how do i speak to a live person at edd
#2.. You will then hear please hold for the next representative, your current Investors worry that should the Democrat win, President Donald Trump would have little incentive to push through a deal in a lame duck period. I lost my home over all of this, have been staying in a “not so great hotel” Nothing but drugs,prostitution and break in’s to vehicles here but it was only place I could afford and that would rent me a room since I have so many kids… But I really counted on the back pay coming in by now and since it hasn’t and my money has run out my kids and I are actually staying our last night tonight so at 11am tomorrow we have to check out and I have absolutely no clue where to go,what to do or anything…. We really do know more than EDD workers. You can see the regularly updated FL resource page for more information and reader comments on dealing with the FL DEO, but here are the best contact numbers for help with your UI Claim. Don’t Refile just continue claiming on my scheduled day when it allowed me to actually certify it said not payable. I have no idea what’s going to happen. I have been on unemployment for a few months because I am very pregnant and I haven't been able to find work. They started paying me on 5/10/2020 and there is no way to claim the money for the previous weeks. GA Unemployment Insurance (UI): 404-232-3001 To speak to a live person, you do not call them. Call: 800-558-8321. Call IDES Customer Service Center at 800-244-5631 for questions around your claim as their physical offices are closed. if you find out anything please let me know i filed in Aug started receiving my weekly pay the next week I sent an email the following week for backpay and not so much as a confirmation i call everyday and those people who answer know absolutely nothing im not even sure they know what unemployment is for crying out loud. Before writing this post, I called and called until I finally got a live person. As you haven't been employed, you have no coverage, because no one was paying for it. That 1-800-300-5616 number that is still only staffed from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Then I told her I had the wrong number. That’s why most agencies are directing people to their website to get more information. (That’s a lot of effort for a wrong number)  That’s how I tested this method before sharing it with you. If you have any questions or numbers/approaches that have worked for you please leave a comment below. I have also used their Contact Us Form on their website to submit written inquiries each week. I considered trying to go to the local unemployment office here because it’s abt 3 mins down the road from this hotel but just wondered if anyone else had tried that and if so were they able to get any answers or anything? Ive called the edd 1800 300 5616 # for three days straight one day I called 275 times but could never get on the speak to a rep line. Please advise! Subscribe now to get the latest articles and updates delivered directly to your inbox. Then told me that I was lucky to be in adjudication since 7/08. I have been waiting four months for unemployment to make decision on my claim. Claim status and payment request options are available daily, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m (CT). I’m a single mom of 4 small kids and I am almost 6 months pregnant with twins!! Or was it a total waste of time? Same here I been calling emailing evrything. esp with my vehicle sitting on empty and I am not from around here so I don’t know anyone and I Was raised by my grandparents so as far as I know. i just got my a check a few weeks ago but i have ben filing since june andi still have no pandemic pay when will i recieve my back pay, I am not getting of the $600.00 retroactive money as of yet. I helped my family and friends apply so that was a flag 6 people live in my house that was a flag I’m so frustrated I don’t know what to do besides keep calling yesterday 300 calls Til someone picked up..Very sad and quickly losing everything.. Everytime you call they tell you something different send this in now it’s not email no more now it’s IDme and wait for portal message.. Is there a better way to get funds released.Help I’m drowning, If filed for my unemployment on Aug 18 2020 in Alabama an was approved an on 9/6/20 I got a letter saying I was denied because I failed to call the call center within 4 calendar day ok I have called an called an was put on the call back list an never received a call back. They said it was under review and that was holding it up. These two changes were devastating to many unemployed Californians: Only the One Stop Career Centers were left. Have you been online and applied yet, Can’t get into my account login because someone is using my information or something trying to get a hold of someone and can’t need to figure something out for stop this now.


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