how is life sailing meaning

George is not confusing uncertainty with indecisiveness. 1. Their work was practical, which reflected their wariness of relief efforts designed to promote party ideology. Life’s waters become Still, Calm, as your direction becomes as clear as the waters you Sail!

The boat sailed along peacefully. I think a lot of people are worried that the new manager will just sail in and disrupt the entire way we do things. Similarly in our life we have to face the ups and downs of life.Many people have difficulties in crossing this ocean and they need motivation to cross the sea of life and reach their goal. The missile sailed into the soldiers, injuring a few. “The long span of years was not silence—it was life,” she states without fanfare or anxiety in Meaning a Life.

I can't believe you sailed all the way from Ireland to America.

They drove to Oregon and then hitchhiked across the Great Plains. Spirit is calling you – to re-awaken – to begin a more in-depth knowledge of your Higher Self and Purpose. When they met by chance in Corvallis, her father had been dead for three years. Shortly after the book appeared, the poet Michael Heller praised its sensibility in the New York Times Book Review: it “has that rarest of qualities in an autobiography, a story of lives refusing to be victimized by experience. For example. “One does what he is most moved to do,” George wrote in a daybook. We were sailing along, minding out own business, when suddenly a whole pod of whales began breaching right alongside us! | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples They took care not to get crushed by larger boats. The bright light can also be death by fire, the sign of a singular, bewildering obsession that obliterates people, and it too can be numerous. By the time of his death in 1984, he was one of the great American poets of the twentieth century, having produced a body of work in which the precise movements of a mind thinking are conveyed through a lyricism that attains beauty while eschewing extravagance, an aesthetic that has yet to be fully appreciated or understood. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Plain sailing definition: If you say that a task was not all plain sailing , you mean that it was not very easy.

2. In Meaning a Life, she describes the experience of sailing with George as one of suspension and rediscovery: “The isolation, with our world at times a twenty-foot enclosure of fog in which we are complete in ourselves, is a repeated experience from which we absorb meaning. Using a road map as their guide, they sailed to Lake Erie, then down the Erie Canal to the Hudson River and eventually New York City. His father confused money with love; his mother killed herself with a gun when he was four. More easily able to withstand Life in it’s rawest form. Second-wave feminism validated Oppen’s ambition, but she did not need it to find a voice or a point of view.

The great cliffs of the island rose to greet us as we sailed in on our yacht.

The term comes from navigation, where it means sailing in waters that are free of hazards, particularly rocks or other obstructions. We sailed around for about an hour and then went back to the shore.

The guise of false pretenses, so as to deceive someone or to hide one's true nature or intentions. Why did George run off with Mary?

The acuity and poignancy of Oppen’s account of Marge’s life rests on the assurance of someone writing about a person she’s come intimately to know. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Marco Bitran sails with the Griffin in the Boston Sailing competition, Port Report: China's Golden Week Means Cuts In Ocean Service, More learn joy of sailing through donation; DISABILITY, Oman's national youth sailing season kicks off on August 31, 2nd CAS International Open Sailing Championship from July 23, 2nd CAS Int'l Open Sailing Championship-2019, 2nd CAS Int'l Open Sailing C'ship announced, Wide expanse for growth seen for local Oz Goose boat sailing, Stars shine: The 2017 Australian Sailing Awards were held in November to recognise the achievements of the sailing community over the past 12 months, and to acknowledge those who have excelled at the highest level, Chance to try out at sailing on Scammonden Water, Chance to push the boat out on Draycote Water, Renaissance Services Inter School Sailing Championship kicks off, sail from (some place) to (some place else), salivate (all) over (someone or something).

