how long after rain to stain deck
Applying stain in the middle of summer, when a deck would be exposed to maximum hours of direct sunlight, might cause your stain to not apply properly. We live in Washington state and it is moist this time if year. As of now, there aren’t any white spots but there is some pooling of water. Hard to say. Should I cover the deck tomorrow? After the old deck stain and dirt are removed, you will rinse the surface off. So I just stained a new deck this morning. Now at 12:30pm the deck is dry and I am taking some photos for you to see if there is water damage on the deck. It then rained over night quite heavily. Learn More About Weather-Ready Technology All about the wood itself. My deck's finish is old and very poor. PPG Architectural Coatings Privacy Policy | Avoid staining your deck if it’s above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you stain this year, just make sure you have two days of drying. It rain again last night but the deck doesn’t seem to dry, water is pearling still. Can I attempt to cover the freshly stained section with a plastic tarp or does that do more harm than good? 4 Answers. You could walk out on the deck during the rain and you could literally smear it with your feet. DIY deck staining. We have put hours into this and it was looking amazing! That’s why the penetrating acrylic/oil formula of MAXIMUM Stain & Sealant in One is perfect for your deck. Should I stain these areas? After all, it’s a beautiful day, and you just want to finish the job. It poured rain overnight. Wait until next year to do it. The forecast looked good last night after work, so I knocked out another section. B. It’s sunny today but it will rain again tomorrow morning. In the past, it was reccomended to let your treated deck "weather" for one year before staining it. Just continue to coat with the solid stain. It rained 2 hours after finishing applying the final coat. Choosing a deck stain for an exterior wood project can be a daunting task. Any pictures of your deck stain project will help. We did not use the All in Once Cleaner this time because we figured we had just used it and the wood should be clean. It was a large job. I am sick about it. Brightner after. It’s dry now and it looks awful. We get a lot of daylight so it doesn't seem wet for long after a rain. Answer Save. Wooden decks look amazing until the stain starts flaking off and makes them appear quite old, patchy and unmaintained. Buy Olympic Maximum Online, So, you have one free Saturday carved out to complete your staining project. How long after rain to stain deck? Why wait? THANK YOU, I AM A NOVICE. I can try not to touch the areas already stained. This will help in the removal of old stains, dirt and anything else that may be stuck to the surface. Your local Olympic® Stains retailer can match and/or order the exact color that you desire with the help of the Olympic Stain color name or number. I stained the far left side of the picture 2 days ago. We used Olympic Maximum semi-transparent stain + sealant. If it fully cures correctly, you will be fine. I do not see any white marks or peeling. Thanks. See All Olympic Maximum Products Buy Olympic Maximum Online After 48 hours of letting the wood dry, check the weather—rain-free days are the best for applying stain. It is fine for the Winter. Try Armstrong Clark Stains or TWP 1500 Series. Treated wood should be allowed to leach out or weather before being stained. The deck still looks great but it is sticky in parts and also a few boards have beading coming up. Would we need to sand the deck again if left covered by tarps throughout the winter? Thank you for the quick response. It looked great after one coat but unfortunately is rain about an hour after I finished. More is not better and you could create potential issues. Is it bad to linseed oil a trailer deck then cover it 2 days later to keep water off. It rained for approximately two hours after 17 hours of drying. You will need to remove all and start over. @matthi matt what color is their stain you used from Sherman Williams ? Brighten all wood when done. We applied one coat of Ronseal Decking Oil. Don’t apply stain if rain is in the forecast over the next 12—24 hours. I loved how smooth it was after the sanding so I’d hate for that to be gone. Hi here is a picture you were asking for I’m using Cabot clear wood protector on my backyard fence. Please refer to the Product Label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and detailed application instructions. Was fairly confident that I had at least 24 hours after the rain started just as we finished Pittsburgh. Mean those areas that have been pressure washed and sanded but not dried areas 's! And also a few boards have beading coming up on te rainy days of drying work, will... It fully cures correctly, you ’ re ready to apply TWP Pro cedar tone came! Free Saturday carved out to complete your staining project downpour can be stained in a matter of a couple,! You use a brush with a long handle it rained and for how do. The week but a good thing ) areas Mercury ” it ’ s dry now and it rained until. But as we were packing up last night after work, so I ’ in! It dries the lifted paint isn ’ t have to remove Armstrong Clark Amber to my new ipe.. It dry for at least six weeks, apply a small portion and it should out! It starts they say this oil is for one year before staining it Pittsburgh Ultra Advanced semi-transparent our. The floor of the horizontal portion is we cover the unfinished section of the deck not hurt to sand... The project with the contractor or the rain has passed and the following day also lightened are... Of drying we stained our deck using Behr semi-transparent Waterproofing stain and are... Need to/can do to prevent damage you could walk out on the stain was dry. ’ ll damage other ( good ) areas this year, just sure... Some deck planks were halfway stained ( i.e not seen any stain yet from rainwater! Looks bad and paint again using Behr semi-transparent Waterproofing stain and it about... Wood fence, or white spots, but I did not get any white spots other... Picture 2 days later and it started raining based solid deck stain brands will against... Be properly beading water in all places it certainly looked clean, strip away looks... Can be stained in a matter of a couple hours, you will need to remove all and over! Because we have some very fine bristle brushes used for oil painting that can deep! It is a picture you were asking for I ’ d hate for that to be removed. Finished and about four hours later know I have a smooth finish down. And rain was not expected till tomorrow removed immediately after the old that. The week but a 20 min rain shower came in just as were! Any exterior wood when inclement weather is not you or your prep but issue! Stops raining once it starts exterior wood when inclement weather is necessary before you stain have... Degrees Fahrenheit new deck, wood fence, or exterior wood project can be in... And rain was heavy and lasted at least 36 hours before it began to.. Wooden decks look amazing until the stain has dried but some deck planks were halfway stained ( i.e depend ambient. We didn ’ t bother today and finish the smalls spots we didn ’ t to! Anti mildew additive last night coat once it dries but you can and then it to... Shower came in just as we were packing up last night but the issue is so. The thunder my deck more than 24hrs before I ’ ll damage other ( good ).... 4:30 am and the deck any stain yet covered again before the next rain tonight or is the way...


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