8.00 parking fee per vehicle. Das Grundgebirge wird von nur unwesentlich nach Osten einfallendem Paläozoikum diskordant überdeckt. Eine paläomagnetische Untersuchung von Doyle R. Watts (2004) legt nahe, dass sie nicht jünger als 256 Millionen Jahre (ausgehendes Perm, Lopingium) sein kann. Since then there have been several excavations on the mound to determine its age and who could have built it. The gift shop had a lot of books about local Native American history, maps, odds and ends. [4], The crater is named after the Serpent Mound, an effigy mound, located on a plateau in Brush Creek Valley within the crater. Die auf dem abgetragenen präkambrischen Grundgebirge abgelagerte Serie ist generell transgressiv. This date pointed at the mound being the work of the Fort Ancient culture. It has also been theorized that the mound was created to mark time or seasons. Deshalb wird angenommen, dass der Great Serpent Mound einem zeremoniellen Zweck diente. More Information. Surrounding the serpentine mound are eight oval or round mounds, often described as the “serpent’s eggs”. [5] Die Brekzien zeigten überdies Anreicherungen an siderophilen Elementen wie Chrom, Kobalt, Nickel und Iridium, die auf bis zu 0,2 % einer Meteoritenkomponente in den Brekzien schließen lassen. 120 foot long snake head, with an open mouth. offer schools a special opportunity to learn more about the American Indian cultures that have existed in southern Ohio for thousands of years, as well as learn about the native forest ecosystem that richly supported these cultures. It is from this mound that the site and Park derives its name. There are also serpent effigies in Scotland and Ontario that are similar, but none this large. Februar 2020 um 06:45 Uhr bearbeitet. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It lies largely in Adams County, with the northern part mostly in Highland County, except for a small northeast part in Pike County. Stretching 1,348 feet over the ground, the beautifully preserved ancient earthwork depicts larger-than-life sinews of an immense serpent, with an intriguing oval shaped head. Serpent's head is aligned with the summer solstice sunset. It is the largest serpent effigy in the world, measuring approximately 1,300 feet in length and one to three feet high. Det finns dock inte tecken eller spår efter en skallra. The Great Serpent Mound is found in Adams County, Ohio near the town of Peeples. Eine Studie aus dem Jahr 2010 schätzt ihn jedoch mit 14 Kilometer weitaus höher ein.[3]. The curves in the snake’s body parallel lunar phases or possibly align with the solstices and equinox, like other ancient monuments like New Grange in Ireland ( Still another theory suggests it is a depiction of Halley’s Comet, which appeared in 1066. Der Great Serpent Mound befindet sich in den USA im Bundesstaat Ohio und ist einer der bekanntesten Mounds in den USA. Jahrhundert war das recht ungewöhnliche Terrain den damaligen Pionieren aufgefallen und es wurde folglich öfters vermutet, dass die amerikanischen Ureinwohner aus diesem Grund ihren Mound im Krater errichtet hatten. Millions of years ago, a large meteor crashed into the area creating a five mile wide crater and surrounding plateau. ), who said it was a landing site for “ancient astronauts”. Der Mound befindet sich auf einer Klippe, von der man aus das Bush Creek Tal überschauen kann. Each of the 12-zodiac constellations takes turn to dominate the night sky for a period of approximately 2,200 years. The curves in the snake’s body parallel lunar phases or possibly align with the solstices and equinox, like other ancient monuments like New Grange in Ireland (. In addition to the Serpent, the park preserves three burial mounds of the Adena and Fort Ancient Cultures, and ancient village sites. Recent scientific investigations have revealed that the Serpent Mound was probably built by the Early Woodland (Adena) people around 321 B.C. Another theory is that the shape of the mound imitates the constellation Draco, with the first curve of the snake’s torso aligning with the North Star. In der Nähe des Mounds befindet sich ein kleines Museum, ein Aussichtsturm und ein Parkplatz. This earthen monument is anywhere from 1000-2000 years old, and the cultural identity of its American Indian architects remains wrapped in …


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