how to identify key takeaways
But by establishing that, you’ve just identified a gap you can exploit. Present a summary of the problems/challenges, Everything above must stay within the scope of Lab 1, Use emotive, persuasive, and action-based language for sub-headers and the content, A catchy title – follow a similar format to the example case studies given, 200 words (not counting titles or sub-titles), Give a holistic overview of your client – Boeing Starliner Program, Discuss the partnership: Build a story as to how / why a partnership came to be between your product (Varjo HMD) and your client, Result: summary results – benefits resulting from this partnership, 300 words per concept – total 900 words (not countingtitles or sub-titles), Use catchy, persuasive, yet simple sub-titles, Discuss they key technologies behind the product that makes it suitable for such partnership, These must remain within the required scope: Focus only on the visual fidelity technical aspects that Varjo delivers as a solution to the Starliner Program – anything else is outside of the scope of Lab 1, Hints\suggestion: Your discussion should cover concepts such as –. And I think that’s why our employees stick with us. Inability to retain employees is becoming a serious problem that cannot afford to be overlooked any longer. This means that recent graduates and other up and coming job seekers have a tremendous amount of insight into an organization’s culture before even seeing the office or submitting an application. This will do wonders to help fix important messages and facts in your head - takeaways as you call them (new term to me!). To add an extra layer of authenticity you can include two direct quotes from your customer (Boeing Starliner program) within your case study. It’s not hard to recognize why a company’s culture is so important and the extent of influence it can have on overall business performance, because culture is something we are all familiar with outside of work, and plays an essential role in our lives. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Patagonia’s company culture is their commitment to maintaining the integrity and purpose of the organization, as it was set out to be when it was founded by climber Yvon Chouinard in 1973. It may seem like this is all HR talk, but it isn’t. Regardless, put my love for the product aside, focus on the business and its people, and it soon becomes clear that they know what they’re doing, in terms of workplace culture as well as building awesome software. This is critical to success, as the truth of the matter is, humans are unrivaled as the most complex and important component of any business. All rights reserved. direct, indirect, perceived/replacement and SERP which one is market leader. Your email address will not be published., identify the key takeaways from your research, Highlight the key take away from the case study in a heading and sub-heading, Technical comparisons between different hardware to highlight why Varjo was chosen. Maintain the integrity of the business regardless of what challenges you face. Clickz has an excellent step-by-step guide for evaluating your SEO competitors on an ROI basis. These papers are intended to be used for research and reference purposes only. Who’s directly targeting, who’s found good fortune and how strong each competitor is. ), How To Make It Onto The Inc 5000 List (4 Times In A Row!


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