how to build a tuff shed
I’ll be very interested in the interior plans for yours—down the road at moment. The riding lawn mower, push mower, wheelbarrow, gardening tools, and other large items fit in there with lots of room to spare. To achieve this, I buried some concrete blocks slightly below ground level and rested the stringers on them. Sounds amazing!! lol thanks Jaki! I still have some interior plans for it. Thank you for sharing these great instructions for building a ramp and steps to a shed with the Hearth and Soul Link Party.. I should have gone with the 5-foot ramp design with a more gentle slope. I built the ramp, steps, and doors from scratch, and you can easily build these too. Onto the foundation for the shed ramp now – just like the steps, I used some wooden 2 x 4 spacers between the stringers. I used 3 pieces of wood per step, with a little spacing in between. I would also later apply a coat of deck paint to protect it from the weather: At this point, I was very excited. I embarked on this journey to build a shed from scratch from the ground up – and it was all coming together! I attached them to the stringers with L brackets and used some more Tapcon screws to secure the spacers to the concrete blocks. It really depends on your project requirements, but we can place any siding on structure. Also, it definitely provides a lot of storage space. For the riding mower entrance, my plan was to build a ramp, and then the steps were a necessity for the second entrance, due to how high above the ground the door was. #TriumphantTales, Thanks so much, Sam! If you are looking for how to build a shed ramp, how to build steps for your shed, or how to build shed doors, this step-by-step tutorial provides all the details on how to put these finishing touches on a DIY plywood shed. Premier Series come with a 7-Year Limited Warranty that covers material defects and workmanship. This means that throughout the entire build site surface, the highest point to the lowest point is no more than 4 inches. What type of warranty comes with the building? We love reading your blog too:). So I wasted no time and retrieved the mower from the garage. The side is going to have double doors to hold tools! The shed freed up a lot of space in the garage too. If you have to “build up” a site, be sure that the soil is tamped or compacted to avoid later settling. I first used window flashing tape to seal the window frame and the siding. The sky’s the limit, and you can bet there will be a blog post to tell you all about it! Using environmentally friendly methods, Louisiana Pacific™ designed these products to resist moisture, insect damage and hold paint extremely well. With no construction background, and never having built anything close in capacity to a shed, I impressed my wife, my neighbors, and myself by building a shed. I’d love to be able to build something like that. Five foot ramps seemed to be the most common length for a shed ramp. How to Pour a Concrete Shed Slab for Tuff Sheds DIY! Our patented steel foundation is designed to resist moisture and provide a solid base for smaller buildings. Down the road, I plan to install shelves and other organizational units. I screwed the hinges onto the shed door frame and the shed door (making sure to hit the wooden frame inside the door). For installation of storage buildings, you can typically expect the builders to finish and clean up the job site in less than a day’s time (8 hours). , Your email address will not be published. Glad you were able to find one that worked for you:). Here’s a picture of one of the completed windows that I installed on the shed: For the shed door, I custom built the doors following the steps in the shed design plans. I’m so glad you enjoyed the instructions . Building up the foundation involved digging five holes for five concrete blocks for the stringers to rest on (see pic below). Research and provide compliance to any and all neighborhood covenants and obtain any required permits. - YouTube This gave me an idea of adding a power inlet for the shed so that I can power the shed from the generator. The lattice was already white and matched the shed trim. Thanks for the inspiration! Awww thanks Charlotte! Here’s a picture of what the shed ramp looked like so far: Here’s a close-up of the stringer foundation where I used a Tapcon screw to secure the spacers to the concrete blocks: And, here’s a close-up of the stringer/ledger connection where I used an L bracket and a 6-inch TimberLok screw: To finish the ramp, I screwed on some sheets of ¾” thick pressure treated plywood, as seen in the picture below. Do you offer credit financing? To wrap up, I screwed on a door handle and a bolt lock. This was just a piece of wood attached to the shed that the stringers rested on for primary support. We had to build a ramp for our shed too, and it took us a few tries to figure out the right one that worked for us. Everything was looking great….until I made it halfway up the ramp. After I covered up the concrete blocks with dirt, you couldn’t tell they were there. We are loving the shed:), Wow, I have serious shed envy right now! I reversed down the ramp, put the throttle on max, and let go of the brake. How many hours will the builders be on my property? You are so talented! To attain maximum performance from your Tuff Shed building, the structure needs to be built on a “level” site. To install the shed doors, I put them in place and spaced them properly in the door frame with some wooden shims. It’s a little more work, as you have to make that it’s extra strong enough to hold the weight of a riding mower. Permit costs are determined by local building departments. I still can’t believe Ash built the shed:) We are loving it. What does “clean and level” mean? In most cases, we can provide information about obtaining appropriate permits. Thanks Jann! I did have to measure the maximum height from the shed floor to the ground to buy the right length step stringer though. A ramp would be really useful for ours, but I also just love the whole look of yours, the doors are fab! Now for the inside–please share how you organize the interior. Choosing the “with paint” option allows you to “move in” and enjoy the benefits of ownership from the moment the builders finish their work. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Yes, we do offer outside financing for our buildings. The mower did not have the power to drive up the shed ramp at my current speed. Standard plans for our buildings as well as site-specific and wet-stamp original copies are available through our in-house engineering department. If you missed my previous posts, check out my Shed Project Phase 1 (how to build a shed foundation and framing) and my Shed Project Phase 2 (how to build paneling and roofing for a shed). Once I determined my shed ramp length and angle, I cut 5 stringers out of 2 x 6 wood. Building it myself netted huge savings. Then I covered the flashing and nailing strips with trim. Garden Series come with a 5-Year Limited Warranty that covers material defects and workmanship. I opted to use a solar panel motion LED light. I also want to install another solar motion light inside the shed too. To connect the stringers to the shed, I used a joist hanger. Thanks for sharing on To Grandma’s House We Go! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove, Aww thanks Katy! Oh wow this is brilliant. Some materials, such as siding and shingles have their own manufacturer’s warranty that may exceed our Tuff Shed warranty.


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