Late in his life, George confessed that he still felt guilty about going off to war because it had been “essentially at Mary’s expense.” Yet he and Mary harbored no regrets about that decision, or any other. We've got about 13 hours of driving ahead of us, but it looks like most of it is plain sailing. “We must cease to believe in secret names and unexpected phrases which will burst the world,” George wrote in a daybook. They Sing to your Soul, as they comfort you along your Path of Self-Discovery. As new experiences Manifest, a state of Peace and Joy flows through each experience of Life, as you maneuver gracefully. He was wary of the idea that every aspect of a life should conform to a coherent political-aesthetic vision or ideology, a form of didacticism that has long been a strong undercurrent in American culture. This originated as a nautical expression, meaning ‘sail as nearly against the wind as is possible’. It was a life of wonder and the unknown, of “standing on the sea of glass,” a phrase from Revelations. This nautical phrase refers to the ease of sailing in the same direction as the wind. The serene confidence of these lines, their acceptance of impermanence and expression of self-possession, arises from the recognition that a life becomes meaningful, and its meaning vital, when shaped by chance and purpose, permanence and change. George will attribute to her a phrase in a poem of his, allude to a conversation of theirs, describe their recent travels. 1. In Oppen’s lines, drowning is as more or less possible as awakening to the voices of others. Mary and George wanted to gain confidence in themselves, and their polestar was a phrase from Sherwood Anderson’s 1918 poem “Song of the Soul of Chicago”—“We want to see if we are any good out here.”.

In her suicide note, she hinted that domestic life had been difficult, and her son could recite her words from memory: “We’ve been happy—I love you—I worry about the children and school and their clothes—it seems—since I did this and don’t know why—that I am not fitted for this business of life.” In 1970, in a letter to a friend about the sources of sustenance for his and Mary’s life, a crucial one being inheritances from his mother’s family, George said, “We had help from the dead.

I managed to sail up the river by constantly adjusting my position in relation to the current and the wind. There were a number of birds sailing around overhead, waiting to see if we would drop any of our food. Sailing employs the wind—acting on sails, wingsails or kites—to propel a craft on the surface of the water (sailing ship, sailboat, windsurfer, or kitesurfer), on ice or on land over a chosen course, which is often part of a larger plan of navigation.. A course defined with respect to the true wind direction is called a point of sail… Among them are a harrowing essay about pregnancy and childbirth, an arch sketch of George’s family and a bemused appraisal of her friends’ reactions to her book. In Meaning a Life, she describes the experience of sailing with George as one of suspension and rediscovery: “The isolation, with our world at times a twenty-foot enclosure of fog in which we are complete in ourselves, is a repeated experience from which we absorb meaning. It's not going to be clear sailing. Eager to continue their education by living in another country and viewing their own from a distance, the Oppens boarded a freighter in 1929 and sailed to France. In “Re: Maine,” an essay published in 1981, Mary writes about several women shipwrecked in tiny communities on Eagle Island, where she and George spent their summers. Max warned her she was sailing dangerously close to the wind and risked prosecution. Besides having traveled with George across France in a horse-drawn cart, leaving the U.S. for Mexico without telling close friends so as not to risk betraying them to the FBI, and going with George to the notorious Rolling Stones concert at Altamont in 1969, Mary could also lean from the bowsprit of a sailboat and detect the color, number and shape of a passing buoy in thick fog, thereby determining the boat’s coordinates and quickly plotting a course away from an unseen sandbar or the fast-approaching shore, and the risk of shipwreck. Masculine & Feminine: On Healing The Heart, "There Are Aspects Of Self That Need Healing. Their only daughter worked, saved what she could and plotted an escape. Archangel Michael’s Personal Power Attunement.

If you liked this essay, you’ll love reading The Point in print. In her late sixties she wrote an autobiography, Meaning a Life, which was published in 1978 by Black Sparrow, a small press in California, alongside her husband’s final book, Primitive. She’s been late for work three times this week, which is sailing close to the wind, I think. If you keep sailing so near the wind, the police are going to arrest you eventually. She was nine years old when her family moved there in 1917.

To enter or arrive into some place or thing an abrupt and nonchalant manner. We sailed in at noon.

Perfectly straightforward; an easy and unobstructed course. Once I got used to the diet it was plain sailing and I lost six kilos over a four month period.


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